Soros Fights Against Hungary’s “Stop Soros” Laws At European Rights Court


by Tim Brown, Freedom OutPost:

Soros’ meddling is not only going on in Europe, but in the States as well.

The laws put in place last June in Hungary were to stop the underhanded and malicious attacks of George Soros and his organizations in the country. Prime Minister Viktor Orban warned that the peace in Europe was being threatened by the George Soros “mafia network” and that Soros himself was a “public enemy.” Laws were put into place to stop his advance in Hungary and now the New York-based Open Society Foundations (OSF) has submitted a complaint to the European Court of Human rights in Stasbourg to fight against the laws, calling on the court to “defend Hungarian democracy.”

“There is only one thing this legislation will stop and that’s democracy,” said OSF president Patrick Gaspard.

One has to wonder how a New York-based organization has any right to make such a complaint for something taking place in another country.

These laws are not stopping democracy.  It’s stopping the Islamization of Hungary.  It’s stopping Soros from manipulating the public as he has in other countries.

France 24 reports:

The “Stop Soros” package targetting the Hungarian-born 88-year-old includes a 25-percent tax on non-governmental organisations (NGOs) deemed to be supporting or positively portraying migration.

A year’s prison term could also be handed to those convicted of assisting someone to enter the country illegally.

According to OSF lawyer Daniela Ikawa, the measures breach EU conventions on freedom of speech and association, and expose “a broad range of legitimate activities to the risk of criminal prosecution”.

The foundation moved a regional office from Budapest to Berlin last month citing what it called the “repressive” policies of nationalist firebrand Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

PM Orban has said that Soros has “ruined” millions of lives, and it’s absolutely true.

Last year, Soros launched a media blitz campaign calling out the country for what he accuses as anti-immigrant policies. But Hungary fought back, exposing his criminal activity in their country.

Soros also dumped $18 billion into his organization to influence elections in 2017.

Previously,  I reported on the fact that Soros was facing a $10 billion lawsuit for being a “racketeer billionaire” and manipulating the politics and economics of Guinea, a sovereign African nation, for his own benefit.

Other countries are beginning to take a stand against the billionaire.  Poland recently punted Soros’ top organizer and agitator out of the country and back to Ukraine.

Soros’ meddling is not only going on in Europe, but in the States as well.

Last year, tens of thousands of Americans called on President Donald Trump to designate Soros as a terrorist.  So far, all we’ve heard are crickets from the White House.  It may have something to do with the millions that Soros forgave Trump, I’m not sure.

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