WATCH: Documentary Exposes ‘Smart’ Meters, Technocracy and What You Can Do


by Josh del Sol Beaulieu and Alison Main, Green Med Info:

As of today, the award-winning 2017 edition of “Take Back Your Power”, is now released permanently free on YouTube. This compelling documentary exposes a critical problem that affects everyone: ‘smart’ utility meters which facilitate in-home spying, increase utility bills, present a risk of homes fires and hacking, emit wireless pulses and dirty electricity, and are shown to cause health problems

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At a time when divisive political battles rage on, some things closer to home perhaps deserve more attention. The concept of looking higher than the mainstream narrative is something that GreenMedInfo readers are well accustomed to, so I will dive right in.

One such close-to-home focus is that of ‘smart’ utility meters, a highly-invasive technology that is positioned to be integrated with big telecom’s 5G plans. The innocuous-sounding ‘smart’ meter has been shown to facilitate in-home surveillance, health risks, unjust billing increases, thousands of house fires, and hacking vulnerability.

While utility metering doesn’t sound sexy, when you watch Take Back Your Power 2017, you’ll see the critical nature of the ‘smart’ meter situation and story. But the ending remains unwritten, since there are new, effective solutions people are using to fight back to protect their families.

The profitability of spying on your home and family is such that a NARUC director has admitted that the value of the data harvested by the meters without your consent – data of what you do in your own home – will be “worth a lot more than the commodity [electricity] that’s being consumed to generate the data.”

This is being undertaken by global elitists under the guise of climate action, though the meters do nothing to reduce energy consumption or help the environment. Hundreds of local governments have issued moratoriums or bans, and well over a million energy customers in North America have written their utility to decline a ‘smart’ meter on their homes. As a response, pioneers at InPower Movement have initiated a mass action of liability, with positive initial results.

Here’s what you need to know

Back in 2008, President Barack Obama’s first major move after his election was asking for $100B to fund a ‘smart’ grid.  That program incentivized utilities – with grants up to $200m each – to install the new digitized wireless meters – for electricity, water and gas. Utilities only received these funds if they complied with the agenda.

Approximately 60-65% of Americans now have ‘smart’ utility meters. As this is part of widespread plan intended to reap billions of dollars and further centralize control, other nations and utilities have followed suit.

So, what’s the big deal about ‘smart’ meters? Our grid needed an upgrade, right? The film you’re about to watch documents 5 major problems with ‘smart’ meters:

  1. In-home spying. The ‘smart’ meters are designed to function as a “collector hub” for any devices or ‘smart’ appliances emitting wireless signals in your home. They transmit this data to the next house, which eventually transmits back to the utility (or whomever intercepts the data). Knowing what you are doing in your home is an entirely new way to increase profit and control; and this is all being done without your consent or knowledge. This is against the law, but according to a judge in Illinois, legally we are deemed to have accepted these terms of service, because we have signed up for electrical service. Apparently, it’s just business.
  2. Health risks. ‘Smart’ meters emit pulsed microwave radiation typically every few seconds, and as much as 190,000 times per day. The strength of each microsecond-pulse is at least hundreds of times higher than the radiation emitted by a typical cell phone call. Potentially an even greater risk, however, is what’s known as “dirty electricity” generated by the ‘smart’ meter’s switch-mode power supply (SMPS). Health problems have been reported to utilities by perhaps hundreds of thousands of customers, but most people are not yet aware that their utility meter could very well be a culprit causing an increase in symptoms.
  3. Unjust billing increases. ‘Smart’ meters mean higher bills. Utilities such as ComEd raised base rates 38% to pay for ‘smart’ meter programs. The meters are admitted to be less accurate, and have racked up bills even with power to the home turned off. In addition, utilities will also increase rates based on “time of use” – so you pay more during peak times. Each ‘smart’ meter costs hundreds of dollars and is designed to last 5-7 years. Analog meters cost 80-90% less and last 30-40 years. Who pays? We do.
  4. Thousands of house fires and explosions. There have been hundreds, if not thousands, of incidents of house fires related to “upgraded” meters. In once incident in Stockton, California, hundreds of ‘smart’ meters explodedsimultaneously, and 5,800 homes were left without power. ‘Smart’ meters have caused fatal fires in Dallas (Texas), in Vacaville (California), very likely in Reno(Nevada) and in other undocumented sites. More than 500,000 faulty ‘smart’ meters have been replaced by various utilities because of these fire risks.
  5. Hacking vulnerability. The level of access and hackability facilitated by ‘smart’ meters is indeed a very big problem. They effectively create an open door into your home, making you vulnerable to remote interference or power shutoffs. High-ranking officials, such as a former CIA director and a former NSA insider, have lambasted the technology as harmful and potentially catastrophic.

The depth of what’s at stake is the reason why I’m releasing this updated 2017 edition of Take Back Your Power, permanently free and on YouTube for the first time ever. The world needs to know about ‘smart’ meters, about big telecom’s new ‘5G’ wireless assault, and what you can do. Let us reach the tipping point in awareness, say “no” effectively, and chart a better course, together.

A closer look at privacy

It is by design that ‘smart’ meters directly violate your personal privacy rights, which are recognized in the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution. Just as Facebook harvests online personal data for its own financial advantage, ‘smart’ meters are designed to harvest offline personal data about your family, for monetary gain – and control. This means that with ‘smart’ meters and a 5G environment, big corporations and governments want to forcibly track everything your family does and says within your own home.

On top of that is the matter of choice. With invaders like Facebook, ‘Amazon Echo’ or ‘Google Home Mini,’ you can choose to own one and trade your privacy rights for convenience. But with ‘smart’ meters, utilities and governments are forcing this on you, and charging extortive, punitive fees if you do not want one. Most utilities are brazenly charging an ‘opt-out’ fee for customers that don’t want a wireless ‘smart’ meter. But, strangely, in many cases, even ‘opt-out’ meters are still emitting pulsed radiation.

As far as invasive technology goes, ‘smart’ meters are unprecedented.

Smart meters in 2018: toward austerity?

On May 31, 2018, the State of California passed two landmark acts to implement strict limits on water usage. Exceeding the new daily allocation of 55 gallons per capita will be punishable by a rather draconian fine of $1,000. ‘Smart’ water meter data and algorithms are used for this purpose of obtaining real-time usage data.

This may be partially understandable in the case of a legitimate resource crisis where lives are at stake. However, governments have demonstrated themselves to be in the business of suppressing actual solutions to supply shortages, such as California flushing 200 billion gallons of fresh water out to sea. From my perspective, this is manufactured lack – plain and simple. California was the first state to push electrical ‘smart’ meters, and now they lead the charge toward austerity.

In greater context, this is also a step toward implementing Agenda 2030, a UN-sanctioned international codex which has apparently usurped the US Constitution, state law, and local government authority. This code seeks to standardize international governance – again, under the guise of climate action. In reality, this elitist plan is for total monitoring, control and consolidation of power.

This is heavy, I know. But I firmly believe that awareness precedes action. And, as we will see, we have way more power than we think.

What’s the deal with 5G?

5G refers to the next generation (the “Fifth Generation”) of mobile networks intended to enable the emergence of the IoT (Internet of Things), tying together all internet-enabled devices in one hyper-connected ‘smart’ world.

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