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from Neon Revolt:

#QAnon asked us recently…

…Who are the White Rabbits?

Today, we’re going to find the answer:

A warning before we begin. You’ll recall this warning Springmeier has placed on at least one of his books. I originally posted this image in the article about the Payseurs. This is going to be a rough topic. This warning applies:

There is no shame in not reading what follows. I’d rather have you healthy and whole, than risk becoming a danger to yourself and others, so if this warning applies to you, turn back now.


Before we begin, we must first have a basic understanding of what exactly #MKUltrais, and what it’s designed to do.

At its most basic, MKUltra is a system of abuse (ritual Satanic abuse, to be specific) designed to fracture the mind.

The thing is, this is not like “normal” abuse in the way the average person might think of it. No, this is the “science” of abuse. It’s a focused system designed to inflict maximum pain upon a target in order to achieve a very specific, whereas the common kind of abuse you hear about in police reports and on TV usually falls under the “crimes of passion” label.

Through heinous torture, the use of drugs and hypnosis, the mind of the victim is systematically broken – as a kind of survival reaction – and reshaped. The person going through the trauma dissociates in order to get through the pain and live. But in this broken state, the victim’s mind becomes pliant and to use #TheCabal’s own terminology, “programmable.”

The programmer(s), through a number of techniques, creates what are known as “alters” in the mind of the victim. These are dissociative identities that are effectively walled off from each other. One alter is in charge of the body at any given time, and these alters can be triggered – that is, to make a switch and take over – by different stimuli. This is where you’ve seen things like programmable assassins in popular media. But it goes beyond that, into things like sex slaves, and such – making them engage in behaviors they might not otherwise choose, but for the programming.

The term “Follow the white rabbit” obviously comes from Alice in Wonderland, but I don’t think many people realize the reality behind that book.

Alice was written by Lewis Carroll, real name Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Carroll was something of an English socialite and eccentric living in Oxford, and that’s about the time when he began hanging around the Liddell’s.

Well, the Liddells had a few daughters, one of which was named Alice… and Carroll soon became, frankly, obsessed.

Yup, that’s them, and yes, the parents knew about this:

That image comes to us from Artnet News, and it gets worse in their report:

Carroll—whose real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson—set up a photography studio in his rooms at Oxford, where he was a mathematics lecturer. There, he took self-portraits and portraits of famous artists of the era like Dante Gabriel Rossetti. But photographs of children dominate his production, and amongst the most troublesome pictures, there’s one that unnerved the BBC experts particularly.

It is an image of a pubescent girl called Lorina Liddell in the nude in a full-frontal pose, described in the documentary as an image that “no parent would ever have consented to,” the Telegraph reports. The controversial photograph was found in a French museum, with a note on the frame attributing it Carroll.

Lorina was the elder sister of Alice Liddell, the little girl who inspired the famous Alice character.

“My understanding is that he was in love with Alice, but he was so repressed that he never would have transgressed any boundaries,” says Vanessa Tait, great-granddaughter of Alice Liddell, in the documentary. She adds that the explicit photograph may explain the rift that made Carroll break contact with the Liddell girls in 1863, when Alice was 11 years old. Crucially, Carroll’s diaries from April 1858 to May 1862, a period which coincides with his friendship with the Liddell girls, are missing.

And this wasn’t the only time he would do this. After the falling out with the Liddells, he would move on to other young girls, such as Beatrice Hatch, whom he sketched nude in 1873:

Apologies if that link offends. I debated whether I should include that link or not, but ended up including it because 1) It’s an ancient sketch (not a photograph) that’s been in the public domain for almost 150 years now. 2) no genitals (or other sensitive areas) are shown, and 3) it’s on Wikipedia and has been for a very long time. Note: I did not make this link a visual card link, so there is no embedded image here. All content remains on Wikipedia, where it’s been since 2007.

But the excuse was that this was all just innocent and perfectly natural; like the admiration of cherubs or whatever. And again, this was all done with the knowledge of the parents:

Beatrice, along with her sisters, were introduced to Dodgson through mutual acquaintances. Dodgson cultivated “the friendship of many little girls”, often photographing them. Dodgson’s friendships with these children focused on upper-middle-class families, making sure “he did not seek very low-class children as friends.”

After their introduction, Beatrice was said to be “a long term favorite of Dodgson.” Dodgson referred to Beatrice as “Bee” sometimes and started photographing her naked around the age of 5. These sessions were undertaken with the permission from Mrs. Hatch, who was in full knowledge of the activities. Modern writers have speculated at the relationship Dodgson had with the girls, but during that time period photographing young girls was seen as innocent and free from sexual connotations.

But I think it’s perfectly clear to everyone here this was anything but innocent. There was a repeated pattern of behavior here that was very damning.

Therefore, we can not ignore the pedophilic undertones in Alice in Wonderland, which are clearly relevant to “the white rabbit.” The White Rabbit was a sort of “guide” for young Alice in the story; someone she followed around, into and through Wonderland.

Along those lines, I had a Legionary reach out to me this past week to discuss this topic, and he had some interesting things to say:

I started reading Our Life Beyond MKULTRA and found reference to the author’s experience to being systematically abused for control purposes. One of the personalities is referred to as “rabbit” and is associated with sexual acts performed at command.

The connect to Q’s White Rabbit posts seems obvious to me, and that the elite have psychological abuse down to a science. So they can manipulate children into ritual sex acts. The abusers blackmail each other into secrecy, and the memory is locked behind a trauma wall for the child.

Here are a few pages from that book, written by one “Elisa E,” who claims to be an MKUltra survivor working on reintegrating herself – a process which takes years, and which may never be complete.

Note, she often refers to herself with “plural” pronouns – to account for all the fractured alters she has inside her head. She will often describe the alters as talking to themselves, or having one alter reveal memories to the other alters – as she attempts to reintegrate:

WARNING: this page is rough, and describes incestuous abuse/trauma:

And yes – please realize… she might be talking about “alien” encounters here, but I think, at the very least, it’s clear such events were simulated in order to inflict trauma on the young mind. You’re dealing with the testimony of someone who has had their mind fractured in a way most of us can’t imagine and who is attempting to heal. Please don’t discard the whole testimony just because you read a line like that.

She goes on in the chapter to give the names of a few alters:

And Rabbit.

I think you get the picture. If you want to read more, you’re going to have to get a copy of her book Our Life Beyond MKULTRA – which is free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

But I will point out here that “rabbit” is not exclusively subjected to sexual abuse. This alter is also subjected to horrors – watching the other man get tortured and die.

While many alters are sexually abused, it seems to me that “rabbit” is designed to be passive and timid, above all. It’s a supreme victim alter; not just a sexual alter (as opposed to “kitten,” which we’ll see in a bit).

The author also has a site where she’s written a number of articles and posted a number of collages she’s created, as part of her process of recovery:


And this is not the first time I’ve seen this technique.

Notably, it was used in Springmeier and Wheeler’s book, The Know Not What They Do.

Here’s a quick synopsis of the book, which I previously covered in my article on the Payseurs – and you’ll recognize some of the terminology used here:

by Cisco Wheeler, Former Mother of Darkness

Written by a former occultist who has read these volumes

This is the first volume in a series of three which explains and exposes the methodologies and horrors of Monarch trauma- based mind control. In this book we see a series of colored collages and explanations which describe the inner worlds of mind control victim, Cisco Wheeler, who has spent the past twenty years recovering memories and coming out of the programming installed by her father (Dr. Black) who worked for the CIA and was an assistant to Josef Mengele, also known as (Dr. Green).

Cisco Wheeler comes from a multi-generational satanic family and was groomed with delta and beta alters to be a programmer of Monarch mind controlled slaves as well as a Mother of Darkness queen mother who was to be one of the brides of Lucifer in the New World Order. She was also part of the Illuminati functions within the British royal family during elite meetings. She personally suffered all of the traumas written about in these books and has lived to tell about it with these accurate and detailed volumes. Her father was a master programmer and an Illuminati grand master who sat on the Grand Druid council. Her great uncle was General Earl Grant Wheeler, head of the American military in the Vietnam war and was a direct descendant of Ulysses S Grant.

She brings to these three volumes on mind control a rare and detailed insight into the inner workings of the Illuminati. What we see here are victims with inner worlds created by fantasy scripts and multiple layers of reality. They are based on familiar themes and fairy tales which to the non-mind control victim would be just a collection of stories but to the victim is their actual reality – the story line of their life. These victims were never given a chance to experience the reality a non-victim knows and they are forced by various means of some of the worst torture imaginable to live in a tranced fantasy world from hell.

As the author gives her story and explanation behind each picture the reader begins to grasp visually and mentally the complexity and depth of this system of programming. In this volume we get our first glimpses of the various types of traumas used to create a mind controlled slave and the types of alters and controls in the system. Further details and explanations are given in volumes two and three but this first volume is very helpful in providing an initial visual base with explanations for the reader so that we can begin to grasp what is being said. What is most chilling is that many of the visuals appear to be quite beautiful; yet the methodoligies behind them are the blackest of evils. The victims trapped in these worlds are crying out for help.

Reading and understanding these books can help us deliver them out of their mind control hell.

And here’s the collage she created:

This was the image used for the chapter about the mixed symbology of “white rabbits.”

Full Text:

Volume 1--Springmeier Illuminati Mind Controlled They Know Not What They Do NWO Freemasons : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Volume one of the 3 part Illuminati Mind Controlled Slave series, Fritz Springmeier with Cisco Wheeler. This and the other 2 I have up are the ORIGINALS…


And here we see the programmer/victim dichotomy.

White Rabbits are the “guides,” the programmers who create rabbit alters in victims.

Do the images of the “art” by Alex Podesta that Q posted now make more sense?

Note the scissors on the ear of the stuffed rabbit.

Not the blindfolds, the baseball bat, and the rope.

Springmeier would continue in volume 2 of The Illuminati Formula to describe how these “White Rabbits” operate, and where they came from:

He would go on to make a list of all the different kinds of “alters” that he knew could be programmed into victims. He would talk about many of these at length, but here’s just the bulleted list of alters with their brief descriptions, for convenience sake:

Full text:


Volume 2 Springmeier Illuminati Mind Controlled Slave ORIGINAL NWO illuminati Freemasons MKultra Monarch : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Volume 2 of the 3 part Springmeier/Wheeler work on Mkultra Monarch programming of humans. Complete version, not retyped and not the ripoff of those versions…



He would even then go on to list a number of known MKUltra programmers from his time:

And just to test this out, I just pulled one of the names at random and ran a search on it and…

Well… take a look:

Sidney Gottlieb (born Joseph Scheider; August 3, 1918 – March 7, 1999) was an American chemist and spymaster best known for his involvement with the Central Intelligence Agency’s 1950s and ’60s assassination attempts and mind control program, known as Project MKULTRA.

In 1951, aged 33, Gottlieb joined the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). As a poison expert, he headed the chemical division of the Technical Services Staff (TSS). Gottlieb became known as the “Black Sorcerer” and the “Dirty Trickster.”[2] He supervised preparations of lethal poisons and drug experiments in mind control.

In April 1953 Gottlieb became head of the secret Project MKULTRA, which was activated on the order of CIA director Allen Dulles. In this capacity, he administered LSD and other psycho-active drugs to unwitting subjects and financed psychiatric research and development of “techniques that would crush the human psyche to the point that it would admit anything”.[citation needed] He sponsored physicians such as Ewen Cameron and Harris Isbell in controversial psychiatric research including nonconsensual human experiments.

That’s just a sample of that entry. Go read the entire thing. It’s a trip.

And this is the thing. People forget that MKUltra isn’t a “conspiracy theory.” It’s something that’s been disclosed on official reports and testimony.

The 1999 LA Times obituary for Gottlieb lists CIA scientist John Gittinger as Gottlieb’s “close friend.”

CIA's Gottlieb Ran LSD Mind Control Testing

James Bond had Q, the scientific wizard who supplied 007 with dazzling gadgets to deploy against enemy agents. The Central Intelligence Agency had Sidney Gottlieb, a Bronx-born biochemist with a PhD…

latimes LATIMES

There is also the view of former CIA psychologist John Gittinger, who says his close friend was a gentle man whose actions were widely misunderstood. The agency’s LSD experiments bloomed in the era of Josef Stalin and Sen. Joseph McCarthy, and “during that time of Cold War,” Gittinger said recently from his home in Norman, Okla., “the attitude we had and the agency had was we were still fighting a war. And when you are fighting a war, you do things you might not ordinarily do.”

And notably, Fiona Barnett lists Gittinger as one of her abusers in her most recent article, along with Antony Kidman:



No one in Australia knows about this level of trafficking. No one understands the link between pedophilia, mind control, and ritual abuse, and this is what I am trying to expose. My book will be the first of its kind, if, God willing, I get it out there.

My VIP perpetrators included:

  • John Gittinger (CIA head psychologist)
  • Antony Kidman (Nicole Kidman’s father; he worked for the CIA under Gittinger)
  • Leonas Petrauskas (Lithuanian Nazi doctor who immigrated to Australia and worked on MK-NAIOMI research)
  • Kim Beazley Snr (Senior politician, ASIO’s child trafficking coordinator)
  • Prime Minister Gough Whitlam
  • Prime Minister Bob Hawke
  • Prime Minister Paul Keating (I witnessed his fondness for raping dead boys)
  • President Richard Nixon (at Fairbairn Airport, Canberra)
  • Rev. Billy Graham (Drugged and raped me at Bohemian Grove. Told me his buddy Richard Nixon recommended me to him)
  • Ted Turner (CNN founder, raped me at a Disneyland pedophile party)
  • Col. Michael Aquino (at Dulce military base)
  • John Overton (Australia’s top military physician)

This is not an extensive list, just the big names. I also witnessed a bunch of other VIPs attend ritual murders. I witnessed Queen Elizabeth preside over a Luciferian ritual at the main Church of England Cathedral in Sydney when I was 11 years old. I was involved at the higher level because of my bloodline etc and I was selected as Grande Dame of Sydney at age 14 years; but I became a Christian at 15 and that marked the beginning of my escape.

(For the record, a “grand dame” is a Mother of Darkness – something we’ve talked about previously as well).

Also on Springmeier’s list – Michael Aquino – founder of the Temple of Set. You might not recognize the name, but you’ll definitely recognize the eyebrows:

He was the one who allegedly abused Cathy O’Brien:

And that other name – Antony Kidman… yeah, that’s Nicole Kidman’s father.

This is a claim Barnett has consistently made many times over the years, catching a lot of flak for this claim, and once wrote of him:

Dr ANTONY KIDMAN was trained by Gittinger and others in the employment of torture, unethical hypnosis, and drugs to artificially induce a state of dissociation in children. He also was in a kiddie killing cult. His MK-Ultra programming was structured on a pentagram – the same emblem that featured in his inner Sydney City cult and Kidman’s local ‘Order of the Easter Star’ Freemason Lodge that burnt down immediately after I first went public.

And again, we see the theme of using art as a means of recovery and reintegration, because Barnett did a series of drawing depicting the abuse she suffered at the hands of Gittinger and Kidman, among many others:

And this makes Nicole Kidman’s appearance in Eyes Wide Shut all the more striking (well, that, and the fact that she’s probably one of the Bloodlines, what with her family being one of the top 10 landowners in the world).

But then again… #CDAN did tell us this about Kubrick:

And again, remember Kubrick’s earlier film:

I no longer thing Kubrick was disclosing anything to us with Eyes Wide Shut.

I think he was part of it all; that he reveled in it even – shoving it in our faces as much as he could.

Edging the world towards greater “acceptance.” Hiding their perversions in “art.”


Because the White Rabbits – the programmers, the masterminds behind all of this – are truly sick individuals.

They’re evil men drawing little kids down hellish paths.

Destroying their bodies.

Crippling their minds.

Traumatizing them for life.

All for their own sick gratification.

Q, please… I hope you let your operators declare “open season” on the “White Rabbits” very soon.

This kind of thing has to stop.

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