Depravity Knows No Boundaries


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Oh do come on.

A new accuser against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh said he took part in efforts during high school to get girls intoxicated so that a group of boys could have sex with them.

“I have a firm recollection of seeing boys lined up outside rooms at many of these parties waiting for their ‘turn’ with a girl inside the room,” Washington resident Julie Swetnick said in a sworn affidavit released by attorney Michael Avenatti. “These boys included Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh,” she added. Judge was a high school classmate of Kavanaugh.

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So let me see if I parsed this “allegation” correctly.

This woman (then girl) began attending a party.  She witnessed (and participated in at some parties) excessive drinking.  However, she then says she witnessed what she believed was a gang-rape in process with a line of boys out the door waiting “their turn.”

She never actually saw a gang-rape but she had probable cause to believe one was taking place and believes that the drink at the party (punch, I assume; it’s sort of hard to drug a keg or cans of beer) was “spiked” with drugs to make the girls unwilling or unable to say no.

Ok, fair enough.  I have seen what I believe was a case of someone roofieing a woman in a bar.  I didn’t see the person I believe did it actually put the drugs in the drink but I saw the result and helped interdict that situation; she got home safely and unmolested.  Said person who is believed to have been involved is and remains persona-non-grata among many post this event and he certainly wouldn’t get a second opportunity in the presence of myself (or many other men who saw what happened.)

Further it is a fact that some rapes — maybe many rapes — go unreported.  So yes, there are almost-certainly lots of individual events like this that both happen and go unreported.

But this allegation goes much further, and raises far too many questions and assertions of fact to be believable.

So here are the questions and points for debate:

  • This woman did not report the original event she claims to have witnessed either at the time or subsequent to it to anyone in authority.  Once, I believe.  But…..
  • This woman, subsequent to allegedly witnessing the first serial sexual assault, voluntarily attended multiple additional parties at which the same people were present, as many as ten by her own count, despite believing that girls were being raped at all of them.  It appears she did not stop attending said parties despite claimed actual knowledge of assault until she was personally attacked according to her affidavit.
  • By her own admission in her “affidavit” she appears to be an accessory both before and after the fact to these rapes, if they occurred, due to her intentional and continuing conduct in attending the parties and silence both while and after these serious sexual assaults she claims actual knowledge of.  Since sexual assault of this sort is a serious felony she sounds like she is also admitting to misprision of a felony, which is in many if most jurisdictions itself a crime.
  • This woman claims the punch was spiked with drugs yet she doesn’t allege the boys at the same party were not drinking it.  Are boys immune to the drugs that make girls incoherent to the point of passing out?  How exactly does that work?  A singular mixed drink that is tampered with is one thing; alleging a punchbowl is tampered with (other than by having booze in it, which is the point of making up such a punchbowl and isn’t a surprise to anyone who voluntarily consumes same) is another matter entirely.
  • The lawyer (Avenatti) claims that people should “respect her privacy and that of her family” yet he published her name and photograph all over the Internet.  He did not send same to the Judiciary Committee in confidence nor did he go to the police; indeed he made the allegation in public first.  The accuser and her family have no right to privacy at this point nor at any time in the future because her hired representative put her into the public sphere and that is her responsibility since she hired him, he represents her, and he acts as her agent.

  • The claim is very carefully crafted to state that Kavanaugh and Judge were present at said alleged “events” but not to state that she actually witnessed anyone raping anyone nor does she name any specific person in the assault she alleged was perpetrated upon her.  Nor has the woman identified any of the alleged victims (other than herself) of this conduct.  Certainly if you attended multiple (10 or more, by her claim) parties and the girls who attended were serially targeted for gang-rape you might have known at least one of the others so-targeted — right?  Who are they, where’s the evidence linking them to said parties and where are their affidavits?
  • The claim is stated to be a “sworn statement” but legally it is not.  Saying something is a “sworn statement made under penalty of perjury” doesn’t make it so.  There are very specific requirements for that, which Avenatti knows full well, and he has intentionally omitted said requirements.  The obvious implication is that neither Creepy Porn Lawyer or the accuser is willing to take on the liability that comes with making an actual sworn statement, and since Creepy Porn Lawyer is lying about her statement being “sworn and under penalty of perjury” what else is he lying about?
  • Unreported******is very common.  But now you wish to foist upon the public and the Senate the claim that multiple, serial parties occurred, at least ten of them which you attended yourself (implying of course that there were many others since nobody attends every party held in a given area by someone of teen age), that Kavanaugh attended all of those (including the ones you didn’t make it to) and that their primary function of these parties appeared to be to drug girls and get them wastedso they could be gang-raped.  You also assert that nobody reported any of these alleged gang-rapes and druggings at any time contemporary with the event?  None of these girls ever went home trashed out of their minds and their parents called the cops?  None did so the next day themselves nor did any of their parents raise hell despite the fact that an enormous percentage of these girls were likely underage and/or living with their parents?  Nobody — not one such girl came home trashed out of her mind, was shuffled off to the ER by her parents, mentioned something that sounded like sexual assault and had a******kit run?  Really?  Nearly a dozen separate occurrences which you claim to have witnessed happened plus an unknown number of additional events where you weren’t present and yet not one report was ever filed with anyone?
  • Further, you wish the public and Senate to believe that despite all these parties, at least ten of them at which Kavanaugh was present and participating and which you witnessed plus an unknown number of others where you weren’t present, sixfull background investigations conducted by the FBI in advance of previous Kavanaugh appointments and hirings during his professional career failed to raise one allegation of such conduct?  Despite his participation in same absolutely nothing was unearthed until nowwhen he’s nominated to the Supreme Court?  The only plausible explanation for that claim is that the FBI in fact knew about it and the DOJ has been blackmailing Kavanaugh during his entire professional career and is doing so today.  May I (impolitely) ask whether you’re making that allegation as well and if not would you please explain how our premier Federal Law Enforcement and Investigative Agency can run six full investigations spanning nearly 20 years and not discover even a hint of ten or more gang-rape parties at which the accused was a major if not organizing participant?

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