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from Neon Revolt:

If you follow Q, I’m sure you all heard what’s happened.

And that should be no real surprise: the creators of that game were obsessed with the works of Springmeier and Cooper (IIRC).

With that in mind, there’s no way around this.

We’re going to need to cue up some #DeusEx music for this post’s theme:


And wouldn’t you know it, UNATCO special agent, JC Denton is joining me in this blog post to offer his commentary, along with mine.

Everyone, meet JC:

Let’s get into the #NewQ drops, starting off with this incredibly long drop that… I get annoyed with:

Guess what, guys! That marker, “Truth to Power” that Q has been using for months to associate with Snowden.


Focus on Storch instead, mkay?! (Which, by the way… has. been. known. FOR. MONTHS!!!!)

Robert Storch confirmed as NSA IG

Admiral Michael S. Rogers, Director of the National Security Agency, announced on December 22 the Senate confirmation of the president’s nomination of Robert Storch as the inspector general (…


And then, as you can see, Q lists a bunch of moves and countermoves, and by this time, none of this should surprise you. I didn’t see a single thing listed that we didn’t already know.

But as a side-note, my brain doesn’t handle processing this kind of… I won’t say bureaucracy, but I will say “organizational hierarchy” stuff well, and I can’t stand when Q blasts this kind of minutia on repeat.

In short, I’m seeing a lot of words being used here to say very little.

I much prefer the inverse: using few words to say a whole lot.

Frankly, I didn’t see anons giving this drop much attention, either. It was one collective shrug from the boards.

So I just… I can’t even be bothered with this post. I apologize, but I completely glaze over reading this one. Despite its length, I don’t see much here, so I’m not the guy to break this particular one down for you.

And I hate to start on something of a downer, so I won’t linger here any longer.

What are your thoughts, JC?

Didn’t think so.



He’s right.

It didn’t have to end like this [Roddy].

Let’s watch the Left all rally behind Sessions one last time, though!

“I’ve been told by sources that the documents will be turned over to the President next week. I hear that the FBI and the DOJ are redacting,” Sara Carter said. “What they’re gonna do is turn those documents over to the President and what they’re going to say is ‘now it’s up to you to declass’–I think they are going to figure ways to stall or maybe put pressure on the President,” Sara Carter continued.

Watch the blue checkmarks, the twitterati lose their minds over this. Watch, I guarantee you they’ll be fielding pet theories about how maybe Sessions is part of #TheResistance, and is the guy who wrote that NYT Op-Ed!

This is gonna be too fun to watch!

Covered this yesterday, too. Nice shout-out to intheMatrixx, though. He was the one who originally piqued my interest in the Payseurs, you’ll recall, and provided a substantial amount of sources to bounce off of. Worth giving him a follow on twitter/gab.

#POTUS is safe and secure, and announced as much on Twitter:


Where’s Johnny Rotten when you need him?

Seriously, between this and “Goodbye, Mister Rosenstein,” some enterprising artist out there could put together a wild Q-related album.

Now here’s something I realized got lost when my Facebook page was deleted (CURSE YOU, #CUCKERBERG!!). I thought I put it on Gab, too (and in truth, I didn’t check, so it may or may not be there), but yeah, we already know (at least two of) the Billionaires Q is talking about, thanks to #CDAN:

Major Canadian Pharma CEO. Ties in with Q’s drops around that time.

And the really scary part is this is part of #CDAN’s larger series on “The Church,” which I’m sure I’ve covered, either on here or on Gab at some point.

I’ve been wanting to do an important CDAN post for some time, collecting his biggest drops, but for now… this fills in Q’s blank nicely.

Flynn in a nutshell.

I think you’re going to see Kamala Harris and Cory Booker announcing their runs very shortly. Biden, too, possibly.

The boards started to shutter under the weight of all the Anons arriving at once, hoping to have their questions answered by Q.

(And for those who don’t know, /CM/ is Codemonkey – the guy who admins everything on 8ch. He was in charge of supercharging the servers, tonight).

One question that got answered during the Q and A:

A lot of anons had trouble with this answer (because it’s always been speculated that it was actually a missile).

I never had a problem believing that it was actually a plane, however. I was always more skeptical about claims made to the contrary, believe it or not.




The moment you’ve been waiting for!


Got your Area 51 clearance pass ready?


Please put on the hazmat suit, and step in to the airlock:

JC’s not alone. Around this time, a lot of Anons were shocked by Q’s response.

Aaaaaayyylmaos bloody confirmed, peeps!

And I’ll be honest… this would be a bridge too far for me… but for an experience I had several years ago driving home from the night shift at work.

Yes, yours truly saw a UFO.

What’s more, I captured in on my cell phone at the time.

Now, I’ll be sure to stress here that UFO means UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT. I wasn’t about to subscribe to the idea of aliens at the time (and I’m still not ready to, frankly, for a number of reasons – even with Q’s latest post in mind), but I did see this trio of lights, they were zipping across the sky in this triangle formation, sort of softly pulsing (as you’ll see), and then they stopped, and just sort of hovered there – which is what you’ll see in the video I recorded:

Video Player



Now, this was in a pretty suburban area I was driving through, and there are never really any planes in that direction. But again, as you can see, these lights just kind of hung there, hovering in space. It was odd; odd enough to make me pull over my car and reach for my camera.

I removed the audio here, so you won’t hear my voice and I can remain pseudo-anonymous. I wish I was able to get better footage, but I was just using my little cell phone camera at the time, it was pitch black, I was zooming in with the pinch-to-zoom feature used on so many phones, and this was several years ago, so the tech available wasn’t even as good as what’s available now. What you see if what I managed to capture at the time, in this very low-light scenario.

And after that, the lights sort of just… faded out and disappeared.

So even though while I’m tentatively open to listening to what Q has to say… and even with that video I took in mind… I’m just not… I’m at my limit right now.

It was one of the strangest experiences of my life.

And what to make of Q’s previous post along these lines?

You can either read that as Q contradicting himself (which I don’t think he is), or Q playing coy (which is the direction in which I tend lean to).

Heck, I’m still just trying to digest Springmeier.

I’m still going down that other rabbit hole I mentioned the other day, regarding that topic beginning with the letter-N.

I haven’t even had a proper chance to process anything by Bill Cooper yet, and that seems most related to this topic.

You’ll recall Q verifying something Cooper published, back in drop 782 in February:

Guys, there’s no bones about it. We’re in uncharted conspiracy waters here. This is so far beyond the pale, even for me.  It beggars belief.

And yet… I am still open to looking at what’s being presented, and I hope you will be, too.

This is from the book that same Bill Cooper Q recommended so long ago, Behold, a Pale Horse:

Sounds related to Q’s drops about the secret technology/cures that have been suppressed…

(Which also ties in to why he mentioned the Apotex assassinations).

Sounds like the stuff Deep State wars are made of…

Next, note the #SkullAndBones connection:

Cooper addresses the origins of #Majestic12 (who he refers to as “Majesty 12” here):

He also gives us a bit of “history,” which I’ve condensed here:

Close Encounters is a strange point to bring up, considering what we know about Spielberg…

And finally, we get a name for at least one of the species:


Here’s the logo of the Trilateral Commission, btw, the one Cooper claims was ripped directly from the uniform these “Etherians” wore.

Cooper would go on to write about different species of aliens, some humanoid, some not. He would talk about body counts from various crashes, suppressed technologies, and secret treaties. He would go on to say how some of these aliens claimed to have created us via a process called “transpermia” – a plot point featured heavily in the Ridley Scott movie Prometheus.

He would even talk about world religions:

And look, even Bill Cooper is approaching his limits, even as he writes this all in his own book.

Guys, believe me, I’m right there in the Twilight Zone with ya.

Separating fact from fiction is very challenging here, and frankly… I’ve never wanted to walk away from #QAnon more than I do right now.

And it’s not helped along by the fact that… it’s not at all clear what Q really meant when he answered. What I mean is: there’s a spectrum of conclusions you could arrive at here:

Was he saying that they’ve picked up radio waves from a far distant corner of the galaxy?

Or is he saying Bill Cooper is right, and First Contact was made 70-odd years ago?

The reason – the only reason – I’m not abandoning Q right now… is because of all the other hundreds of #QConfirmations we’ve had along the way.

And, of course, that video I took, years ago.

Amidst the uproar, #Anon noted this,

But in the end,  another #Anon asked the billion-dollar question:


We’re building a #SpaceForce, anon.

They’re all getting armed with battle rifles for a reason.

You tell me.

(That, more than anything, should speak volumes).

See, when Q talks like this, I often find it hard to follow the chain of causation..

I just don’t understand what delaying the FEMA alert has to do with Rosenstein standing down. I don’t see, logically, how the two are connected in any way.

Don’t get me wrong; I love that the Republicans have grown a spine and are calling the Dems’ bluff in all this.


But I don’t see how sending a text message to everyone’s phones would otherwise cause Rosenstein to continue to try and defy POTUS.

The logical question I have, is why can’t you do BOTH at the same time?? Push to confirm Kavanaugh AND send out the FEMA alert.

Doesn’t make sense to me.

Not mad, JC. Just confused.


Too few, tbqh.

Better have those servers upgraded before you go public, Q.

And this post actually prompted more than a few to wonder if Q’s prior posts had been disinformation – disinformation used to get as many eyeballs on the boards as possible and perform a kind of stress-test to see what the servers could handle.

Well, I think we found out.

Kubrick didn’t help fake the moon landings after all.

I’m slightly disappointed by that, actually.

At the same time, note how Q limited his response to just moon landings. He didn’t talk about probes or other photographs. And I’ve seen some stuff that’s made me go, “huh?” in the past in regards to all that.

I would like to know more about these secret space programs, however. I jokingly told Q on gab that I’d volunteer for the XCOM project equivalent.

OOF. Not enough horsepower. Q’s Q and A stuttered to a halt as all the IP’s overwhelmed the boards. He technically never ended his Q and A, but I think it’s clear that he didn’t want to take down the entire site.

We’re gonna need a bigger 8ch once this goes truly public.

And we’re gonna need a lot more in the way of disclosure, Q, once all this is wrapped up.

And mark my words, Q.

If you don’t tell us… We have other ways of drawing this kind of information out.

You don’t want me sending in my best man, believe me.

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