Multicultural Marseille is Europe’s most dangerous city, study reveals


from VoiceOfEurope:

New research shows that the southern French city of Marseille is Europe’s most dangerous city, news outlet France3 reveals.

Participants of the study were asked, among other things, how they judge the level of crime, if they feel safe when they walk down the street, and if they fear getting robbed or assaulted.

The study carried out by Numbéo claims to be the biggest participative online database. From the results, two French cities make an appearance in the top 10 most dangerous European cities.

Marseille is ranked by the study as Europe’s most dangerous city, with Paris following further behind in eighth place. Both cities have a large multicultural population.

Around 40 per cent of individuals aged under 18 in Marseille have Maghrebi roots (North-West Africa), with at least one immigrant parent. Similarly, Paris has large populations from the same region and from sub-Saharan Africa as well.

In the study, three Italian cities appear behind Marseille: Naples (2nd) and Catane (3rd) – both of which in southern Italy where there is still substantial mafia influence.

The northern Italian city of Turin is ranked the fourth most dangerous city in Europe, followed by Kristiansand Norway.

Marseille is known for its organised crime, riots and drug dealings. In May French police were attacked with Kalashnikov rifles by an armed gang in the city.

A month later, the police dismantled a massive drug smuggling in Marseille. Around 250 policemen were needed to start the operation in “La Castellane”, one of the city’s most dangerous districts.

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