Feds come after holistic doctor for doing chelation therapy on patients


by Erin Elizabeth, Health Nut News:

Ringgold doctor, Dr. Charles C. Adams, who was treating patients suffering from heavy metal poisoning and billing Medicare for their effective medical treatment is being charged by our lovely government (a.k.a. the Feds). In a Medicare fraud lawsuit filed Tuesday in U.S. district court in Atlanta, federal prosecutors alleged that the patients didn’t need the chelation and that the procedure could be dangerous. (What they never mentioned was that the drugs the FDA has approved of are far more dangerous.)

Could the Feds be more hypocritical? It just shows that our government is into one thing: money. Are they protecting the people? No. Making sure drugs are safe and effective? No. Not taking payouts? No and no. Again, the federal government has one thing in mind it isn’t you. It is simply making more money. Bottom line.

“…and one of the chelating drugs has a “black box” warning that it can produce toxic effects that can be fatal. Medical authorities say the treatment should be administered only for a limited duration and only in cases where a blood test has found extremely high amounts of toxic metals.” 1

A black box warning? Perhaps, but the vitamin K shot, given at birth, also carries a black box warning and (it’s not even actual vitamin K, either) nobody is up in arms about that.

Also of note, we have researched and cannot find any record of patients dying. The feds just don’t like that his effective therapy was billed to Medicare.

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