UK Defending Al-Qaeda on 9/11 Anniversary! Trump Was Always Right About Leaving Syria


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

The Schiller Institute and LaRouchePAC remain mobilized against obvious British-led attempts to organize a UK-France-U.S. missile attack against Syria, and against Russian forces there, whether by using a “false flag” chemical attack, or even without the chemical-weapons pretense. The threat of war even between the leading nuclear powers remains grave. The Schiller Institute’s representatives and its collaborators were covered in Southwest Asia in recent days exposing the “false flag” pretense and the British intent to launch war. Ulf Sandmark of Sweden and Odile Mojon of France toured Homs, Aleppo, and Palmyra, Syria, and held a press conference in Palmyra with Syrian government officials to present the peace alternative …

— bringing the Belt and Road through the Mideast and Africa for reconstruction and economic development. Only days earlier Virginia State Senator Richard Black, visiting Syria, vigorously exposed the planned “chemical weapons” pretense for what is essentially a NATO attack on Russian and Syrian forces which are trying to eliminate al-Qaeda in Syria.

Idlib Province, which Britain is daring Syria and Russia not to touch, is largely controlled by an al-Qaeda force. Loud jeremiads have come from British UN representatives led by Amb. Karen Pearce in the Security Council: No military action against the terrorists in Idlib; no reconstruction of Syria, no “Marshall Plan” or “Brussels Plan”; U.S. forces occupation of Syria’s northeast must be indefinite. The U.S. and French UN ambassadors echoed Pearce.

The irony of threatening world war to protect al-Qaeda, on September 11, 2018, is a terrible one. This, while President Trump was in Pennsylvania praising the courage of the passengers of Flight 93, and all those who responded to 9/11 attacks. And while New York’s NBC-TV Channel 4 News was giving prominence to the Schiller Institute’s concert-memorial to the 9/11 victims. Trump was right to want to take U.S. troops out of Syria; and still is right to want cooperation with Russian President Putin in solving this problem.

The continuous attack and attempted coup against the President — featuring the same Robert Mueller who as FBI Director covered up the clear Saudi-British connections to the 9/11 attacks — is exactly because of his orientation to collaboration with the other great powers Russia and China. Today in New York City, Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche and Senator Black, together with diplomatic represenatives, address a crucial conference continuing this mobilization. Mrs. LaRouche will be calling for four-power collaboration — United States, Russia, China, India — for new monetary arrangements modelled on FDR’s Bretton Woods, and a new paradigm of development on the Belt and Road, “world land-bridge” model.

This weekend also marks 10 years since Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy triggered global financial collapse. The central banks having “saved” London and Wall Street with a much bigger unpayable debt bubble than the one that imploded then, now the so-called “emerging markets currency crisis” is the harbinger of a looming new trans-Atlantic crash.

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