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I apologize. I’ve been running around like a nut, and between trying to get all sorts of things done and all the research and writing I had to do on that Palladian Skull and Bones Part II article, I just simply haven’t had a chance to address these drops as quickly as I would have liked.

So, let’s pick up where I left off, starting with post 2075:

HRC got addicted to her “Crackberry” and wanted to use it in secure facilities, despite it being an insecure device. She also used private email accounts, which lead to increased attacks from abroad:

In other words, it was known she was doing all this back in 2011 – publicly. Not just in Hussein’s Presidential Daily Briefings.

This comes from the OIG, too, remember. Here’s the full report Q linked:

Here are some more gems from the report:


The original plan was to swap out Loretta Lynch for RBG. And Kennedy stepped down so Trump could get /ourguy/ Kavanaugh in.

Q’s list of links were to threads HRC tweeted out… which is notable in and of itself, because she only ever does one-offs, as far as I know.

So to have these serial tweet threads shows fear and desperation, though she dresses it up under the pretense of “worker’s rights” and “women’s health.”

Thread 2:

KEK @ Swampy’s reply though:

Nearly spat out my drink when I saw that as the top response to the thread (until, inevitably, it was replaced with something else).

But why is HRC afraid again?

Because Kavanaugh knows everything about Vince Foster.


Of course, #LunaticLeftists tried to turn that around and say he was making a misogynist statement against all women, and thus, would be a danger to Roe v. Wade, when really, the truth is exactly as he said: HRC is a traitorous, murderous b****.

And him getting into office would mean potential mega-disclosure on someone who was a victim of #Arkancide.

That’s why she’s terrified.


And this is the guy who gets to take what was formerly McCain’s confirmation vote for Kavanaugh:


Trump doesn’t seem too concerned about this guy… but I have my reservations:


Kyl will examine concerns about alleged liberal bias on Facebook, internally and on its services. They will get feedback directly from conservative groups and advise Facebook on the best way to work with these groups moving forward.

The Heritage Foundation, a conservative public policy think tank, will convene meetings on these issues with Facebook executives. Last week the group brought in tech policy expert Klon Kitchen to host an event with Facebook’s head of global policy management, Monika Bickert.

Not the biggest red flag in the world, but something to be aware of.

That said:


Kyl was tapped to help guide President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, through the Senate.

He was chosen as “chief sherpa” to help lead Kavanaugh through an incredibly polarized and partisan Senate confirmation process.

“I have made an effort not to be partisan in an in-your-face sense,” Kyl once claimed. “Ordinarily, I don’t talk about Republicans and Democrats. I talk about ideas.”

So at the very least, we’ll get Kavanaugh from him. Let’s hope he does well for the people of Arizona.


Any word on where he’s scuttling off to, next?

Normally, I like to screencap tweets – because I fully expect Twitter to be taken offline one day soon… but this one was a video to Linda “The Cockroach” Sarsour’s incredibly dumb Democratic Pitch:

Second tweet is to Imam Tawhidi, calling out McCain’s terrorist affiliations:

Is Q suggesting McCain was coordinating with Linda Sarsour domestically?

I know she was reported to have “lost” her personal phone the other week.

The work of white hats?


This, for me, is one of those “ehhhhh” topics, because when I see this kind of thing… it’s almost like Q doesn’t know about the Cross of St. Peter.

Don’t get me wrong; I 100% believe HRC and her family are part of that Satanic Cabal.

But the Cross of St. Peter is a thing.

For those who don’t know, Holy Tradition states that St. Peter, when he was being martyred, felt he didn’t deserve to die in the same manner as his savior, so he requested to be crucified upside-down. And St. Peter, as we know, was the first Patriarch of Rome (aka, the Pope), so that’s why you’ll see the upside-down cross there, too.

Sure, edgy, stupid pagans think they’re being insulting when they invoke the symbol, but it’s long been considered a symbol of humility in Christian tradition.

It’s not an uncommon thing, either. Just search for “Cross of St. Peter necklace” in any search engine, and you’ll see thousands of results:



Kinda sad that most people – including Christians in the West – don’t know this, tbh.









Odds of… what exactly?

McCain dying and us getting another vote?

I don’t see how this relates to the above tweets at all. Seems like a real non-sequitur.



Here’s the first link:

And the excerpt:


And I really wish Q would have taken the opportunity to highlight CEO of Lionsgate/serial boy-rapist Frank Guistra’s involvement in all this:


I’ve had a draft of an article about Guistra sitting in my “to-do” pile since mid-July.  Now I’ll definitely have to finish the research for it.

Well, I’ll give you a preview with this #CDAN:



Here’s Q’s other links, and what I believe Q is saying is that HRC paid off Maxine Waters to make sure no word of her illicit financial activities got out:


Wait for the shrieking when RBG is gone!

I can’t wait!



(If you follow me on Gab, you’ll know what I’m about to talk about).

This… has been on the slate for a while.

That tweet eventually lead to this news report, wherein Jack Posobiec reveals that “professional troll” @Microchip is actually the mind behind QAnon.



Yeah, I took exception to this last night, very publicly on Gab. And the reason I got involved was because, given what we know about Jack, I knew this was a Mossad attack from the very get-go.

Now, I will give a warning here because I get a bit vulgar. A family member rebuked me for it, but the truth is this:

Everyone remembers King David for his Psalms.

Very few realize the brutal violence he had to (righteously) inflict on other human beings, human beings who were ostensibly made in the image of God.

King David lopped off arms, severed legs, cleaved heads (one very famously), and stabbed torsos.

And this was the right course of action.

My words today come nowhere near that level of violence, and they didn’t need to. Regardless, I still utterly BTFO of Microchip when he first dropped his claim that he started QAnon as a larp on Gab… So forgive me if any of my words here scandalize you.

He mocked the confused, the upset (which is a strange course of action for someone who repeatedly claimed that the QAnon Community is dangerous). He posted “screenshots” of his conversation where he supposedly masterminded the whole thing.

While he was doing his premature victory lap on Gab, I was watching it all unfold (and picking up on more than a few details). See, the last thing your enemies want you to do is sit back and think logically during an attack. They just want you to react emotionally – be it fear, anger, confusion, etc. Avoid that, and you’re already 90% of the way to winning.

(And if he was telling the truth, again, there was no harm in approaching the subject calmly and rationally).

And so, I thought of a way for him to remove all doubt whatsoever, and prove his claims to one of the biggest sites in the #QAnon community…

I presented him with an invitation… and a timer:

(In case it’s not clear, read my comments in the middle of the individual screenshots first, with his comments as responses):

You would think one would jump at the chance to have a proven Q advocate independently verify your claims.

But no, he didn’t like that very much.

Predictable – and yes, I knew he would refuse, because I had already worked out that he was lying.,

See, I knew something he didn’t know…


(Okay, now reverse the reading order. I capped these at different times, on different pages. We’re gonna jump back and forth a bit with the format here, so I’ll just count on you to figure out the correct answer-response order):

He tried to call my bluff, but the fact remains that he had hastily posted all these screencaps, and then just as hastily removed them.

Could it be he figured out something was wrong with them?

In truth, this response was less about the links – though the link issue was legit – than it was about calling him stupid to his face – and giving others who may have otherwise been intimidated by his simplistic bullying into rising up against him.

Because, if there’s one thing I know about Micro, it’s that he has a raging ego.

Insult his ego to his face – and he’ll do half the work for you.

Never be afraid to punch a bully, folks.




He doesn’t have the Discord source code. So he can’t actually back up the claim he’s making. He was just hoping I wouldn’t know that.

No, what this was, was an emergency smokescreen thrown in haste, driven by an angry, injured ego – and a very thin smokescreen at that.

Now, I will say there were other responses in this topic, but a lot of them are just extraneous, and not very funny. You can visit my Gab if you want to see all of Micro’s sudden, aimless, inordinately angry and ineffective floundering.

Nothing but disdain for this clown.

He’s getting visibly rattled at this point, and starting to repeat himself.

“I’m so sorry, cupcake.”
“I’m so sorry, cupcake.”
“I’m so sorry, cupcake.”
“I’m so sorry, cupcake.”

Not very original, Microdick. You put more effort into your photoshopped screenshots. You could at least get a little creative with your insults.

But again, there was a very simple way to avoid this argument entirely. A way he could instantly prove everyone wrong, without resorting to base bullying and desperate google searches for programmatic excuses that don’t fly.

I am nothing if not generous, so I gave him this opportunity once more:

But he was still salty about the intelligence thing:

Which is why I kicked it again:

A bit of emasculation for good measure.

I mean… he did bring it up, first.

And suddenly he’s all about the  issue at hand.

I mean… you can only call someone a “cupcake” so many times before it starts to lose its impact, you know?

He had his chance. He was fully of excuses.

Thanks for the 200+ new followers, “cupcake.”

Tell your handlers to do a better job with their photoshops next time.

(And yes, I saw the person on Twitter who described this as #SAVAGE, by referencing this clip):


Oh, and by the way, I’ve since noticed another discrepancy between his screenshots and the actual iOS Discord app:

Look above the “Send” button. See how the black line just stops before it hits the button?

Compare to an official screenshot from the iOS store:

It’s a thicker line that extends all the way across the app, above the Send Button.


And really, it was incredibly irresponsible for Jack Posobiec to rely on a user-generated “video” as “proof.”

ANY real journalist would have done what I did and asked for access themselves.

They would never just trust random screenshots, or two seconds of video (easily faked, just like screenshots) from someone making such claims.

Why… it’s almost like Jack didn’t want to know the truth.

But I’m sure that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Mossad whatsoever.

Q’s whole point is that… if Microchip was posting during this time, he has screenshots from this series of images.

He didn’t need to post Discord screenshots.

He could have just posted another image in this series.

Microchip can’t do that because…


#Anons note more discrepancies (because now Microchip is messing up his timeline, without realizing it).

After all, he’s not that smart:

Full size:

Full size:


I think it’s safe to say this attack failed pretty resoundingly.

Unfollow Microchip if you follow him and never let him live this lie down.

#NoNeck and his pitted, marbled butt-cheeks are back in the news!


You guys know how I feel about him already – and I wrote this when it was NOT a popular thing to say:

Corsi, A Rockefeller, Mossad, and B’nai B’rith. #MISINFO Everywhere! #QAnon

As a general rule, I try not to get involved in criticizing other individuals who may be trying to their work in a similar sphere – albeit in a different manner from the way I choose to pursu…


Considering how Mossad attacked through Posobiec and Micro, it would be foolish to think that was their only offensive front.

No, they’re trying to attack on multiple fronts at the same time.

My money’s actually on Corsi saying Trump colluded with Russia – and the media pouncing on the story, trying to drag things out even longer.

Hopefully old NoNeck will get a bratwurst stuck in his left ventricle before he can take the stand.


Republican Reps. Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz and Lee Zeldin are asking Trump to declassify additional portions of the application the FBI submitted to surveil former Trump campaign aide Carter Page in late 2016. (A heavily redacted version was released last month).

They also want the president to declassify and release all of the official notes filed by top Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, whose relationship with former British spy Christopher Steele has become a focus of Republican inquiries about anti-Trump bias among top law enforcement and intelligence officials. They also intend to seek the declassification of “other relevant documents,” according to a notice issued by Zeldin’s office.



President Trump is expected to declassify the redacted 20 pages of documents from the controversial Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant that have still not been made public, which allowed the FBI to spy on short-term campaign volunteer Carter Page, numerous sources told This comes after nearly a year of stonewalling by the Department of Justice at the demand of lawmakers, who claim that the 20 redacted pages will reveal explosive information about the FBI’s handling of the Trump-Russia investigation, according to sources.

#NoCoincidences, Q.

This is beautiful!


Given this, I’m almost positive Lindsay Graham flipped on McCain and #TheCabal at large. The interaction with Huma the other day at McCain’s funeral… I don’t think that’s anything to worry about.


Q+ = PO-OH-OH-OTUS, speaking directly to us!



Here’s the case Kavanaugh is referring to, just for the record:


Anon explains what just happened behind-the-scenes:


Er… TODAY! (As of this writing!)


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