Google Isn’t Biased, Nor Do They Censor Conservative Voices – Just Ask Them


by Rory Hall, The Daily Coin:

Google Isn’t Biased, Nor Do They Censor Conservative Voices – Just Ask Them by Rory – The Daily Coin

Tucker Carlson, once again, one of very few voices in corporate media that speaks truth to power, addressed google censorship during his ongoing Tech Tyranny segment of the September 12 program. He aired a portion of the Breibart video where the google employees themselves explain to the world how they are leftist, so-called progressives that supported hillary’s bid for President.

Be sure and pay attention to the segment where it is explained the google sympathizers, that will be before the FTC, have been or are currently paid by google in one capacity or another. If they are currently paid or have been paid by google shouldn’t that disqualify their testimony – doesn’t that constitute a conflict of interest?

We have explained, time and again, what has happened to this website, to our faKebook account and our youtube account. It is a wonder we have any traffic at all and thank each one of you for your support.

This is the single most important topic of our lifetime. If our God given right to free speech is impaired we will be forced to do something that none of us want to do and many of us will not do. Our God given rights should not be determined by another entity, which is why they are called God given and not google given or social media given. Our ability to freely share ideas, say whatever we wish, peacefully assemble, bring grievances against our government and worship how we wish should not be anyones business but our own. If someone doesn’t like what we say or how we worship they shouldn’t pay it any attention and simply move on. It is not their business to shut down what is said. It is not their business to manage other people’s lives when they can’t even manage their own life. Once they get a handle on managing their own life, we can take under consideration how they can manage other peoples lives. Until then, mind your own business and stop trying to censor our voices.

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