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from Neon Revolt:

So… I wrote a pretty wild article not that long ago.

If you haven’t read it yet, it followed the drops left on the /Qresearch/ board left by one #SkullAndBonesAnon (also known as #SKBAnon, #S&BAnon, #ArkAnon, among other names).

HIGHLY suggest you read that first, because it’s going to be referenced HEAVILY throughout this article, but the short of it is, there is an anon who claims to have worked in IT for an arm of #TheCabal – specifically Skull & Bones members down in Arkansa – who had saved up a bunch of their secrets regarding human and drug trafficking, blood harvesting, Illuminati/Bloodline members like the Rockefellers, and the Arkancide of politicians.

He was systematically dropping info about their various hideouts, trafficking routes, symbols, corporations, members and organizations – and boy was there a lot, because it literally reached world-wide. There was a lot to digest there.

Reactions to the article were generally positive:

I liked this comment in particular:

Well, hold on to your hat Cpt. Jera, because we’ve got major bazingas incoming, starting with this right here.

See, you all know I went on vacation like… two days after I published that article. But the amount of research dug up by my readers and anons in the wake of it was staggering. I didn’t have a chance to comb through all the comments, but when I finally did – a little over a week later, I discovered one left by… well… a very telling account (which I can see on the admin side of things, but I don’t think you guys can):

Looks like SKBAnon caught wind of the article, too…

Needless to say, I did go looking for more of his drops, and I did find what I think are all of them, so this will now be the long promised follow-up article.

A part 2, if you will.

But before we begin, I need to first say that we’ll be bouncing around quite a bit again. If you read the first article, you’ll know what to expect.

Secondly, I want to clear up some misconceptions on my part – and I posted this on Gab in the wake of the first article, so if you haven’t followed me yet on there, definitely do so now.

(I put TONS of great info up there on a regular basis, including stuff you might not see here. You can do that at:

Anyway, here is what I wrote:

Some collected updates to fill-in-the-blanks here, thanks to my readers:

Jimmy Carter = Peanut Farmer (I rarely give out info about myself, but I’m a bit too young to have gotten that reference. Thanks to the four hundred thousand people who sent it in lol).

Deltic Timber Corporation granted the land for the Alotian Golf course. They *may* have cleared the trees from it, too, but it’s hard to say. Potlach has since merged with Deltic to become PotlachDeltic.

Deltic itself is an offshoot of real estate arm of Murphy Oil.

Many Wal-Marts have Murphy USA gas stations attached to them – though Wal-Mart has since taken over all new gas station operations since 2016.

CEO of Deltic is D. Mark Leland. (Was there a DL mentioned by SKBAnon?)

One of Deltic’s subsidiaries is Chenal Country Club.

WHBSL is the William H. Bowen School of Law in Little Rock.

AHFA might be the “letters” we’re supposed to follow – and I’ve since been told that the Pike letters referenced were most likely a hoax. So check out in the meantime. (This one ended up being incorrect, so ignore it. I’ll explain in a moment).

Select comments ripped directly:

Jackson T. Stephens, (Warren Stephens’ father,) did the IPO for Alotian Golf Club.
Jackson T. Stephens met Jimmy Carter (the “Peanut Farmer”) while attending the United States Naval Academy.
Future President Jimmy Carter and WS’s father became close friends, (though J.T. was a “Republican.” Cabal connections, maybe? Red isn’t just for shoes…) CEO of Little Rock investment house Stephens Inc, (founded in ’33.)
SKBAnon says Jackson T. Stephens also had CIA connections, became one of the biggest institutional shareholders in thirty large multinationals including the Arkansas-based Tyson Foods, Wal-Mart, and Alltel.
Alotian Golf Club is modeled after Augusta National Golf Club, of which Warren Stephens’ father J.T. was chairman until 1998.

This is likely the sham summit that was referenced in the long drop, as it relates to the foster child care system


Since then, I’ve also received a number of private messages. One read:


I think GP is the timber cutter. Founded in Augusta Georgia in 1920’s. Had sawmills x Southeast. Koch Brothers bought GP several years ago. David Koch’s wife is Julia Flesher and she is from Little Rock. Married 20 years ago and introduced by ‘mutual friends.’

So consider those corrections issued.

Let’s jump back in by starting with a repost of the video I used in the article I posted, previous to this one:

Listen very closely to her words, and recall our previous trafficking route laid out for us by SKBAnon:

Pine Bluff -> Little Rock -> Roland -> Conway -> Mena -> Fort Smith -> Fayetteville Express Pipeline:

One of the things I try to take into account when evaluating a “helper” account like SKBAnon’s is consistency with other testimony. It’s partially why I followed Q so early on – there were too many details that just “fit” with other things we already knew. Cathy O’Brien claims she was enslaved and working in that Mena area by the Clintons, and that the cocaine smuggling operation crossed the border into Missouri (and the cocaine filtered to all sorts of Country Music stars there).

So if we add the two destinations she mentioned to the map, we now get a route that looks something like this (depending on what route you take):

In other words, the things SKBAnon is trying to tell us conform and expand upon pre-existing testimony from other sources, which in my mind, make his claims that much more credible. Sure, the possibility remains that it could all be an elaborate LARP… but generally speaking, most LARPers wouldn’t go out of their way to make their story conform with the details of an almost 40 year old testimony about Bill Clinton’s drug trafficking activities.

Speaking of Bill Clinton, here’s a drop I missed from SKBAnon concerning him, where #Anon first asks a question and  then SKBAnon replies:

You’ll recall our conversation in part 1 about Winthrop Rockefeller and his socialite wife – the one with the amicable divorce and the art collection. The speculation is that Bill Clinton is actually a Rockefeller, and to be honest, that wouldn’t shock me at all.

Another Anon then delivers a bunch of research into Albert Pike, whom we also met in Part 1:

And SKBAnon gives the above Anon a “golden shovel award.” And note the highlighted 1861. SKBAnon confirms that he was referencing Pike here.

Another Anon posts this:

And in response to BOTH anons, SKBAnon responds, and opens up a chain of responses. SKBAnon is id 793284 here:

I don’t understand the Martin Sommer link that Anon brings up. It looks like he’s saying it’s Bill Clinton’s grandfather… but I see no evidence for that, and in fact it would contradict the Rockefeller theory. However, SKBAnon did address his question about Lake Ouachita, and Shangri La. He also brings up Hamilton.

Here’s the map of the area in Arkansas we’re now talking about. Important to note: Shangri-la is about 25 miles due east of Mena, Arkansas. I also mapped out a route between Hot Springs and Shangri-La, which takes about an hour by car:

That lake Hamilton is a man-made lake, by the way. The dammed up the river, filled a valley.

These were two potential sites I found… though the first doesn’t seem super private, and the second isn’t on an island:

There is also “Bathhouse Row” nearby, featuring a number of bathhouses/spas from the turn-of-the-century.


And they are actually really impressive buildings. Look at some of these:


And while I didn’t notice any red doors in any of those photos, those buildings have got “Masonry” written all over them.

About that time, anon comes back with this link:

I think the real implication here is that these are major “Neo-Babylonian Mystery Cult” (as I call it) hubs.

This was posted about the time as when #QAnon posted those Gloria Vanderbilt/necklace photos, and that inspired Anon to dig a bit deeper – and SKBAnon to respond:

You’ll remember the clown op known as Viva Rio from part one in this series.

SKBAnon would depart until the next day, when he finally came back and posted this. emphasizing the red door connection:

The next post in the thread would be this:

Looks like he was syncing things up, (if it’s not just a larp)… Which means we’re possibly dealing with more than one person.

The other thing is… the announce part of this sets a grandmaster – which is what the clock he’s using syncs to.

Meaning… his might just be another masonic reference dressed up in code-speak.

Drops then continued, with Anons asking about Lake Hamilton:

SKB responds:

Literally, hot water springs with iron oxide and all sorts of minerals in it.

But at a more esoteric level, the other idea presented here is a sort of reference to an old myth about the Chaldoi – a people living in Asia Minor (but spread throughout the Balkan region in an area that would eventually be subsumed into the Byzantine empire. Basically the modern-day edge of Turkey, along the Black Sea, and Armenia) who are credited by classical authors as among the first ironworkers.  If you’re looking to get Biblical here, the lineage goes Noah -> Japeth -> Tubal -> Tubal-Cain.

Yes, this Uratu region is the area where you’ll find the Ararat mentioned in the biblical account. The culture there was also heavily influenced by the broader Assyrian culture of the time, eventually developing a pantheon of gods and goddesses of their own; including Shivini – a sort of sun god that became interchangeable with Shamash in Assyria, Mithra in Mithraism, Ra in Egypt, and so on and so forth (deities in the ancient world were pretty syncretic).

Now this leads Anon to ask “Similar to Morlocks?”

However, I believe he meant to ask “Morlachs.”

One is from H.G. Wells (who probably ripped the word off for his book The Time Machine). They are a pale, subterranean species in the book.

The other Morlach is from that Slavic region we’ve been talking about – and eventually became known as Romanians – because they considered themselves true heirs of the Holy Roman Empire.

In other words, we’re tracing a particular people group from this certain area, through time:

So even if anon was really asking about subterranean creatures, SKBAnon redirects here with his reply: Vlachs. Vlachs were Romanians who lived along the Danube in Albania and Northern Greece. You might be more familiar with their other name: Wallachians. This is where one of my favorite Wallachians comes from, Vlad Tepes, aka Vlad “the Impaler,” aka Vlad Dracul.

(Now there was a guy who knew how to remove kebab!)

Of course, this is where the Vampire and Dracula legends come from.

So now, geographically speaking, we’re on both sides of the Black sea, in Eastern Europe.

We’re spanning a time from Byzantine Emperor Justinian the Great (circa 500 AD), to around 1800 AD – so about 1300 years.

And SKBAnon is telling us that this was a major hub for whatever form of this mystery cult had before it migrated to America and became “Skull and Bones.”

I wish I had more details on that; though that area has long been a major hub for Mithraic cults. If I had to guess, he’s talking about stuff in the ancient city of Trapezus… But I would need more information before I said anything definitive, one way or the other.

Now the really weird thing about Justinian is that… he was born a peasant, right in that same Black Sea region.

He gets adopted by an Imperial guard named Justin.

Justin brings him to Constantinople and ensured his education.

When the Byzantine Emperor dies, Justin is proclaimed the new Emperor, with Justinian appointed Consul.

When Justin dies, Justinian is then proclaimed emperor.

Odd, right? Seeing a peasant rise to the rank of Emperor in just a few decades?

Almost like he was being groomed for the job from an early age…

And given Justinian’s role in the creation of the Hagia Sofia… I have to wonder if elevating Mary the mother of Jesus as the Panagia was not influenced by these “Mother Goddess” cults all over the empire…

(I would really like SKBAnon’s direct input on this matter).

Ambrosia, you say?

I swear, playing #DeusEx all those years ago prepped me for basically everything I could ever possibly encounter in the “conspiracy” world lol. Great game, too. Legendary classic status.

But in all seriousness:


That practice is known as parabiosis, and, according to Thiel, it’s a potential biological Fountain of Youth–the closest thing science has discovered to an anti-aging panacea. Research into parabiosis began in the 1950s with crude experiments that involved cutting rats open and stitching their circulatory systems together. After decades languishing on the fringes, it’s recently started getting attention from mainstream researchers, with multiple clinical trials underway in humans in the U.S. and even more advanced studies in China and Korea.

In Monterey, California, about 120 miles from San Francisco, a company called Ambrosia recently commenced one of the trials. Titled “Young Donor Plasma Transfusion and Age-Related Biomarkers,” it has a simple protocol: Healthy participants aged 35 and older get a transfusion of blood plasma from donors under 25, and researchers monitor their blood over the next two years for molecular indicators of health and aging. The study is patient-funded; participants, who range in age from late 30s through 80s, must pay $8,000 to take part, and live in or travel to Monterey for treatments and follow-up assessments.

Ambrosia’s founder, the Stanford-trained physician Jesse Karmazin, has been studying aging for more than a decade. He became interested in launching a company around parabiosis after seeing impressive data from animals and studies conducted abroad in humans: In one trial after another, subjects experience a reversal of aging symptoms across every major organ system. While the mechanisms at play aren’t totally understood, he said, young organisms’ blood not only contains all sorts of proteins that improve cell function; somehow it also prompts the recipients’ body to increase its production of those proteins.
“The effects seem to be almost permanent,” he says. “It’s almost like there’s a resetting of gene expression.”
We need to be very clear and draw a line here. There’s a vast difference between stealing someone’s blood/sacrificing them to harvest blood, and doing a legal clinical trial to test a theory, where everyone involved is kept happy, healthy, and most importantly – ALIVE.
If these scientists can isolate some kind of compound that would mimic this regenerative effect, I see no harm in it. It’s a glorified blood transfusion right now, and medicine should extend life.
How Thiel knew about this in the first place, however, is what’s questionable in all this…

Mt. Ida was long said to be the Mountain of the Goddess – the goddess being, in this case, the “mother goddess” Cybele.

There are actually three Mt. Idas, for the record.

One in ancient Crete:

One in Turkey:


…One in Arkansas:


Now, working off a hunch, and what we already know about this “Neo-Babylonian Mystery Cult,” I wanted to see if there were any parallels we could find between Cybele and Ashera/Ishtar/Tannit. You’ll recall what I wrote in this article here:

Caught Up In The Crossfire! Things are Going QUANTUM! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

One of the ways I know Q is a team, and not just one person, is the sheer volume of information going on in the drops. QTeam just don’t stop – even when I do! Seriously, I’m not f…


The Master is who protects the Pope.  And that’s likely the head of the Rothschild family, who are engaged in what can only be best described as this Babylonian Mystery Cult.

It’s basically Ba’al/Satanic worship.

Maybe… maybe I need to back up for a moment here.

Q has had A LOT of posts about Owls, “Y”, the need for symbolism, etc.

The Owl itself is a symbol of Minerva; aka Ishtar.

Istar was an ancient Babylonian fertility Goddess, and the feminine counterpart to Ba’al. You may have read about “Ashera poles” before. There was a whole system of temple prostitution revolving around the bearing and sacrifice of Children to Ba’al. The Temple prostitutes would bear children, and then these children would be offered as a sacrifice upon a superheated bronze altar to Ba’al, built in the shape of a calf.

That’s the most basic, ancient form of this Babylonian Mystery Cult.

The cult has continued through, to this day, and because of it’s utter amorality, controls a great deal of capital, control, and influence.

Now, we’ve since learned that the “head of the Rothschild family” is actually the Payseurs, implying that the Payseurs, then, run this cult.

But going back to Cybele and Ashera – I wanted to see if there were any links between them:

Lo and behold, there were:

In the Septuagint (Greek Old Testament of the 2nd century B.C.) the author of “The Wisdom of Solomon” describes the practices of the Israelites when they worshiped the gods and goddesses of Canaan. Chief among these deities were Baal, Molech and Asherah. In the Wisdom of Solomon 12 and in 2nd Kings 17, we’re told that worshiping the idols of Canaan involved sexual immorality and the sacrifice of children. In the Septuagint, those who sacrifice their children to false gods are called “authentas.”

In the Hellenistic age, Asherah became known as the goddess Atargatis (Astour, Hellenosemitica, 1967, p. 206).

“Her priesthood was of the Oriental ecstatic type, rumored to perform acts of self mutilation and self-castration, much like the priesthood of Cybele…

The worship of Atargatis spread to other parts of the Mediterranean, mostly brought by Syrian slaves. The Greeks called Her Derketo (an adapted form of ‘Atargatis’), and considered Her the chief Goddess of the Syrians. She had a temple in Ephesus, where the priestesses were so numerous they supposedly gave rise to the Amazon legends…

Atargatis was known by other names in this region of the world, including ‘Cybele’ and ‘Artemis…’

She was the ‘Great Mother and Fertility Goddess,’ and was connected with ‘astrology and divination.’”

What I’d like to highlight is that child sacrifice, ritual emasculation and divination were hallmarks of the worship of Asherah/Atargatis in the ancient world. I’d also like to highlight the fact that worshipers of the Canaanite gods and goddesses were referred to in the Septuagint as “authentas.”

In the New Testament, the apostle Paul writes a letter to Timothywarning against a form of ascetic Gnosticism in Ephesus. The most prominent form of this type of spirituality in the region during the New Testament era was found in the worship of Artemis of Ephesus, who was still called Cybele by native Anatolians. Historians Diodorus Siculus and Pompeius Trogus report that worshipers of Artemis/Cybele did indeed practice child sacrifice. Cybele worshipers were historically matriarchal, and they traditionally either put male children to death or mutilated their arms and legs so that they could be rendered subservient to the war-like women. In the first century B.C. there is evidence that Cybele’s priesthood still practiced ritual castration. The priests of Artemis in Ephesus were also traditionally eunuchs. Even when Rome legally banned castration, Cybele’s priests continued the practice. The priests of Artemis in Ephesus refrained from castration but practiced celibacy and fasting from various foods. They claimed that their ascetic lifestyle enabled them to receive special knowledge (gnosis) from their goddess. They used this knowledge to tell people’s fortunes for money.  In other words, they practiced divination.

What I’d like to highlight is that child sacrifice, ritual emasculation and divination were hallmarks of the worship of Cybele/Artemis in Asia (the capital of this Roman Province was Ephesus). I’d also like to highlight the fact that in his first letter to Timothy Paul prohibits a practice he calls “authentein.”

Moreover, I hope to highlight that it is not simply the case that the worship of Asherah/Atargatis and Cyble/Artemis were similar. These are all different names assigned to essentially the same goddess.

Now, some of my more astute readers might object here, because Cybele/Artemis ≠ Minerva, and we’re pretty sure that Owl picture Q posted was related to Minerva in some way.

I think it’s important to remember that we’re not so much looking for a 1-to-1 analog here, but rather at influence and practice among these religious systems. So at its most basic, we have a female mother goddess, whose practitioners engaged in ritual child sacrifice, in order to perpetuate a matriarchal system.

I’m not saying we should discard the finer details; it’s just… we’re tracking an ancient mystery cult here through its various permutations across thousands of years. A little flexibility is necessary, I think, when evaluating this.

Anons then ask:

Looks like SKB is trying to connect the iron in those underground hot springs to blood, specifically, first, the harvesting and sale of blood in Arkansas, and then Thiel’s Ambrosia program…

I’m not sure what this cult believes about all this, but I think its safe to say it’s pretty “out-there.”

This would be, as far as I saw, SKB’s last post for the day.

He’ll be back in a moment, but I wanted to take an “interlude” and present some of the more notable digs performed by Anons during this time:

First up, anon found the corporate cover for the Skull and Bones:

Note Prescott Bush’s role in all of it.

Here’s that Deer Island Club. This is owned by the Russell Trust, and used as a holiday spot for Yale Bonesmen:

Remember Warren Stephens? The founder of the Alotian golf club, among other things.

Anon thinks he goes back with the S&B’s a long time:

Another anon connects S&B’s to worship of the Goddess “Eulogia.”

Here’s the Mark Dice video anon included in his post:


Here’s clips from the Ron Rosenbaum video, mentioned at the end by Mark Dice:


One Anon has an idea about water, given all this talk about underground springs:

And the odd part is… A random Anon would respond to this person SIX HOURS LATER, which then leads to SKBAnon responding again:

Knowing what we know now, Bill Clinton thanking Cindy McCain for her “work in Rwanda” back in 2008 is chilling. Also note, the presence of a “Senator Obama.” Then, jump to around the 5 minute marker to hear T. Boone Pickens speak:

The Pickens plan was basically the idea that you’d reduce dependency on OPEC suppliers by building a bunch of wind farms, allowing power plants to switch off of natural gas. Then, you’d run trucks and such on that newly created surplus of natural gas. And this would all be done because, in 10 years, the price of oil would be 300+ dollars a barrel.

That didn’t exactly pan out, now, did it?

But remember who owns the likes of Exxon. It’s the Payseurs.

So perhaps he was working with something they were planning.


Glyphosate is the chemical name of Monsanto’s most “popular” product, “Round-Up.”

The way it works in agribusiness is that… Round-up pretty much kills everything it touches.

To stop it from killing crops, they have to genetically engineer them to make them “Round-Up resistant.”

Monsanto owns the patents to all these genetically engineered seeds, and then sells both the seeds and the pesticide to farmers, saying they’ll increase yield and sales and such.

The kicker is… the farmer is not allowed to save any seeds from his crops to plant next year. Those belong to Monsanto, so he has to repurchase new seed each year.

Secondly, if the seeds end up in another farmer’s patch of land – for instance, a bird swoops down, eats a Round-Up ready blueberry, and then poops the seeds out on some other farmer’s patch of land, leading to a new, “illegal” crop… Monsanto will sue that farmer. They’ve done it over and over and over.

It’s partially why this lawsuit is so huge right now:

Oh yeah, Monsanto was bought out by Bayer not that long ago.

Guess which Bloodline family owns Bayer.

Just guess.

One hint.

It begins with a P and ends with an ayseur.

Oh, here’s the answer to the bit about ASFA, by the way:

Skip Rutherford was the first president of the Clinton Foundation, who then became the Dean of the Clinton School of Public Service.

No idea about the tuition, though. The school’s website says it runs 420 dollars a credit:

Again, with these kinds of “non-Q” articles, I’m not so concerned with whether something is a LARP or not, as much as I’m concerned with whether the information being presented is useful and compelling.

Anon then decodes the meaning of “1865” from an earlier SKB drop.

That’s an ISBN number for the book mentioned in part one: Ron Brown’s Body.


Ron Brown's Body: How One Man's Death Saved the Clinton Presidency and Hillary's Future: Jack Cashill: 9780785262374: Books

Ron Brown’s Body: How One Man’s Death Saved the Clinton Presidency and Hillary’s Future [Jack Cashill] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The mysterious death of Ron Brown has caused much controversy and suspicion, and in this investigative book WWW.AMAZON.COM


And that is… as far as I know… all of SKBAnon’s posts. I found no others.

Unless you count the one he left on my doorstep:

Yeah, I think that covers it for all his drops thus far.

But that doesn’t mean we’re done.

Like I said earlier, #Anons did a ton of great research in the wake of these drops over several days, and I want to share some of the best bits I found from the boards:

We’ll start here, with Anon talking about the significance of 322 among the Skull and Bones:


He then talks about Mars/March:

More on Fulcanelli:

This same anon (I believe) would return in another thread and give us a more thorough look at this goddess Eulogia, and gets into a bit of gematria:

You saw some of one of those “Eulogian” ceremonies if you watched the videos above. Disturbing goddess/fertility cult worship, it seems – in the vein of these ancient cults.

Anon then composed this write-up which picks up on a few key points I missed – but which are very important:

Wow. Incredible connections here.

I think we’re really beginning to see the depth of corruption involved here.

And finally, one more time and the comment SKB left for me:

Red Doors…

You saw them on the fraternity above. You see them in churches and such. But in my efforts to get more familiar with Springmeier and such, I stumbled across this bit of information which I think may be very important:

You’ll recall from the “White Rabbit” article that “alters” are dissociative identities programmed into victim’s minds by handlers:

Open Season for White Rabbits… #QAnon #GreatAwakening #MKUltra #Pizzagate #Pedogate #NOMORE #NeonRevolt

#QAnon asked us recently… …Who are the White Rabbits? Today, we’re going to find the answer: A warning before we begin. You’ll recall this warning Springmeier has placed on …


The section continues:

Professional Illusionist/Hypnotist Derren Brown was actually able to create a “gatekeeper” in his TV special: The Assassin.

I’ve been a long-time fan of Browns, having watched every single program he put out over the years, and buying his book (which isn’t exactly easy to get in America) – and his work has long been thematically tied to MKUltra-like experiments, though this program was his most on-the-nose.

He wanted to see if someone could be trained to perform an assassination, and then forget about the whole thing.

Lo and behold, he was able to accomplish this with a member of the public. I highly recommend watching the full video (which is below this next one), but if you just want the quick-rundown, watch the top.

Notice the trance his volunteer falls into after performing the assassination.

That’s the kind of thing a Gatekeeper Alter does.

And Derren accomplished this with a grown, adult member of the public.

It makes one shudder to think what an evil person could do if they were torturing someone from birth.

And again, this is just one arm of the NWO. One sub-group, designed to help opportunistic young men advance up the Globalist ladder, while trampling all below underneath.

The whole vile system can’t topple soon enough.

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