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Because I’m publishing multiple articles on the same day – make sure you didn’t miss the big bombshell article I had been promising for some time…

Okay, PSA over. I’m going to move through this one quickly – because frankly that other article was exhausting to write – but don’t worry, this will still be good!

[P] – The Unseen Masters of All #QAnon #GreatAwakening #WhoIsP #Illuminati #13Bloodlines #Payseur #Springmeier
[P] – The Unseen Masters of All #QAnon#GreatAwakening #WhoIsP #Illuminati #13Bloodlines #Payseur #Springmeier

I feel like the floor just gave out and dropped me in front of the last mega-boss in a Dark Souls-styled video game, and now I’m face-to-face with some gigantic, unspeakable, antediluvian, un…


Okay, PSA over. I’m going to move through this one quickly – because frankly that other article was exhausting to write – but don’t worry, this will still be good!

Moving into #NEWQ:

What do I look like, Q?

Some kind of console pleasant?

Messing around with a potato tethered to my TV?


Glorious PC Gaming Master Race, Q.

In all seriousness, though – when I saw that article pop up in my newsfeed today – before I even saw Q’s post – I knew immediately. This was clean-up, following Q’s post about the Deep State using Xbox Live for comms.

And because I’m part of the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race… I also noticed something else…

Guess what was on sale on Steam today:

So soon after the Q400 incident, too?

I wasn’t the only one who noticed:

Remember what “Beebo” said:

Video Player


#NoCoincidences, Q.

Oh, they certainly do.

The final, intended destination for Edward Snowden was, obviously, Russia.

I tend to agree with what u/Oppoboycott wrote about Snowden, in response to this drop:


Just to be clear, that means Carter Page FISA.

I had to do a double-take myself.

But when the three-letter agencies are compromised, you better have an intelligence agency of your own, controlled by true patriots, in order to fight back:


Q, tell your tech guys to update the security certificate on the .mil domain.

Come on. You’re supposed to be professionals. Even I have a functioning security certificate.


Not that I want you guys to break my site just to mess with me.

Pls no.

It was clear. Clowns wanted some to think it meant Eric Schmidt (in this context) to sow confusion.

I… did not catch that there was a connection between the two before…

I’m still not quite sure what that could be, actually.


Lyin’ Comey, caught with his pants down by the NSA! Just a guess, but I think #QAnon has an extra level of disdain for Comey – judging by how he has addressed him both now, and before.

Look at how he was plotting AFTER the election, to subvert #POTUS, trying to make sure he was blinded by ineffective and misleading Presidential Daily Briefings.

Does that qualify as treason?

Yeah, pretty sure Comey just earned himself a “personal” 21 gun salute with that one.

Ah, the “missing” Q post – post 165 on /patriotsfight/.

This appeared and then disappeared real quick, but thankfully… the #Anon with the absolutely eye-bleedingly-terrible color scheme caught it and posted it very quickly:

(Seriously, dude… That’s almost as bad as the Microsoft “Hot Dog Stand” color scheme in, what was it? Windows 3.1?)

Looks like Q is telling us the media had access to that private Gmail server Comey used.

Thus…Making the media traitorous co-conspirators in a plot to subvert POTUS.

I’m really wondering as to why Q would post this, then delete, only to point us to an anon’s cap of it… Clearly he wanted to get the message out, still. He wasn’t hiding it…

So what’s the significance of the deletion? Any ideas?

Gonna Leslie-Nielson you whenever you say that, Q:

Very disturbing video.

It’s almost like the mask slipped and the true, evil face shone through – and it took a moment for the adults there to react because… this is a priest.

They should have pulled that kid away from him faster.

No! It’s not Joel Getz! What are you people, faceblind?

It’s this guy:

And that pic was taken from Podesta’s birthday party we covered in the article yesterday – the one where he asked everyone to wear red shoes:

Cogent Strategies – the company he works for – was basically the Podesta Group rebooted after it shut down. The CEO of the Podesta Group, Kimberly Fritts, packed her bags with Podesta, opened up a new corporation, and basically rebooted under a new corporate guise:

Former Podesta Group CEO launches new firm

Kimberley Fritts, the Podesta Group’s longtime chief executive, has launched a new lobbying shop from the ashes of Tony Podesta’s old firm.


Anyway – Anon steers us back on point, by redirecting us to the Hong Kong Kindergarten issue – which was where that man and his associate were walking:

First, if you need a review of the top pic – start here:

Divide they try. Fail they will! The ABSOLUTELY SAVAGE #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Let’s get right into #QAnon: This tweet initially upset many anons because it looked like Imran Awan had negotiated some kind of plea deal. Q came in to reassure us that his case will not be …


But here’s Q’s pic, in a larger format. Ignore the Madeleine McCann thing – Q will say as much later:

It’s all red shoes again. You should know what that means – but if you don’t, catch up here:

And remember a couple of days ago when I “asked” on Gab, “Is Bill Maher the next Jimmy Savile?”

The answer was “YES. YES HE IS!”

Here are Q’s links:


Looks like he wants to draw our attention to this bit:

This next form confirms his activities, and adds some more details:

LD-1 Disclosure Form

Such as his extensive history working with Sen. Menendez.

You know – the guy who somehow dodged underage prostitution charges during his corruption trial:

Judge in Menendez trial won't allow talk of prostitution allegations

Here are the highlights from Tuesday’s proceedings in the federal corruption trial of U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez.


Note: that allegedly took place in the Dominican Republic.

Think those kids were smuggled across the border from Haiti?

But to get back to the European Center for a Modern Ukraine… That was, of course, a #Soros-backed group:


Soros Ran US Foreign Policy on Post-Coup Ukraine

Wayne MADSEN: A tranche of some 2500 Internal documents, mostly Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point files, as well as pdf files, from George Soros’s Open Society Foundation (OSF) network of non-governmental organizations, which were obtained from the group «DC Leaks», shows that Soros and his advisers lorded over US policy toward Ukraine after the 2014 coup supported by Soros and the Obama administration ousted the democratically-elected Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych and his government…

www.strategic-culture.org WWW.STRATEGIC-CULTURE.ORG

In addition to George Soros (identified as «GS» in the leaked OSF documents, others involved in the Ukrainian coup planning included US ambassador to Kiev Geoffrey Pyatt; David Meale (Economic Counselor to Pyatt); Lenny Benardo (OSF); Yevhen Bystrytsky (Executive Director, IRF); Oleksandr Sushko (Board Chair, IRF); Ivan Krastev (Chairman, Centre for Liberal Studies, a Soros- and US government-influenced operation in Sofia, Bulgaria); Sabine Freizer (OSF); and Deff Barton (Director, US Agency for International Development (USAID), Ukraine). USAID is a conduit for the Central Intelligence Agency. Soros was present at a post-coup meeting on March 21, 2014 that involved US support for the «New Ukraine». One document describes the «New Ukraine» as a key measure to «reshapes the European map by offering the opportunity to go back to the original essence of European integration».

Soros pushed for sanctions against Russia for refusing to recognize the coup-installed government headed by Arseniy Yatsenyuk, which included neo-Nazis, and rejected a federalized Ukraine that would grant self-government to the Russian-speaking eastern Donbass region. In effect, Soros vetoed a proposal by Pyatt to negotiate a proposal made by Russian Foreign Minister that would grant autonomy to eastern Ukraine within a federalized Ukraine. Soros rejected the proposal because he believed it would grant Russia too much influence in Ukraine. Although Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland did not attend the March 21 meeting, she remained close to Pyatt and Yatsenyuk, who she affectionately called «Yats». In the end, the Obama administration rejected a federalized Ukraine and gave its full support to the unilateralism of Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko and his puppet master Soros.

And you’ll know Ukraine, if you’ve read #CDAN for any length of time, is a HOTBED of human trafficking. It’s really an epidemic over there, with Ukrainians being trafficked all over the world:


Ukraine remains one of Europe’s most notorious sources of human trafficking.

Since 1991, more than 160,000 men, women and children have been exploited for labor, sex, forced begging and organ removal, according to a mid-2015 report from the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

So just to review:

You have this lobbyist, Andrew Kauders.

He worked for a guy who was so corrupt, his corruption saved him from being charged with underage prostitution.

He also worked with Soros in order to destabilize a nation that’s one of the world’s biggest human trafficking hotbeds.

We have pictures of him outside a Chinese “Kindergarten.”

And we now have him exchanging emails directly with Tony “Red Shoes” Podesta:

Oh, and Podesta is talking about “cooking,” again.

Think Andrew was in charge of bringing the “ingredients?”

Think that’s maaaaaaaaybee what Q was trying to hint at?

Q reking the shills lol.

#FalseFlags to pin on Q.

This had to have been the response Q wanted, though.

1) He knew it was bound to happen. #TheCabal wasn’t just going to just sit back and ignore those booms. Q knew it was going to cause some kind of response.

2) Remember the [[[[Hunters]]]] becoming the Hunted. I have to wonder if some kind of sweep didn’t occur in the wake of this, rounding up saboteurs around the world.

Ohhhhh snap.



Do you see it?


March 2012 approval.

Guess Andrew was their “man on the street;” the one tasked with the unenviable job of…ah- “procurement.”


Told ya’.

I’m shocked the Beeb put out such a low-quality, low-effort piece. They must have been rushed:

QAnon and the red pill of truth - BBC Newsnight

The conspiracy theories sweeping Donald Trump’s base – we take a look into the secret supposed source, QAnon. Newsnight is the BBC’s flagship news and curren…


What’s striking is how similar it is to that Comedy Central piece Q linked to months ago: a guy imitating Morpheus from The Matrix, harping on about how ridiculous the “red pill” is.

Almost like they’re taking orders from the same people…

Either that or they’re just creatively bankrupt propagandists looking for a lazy analogy ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

Lovely Lisa, telling all, presumably.

My-my. That’s quite the budget increase, no?

Come on, people! Trump and Q are MOCKING the Cabal now.

Don’t you just see the confidence? Q already told us at least they moved up the timetable! Then Q posts the BOOMS knowing full-well that the Deep State would take the opportunity to try and cause some chaos. And now, for the first time ever, Trump suddenly has a budget balloon 666%??

People… If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching Trump these past few years, it’s this:

Trump always comes in under budget and ahead of schedule!

If you were planning on going out there for the parade, I wouldn’t cancel your travel plans just yet.

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