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from Neon Revolt:

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Secondly, I have to give credit to the absolutely prolific Vox Day and direct your attention to his new comic series – Alt-Hero (which is doing exceptionally well on Amazon). In it, he’s decided to feature a whole storyline revolving around, who else, but #QAnon!

Check it out, starting at 10:10 in the video:


And I highlight this because I really think it’s important to check out the work of creatives who are striving to work independently and create good, traditionally-themed art and media – especially because the #LunaticLeftderives so much of its power and influence due to its systematic domination of the media. First, it allows the Left to legitimize ideas that just should never be legitimized, demoralize and erode the more traditional elements of society, and appear much bigger than it actually is. It builds these insidious, entrenched power structures that bombard the public with certain messages, and then turns around and does everything it can to make sure it keeps anyone to the right of Marx unemployed – no matter how talented they are.

Often, the only viable route forward for these kinds of artists to create their own platforms, their own businesses, and operate completely independently.

Vox is succeeding in this arena with his Arkhaven Comics label:

And that’s vitally important, because things like this open up opportunities for other creators that might not be so welcome in the traditional halls of power.

My only concern, Vox, with this storyline – is that the truth will be much wilder than any kind of fiction anyone could cook up. But I still think what you’re doing is awesome!

Also! This is something of a megapost.

It’s taken a couple days for me (and the anons) to sort some of these threads out, so I thank you for your patience. I like to get posts out as quickly as possible, but sometimes, it just takes a while to sort fact from fiction (not that I always get it right). But I want to do right by my readers and present my best understanding of things, in real-time, using as much information and as many sources as I need, to get the job done.

I know I’m not a “real journalist” but call it “journalistic integrity” if you like. I have a platform, and I don’t want to spread disinfo about anything, just because I was feeling lazy. That would ultimately do more to hurt the movement than just about anything else, so just know, even if the articles are slow in arrive sometimes, I’m really just trying to get to the bottom of things:

Alright, with all that out of the way – let’s get into the #NewQ, and he starts off by highlighting the issue of media consolidation:

Here’s Q’s image:

(Note: Warners owns HBO. That will become relevant later). And actually, this graphic is a bit old, and isn’t even all that accurate any more (for instance, it doesn’t take into account Amazon or Netflix… because this chart was originally made around 2012). For instance, Disney just bought a ton of Sony properties, and AT&T is still looking to merge with Time Warner. In other words – this world is still consolidating even further.

Speaking of which… I wouldn’t bet on AT&T getting their way in this:

A decision to allow the AT&T-Time Warner merger to go ahead (again) could depend on a random draw — and AT&T may have shot itself in the foot

BI PRIME: The Department of Justice will face an uphill battle to win its appeal, according to antitrust experts, who add that the outcome may rest on the judges chosen at random to hear the case.


Now, I couldn’t get the FTC site to load for some reason, but I did get an archive of it. Here’s both links:



The point Q is trying to make, I believe, is that these mergers have not helped the people; they’ve helped the Democratic party (which is why Hollywood leans so far left). All those celebs, all those execs (think Harvey Weinstein and Oprah Winfrey) they all donate to, and vocally support the Democrat Party. Look at Frank Guistra (at Lions Gate). He’s donated so much to the Clinton Foundation over the years, it’s obscene. Look at Susan Rice on the board of Netflix. Look at Alyssa Milano’s husband at CAA, who manages half the heavy hitters in Hollywood. It’s all connected, it’s all biased, it’s all incestuous, and we all know it.

Of course, he’s saying it’s not just Hollywood. Obama allowed these all Left Coast companies to metastasize, because they fed back into him; both Hollywood and Silicon Valley. Whoever agreed to to advance the agenda of #TheCabal; that’s who was propped up and allowed to succeed.

And you can’t forget about all that backchannel money, either – the kind of money TWTR and FB had to hide as “user growth.” The money which was cut off, and which they just had to report in their latest earnings as lost users.

These companies aren’t about serving you with good stories, positive messages, or helpful services that strengthen your relationships.

It’s about weakening you morally, spiritually, mentally, economically, and relationally.

Turn ’em off already!

I reported on this on gab a few days ago, but yeah, Cohen Milstein recently served Wikileaks with a Lawsuit:


Except… they did it via Twitter…


DNC serves WikiLeaks with lawsuit via Twitter

The DNC is suing the Trump campaign, the Russian government and WikiLeaks, alleging a massive conspiracy to tilt the 2016 election WWW.CBSNEWS.COM


The Democratic National Committee on Friday officially served its lawsuit to WikiLeaks via Twitter, employing a rare method to serve its suit to the elusive group that has thus far been unresponsive.

As CBS News first reported last month, the DNC filed a motion with a federal court in Manhattan requesting permission to serve its complaint to WikiLeaks on Twitter, a platform the DNC argued the website uses regularly. The DNC filed a lawsuit in April against the Trump campaign, Russian government and WikiLeaks, alleging a massive conspiracy to tilt the 2016 election in Donald Trump’s favor.

All of the DNC’s attempts to serve the lawsuit via email failed, the DNC said in last month’s motion to the judge, which was ultimately approved.

The lawsuit was served through a tweet from a Twitter account established Friday by Cohen Milstein, the law firm representing the DNC in the suit, with the intent of serving the lawsuit.

There’s juuuuuuust one problem…

The CIA owns and controls Wikileaks now.


By my reckoning………..

Cohen Milstein literally served the CIA with a lawsuit.


Despite that, it looks like the CIA keeping up appearances, for now:

WikiLeaks says Senate panel requested Assange testimony for Russia probe

WikiLeaks is claiming that the Senate Intelligence Committee has asked its founder Julian Assange to testify as part of its investigation into Russian interference in the election.


The organization posted a letter on its Twitter account dated Aug. 1 that purports to come from committee leaders Sens. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) and Mark Warner (D-Va.) requesting that he make himself available “for a closed door interview with bipartisan Committee staff at a mutually agreeable time and location.”

Still, what Q is saying is that a lawsuit would lead to legal Discovery, and this would allow them to enter the Wikileaks server into evidence, reveal Seth Rich as the leaker, and put one more nail in the “Russian Collusion” coffin.

Did you follow my Gab feed last night?

I know I’m harping on the point a lot lately, but I was all over this the second it hit the net:

For those who don’t know, Jimmy Savile was a popular British entertainer, known and beloved by many… only to have it come out that he was a rabid abuser after he died. He “got away” with abusing over 500 children (that we know of):

My point in bringing this up is that… this was systematic, and much like the Weinstein case, they want you to believe it was just an isolated case.

It’s anything but widespread.


And this is how you know Maher is a real “class act.”



Bill Maher Hit With Palimony Suit

NOVEMBER 11–Comedian Bill Maher was slapped yesterday with a $9 million palimony suit by an ex-girlfriend who alleges that the HBO star subjected her to physical and verbal abuse, including “insultin


NOVEMBER 11–Comedian Bill Maher was slapped yesterday with a $9 million palimony suit by an ex-girlfriend who alleges that the HBO star subjected her to physical and verbal abuse, including “insulting, humiliating and degrading racial comments.”


Bill Maher Hit With Palimony Suit

Bill Maher Hit With Palimony Suit


Ronan Farrow, you’ll remember, was the journalist who broke the Harvey Weinstein story.


Bill Maher asks Ronan Farrow: Has #MeToo gone too far?

Recent Pulitzer Prize-winner Ronan Farrow stopped by “Real Time With Bill Maher”


He also recently broke the Les Mooves story:

Les Moonves and CBS Face Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Six women accuse the C.E.O. of harassment and intimidation, and dozens more describe abuse at his company.


Maher, of course, posed that question before this latest story came out.

Perhaps trying to protect his monied masters?

And Jenna Jameson – she’s a former porn star, and she had a thing or two to say about Maher’s hypocrisy:

She wasn’t the only one:

And then I had to follow it up with the #SNCTM connection:

You’ll remember I posted about SNCTM in the Hollywood Renegade article, not that long ago:

#HollywoodRenegades – How Hollywood Insiders Are Taking Down #TheCabal from the Inside-Out. #Hollyweird #GreatAwakening

You see this image? As far as anyone can tell, this image is genuine. And it looks a whole like like  “Comedienne” Sarah Silverman issuing a “Stand Down” order to the chans.…



Here’s the relevant section from that post, quoted, so you can review it:

And now we get to possibly the biggest drop of all:

SNCTM advertises itself as a sex club for elites, but, well… it seems to be more than just that.

Inside the mysterious LA sex club that costs up to $75,000 a year and is rumored to have hosted Gwyneth Paltrow as a guest

Snctm hosts masquerades, pool parties, classes, and dinner events and is referred to as “erotic theater” by its founder.


Think Eyes Wide Shut, where everyone wears masks and such. In fact, the founder said he was “inspired” by that scene in the movie.

Alicia Diaz Gonzalez: Fifth Mexican journalist killed in 2018

Alicia Diaz Gonzalez was found dead at her home in Monterrey, having apparently been severely beaten. WWW.ALJAZEERA.COM

Wonder who the “King Maker” and the “Texas politican” are.


I’m TELLING you guys – Renegade was the real deal.

I know it’s not nice.

I know he uses bad language.

And I know you don’t want to believe it about some of these people.

But Renegade was giving us MAJOR drops that night.

You have NOT grasped the size and scope and depth and breadth of this thing if you think he was just posting that night to engage in petty revenge and character assassination.

Inside LA’s most exclusive sex party

At a swanky party in a Beverly Hills, Calif., mansion last Saturday, I spot Bill Maher in a sea of beautiful young women and make my approach. “Are you a Leo?” I ask the host of HBO’s “Real Time,” …


Again, order of events here:

Bill Maher is ONE OF ELEVEN MEN who pay $75,000 a YEAR to get PRIVATE ROOMS at an “anything goes” sex club.

He’s on the record at an established newspaper, openly admitting this fact.

Renegade alerted us to this fact just three weeks ago, saying SNCTM is a cover for “kiddie diddling and worldwide human smuggling.”

Bill Maher then attacks Q on his show.

And now Q posts, asking Bill if he “remembers their names” (implying a number of victims).

This is not a joke.

This is not a lie.

This is very much real.

Pay attention.

Oh! And there was that one time he blew up Donald Trump (yes) in his movie from the early 90’s entitled Pizza Man (yes!)

Ahh, so Bill Clinton (BS) laid the groundwork for Obama. All part of their plan, I suppose.

And it’s telling that Bush II did nothing to stop it.


The 1996 Act’s stated objective was to open up markets to competition by removing regulatory barriers to entry: The conference report refers to the bill “to provide for a pro-competitive, de-regulatory national policy framework designed to accelerate rapidly private sector deployment of advanced information technologies and services to all Americans by opening all telecommunications markets to competition”

Uhhhh-huh. Right.

So, given the past 22 years, would you say Bill Clinton succeeded in achieving this goal?

How many ISPs do you have in your area competing for your business?

How’s the cost?

Point taken?

Telecommunications Act of 1996

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 is the first major overhaul of telecommunications law in almost 62 years. The goal of this new law is to let anyone enter any communications business — to let any communications business compete in any market against any other. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 has the potential to change the way we work, live and learn. It will affect telephone service — local and long distance, cable programming and other video services, broadcast services and services provided to schools. The Federal Communications Commission has a tremendous role to play in creating fair rules for this…


Anyway, I certainly hope a new Telecommunications Act is on the way.

But I seriously doubt we’ll get that before Jim Jordan takes his place as House Speaker.

In the meantime, will some enlightened attorney PLEASE drag the likes of Facebook to court and argue Marsh vs. Alabama against them?


This whole plane thing was… odd.

So, for those who don’t know… this happened:

Horizon Air employee described as "suicidal" steals plane from Sea-Tac and crashes

The man could be heard on audio recordings telling air traffic controllers that he is “just a broken guy” WWW.CBSNEWS.COM

Twitter lit up with videos and posts everywhere:

carrie bentley on Twitter

“Watches con air once #SeaTac #Seattle”


Fighter jets scrambled-

bmbdgty on Twitter

“Some dude stole a plane from #Seatac (Allegedly), did a loop-the-loop, ALMOST crashed into #ChambersBay, then crossed in front of our party, chased by fighter jets and subsequently crashed. Weird times.”


-And the plane “crashed” into a nearby island.

iRViNGTON BiLLSWORTH 🧜🏿‍♂️ on Twitter

“Seconds after the plan crashed”


The official story is that a “suicidal” employee “stole” a plane (a Q400)…

Was able to enter the cockpit.

Was able to start the plane.

Taxi out onto the runway.

Take off with the plane.

Fly the plane for almost an hour, doing barrel rolls and aerial loop…

All because he had played some video games.

(Keep in mind, this was supposedly a maintenance worker who had never flown before).

And then crashed into the relatively remote Ketron Island… which has just 17 inhabitants.

Yeah, that’s not adding up to me.

For the record – and I have to thank the Legionary that sent this in – this is what it looks like to start a Q400. This isn’t like some push-button start on your Beamer:

But on cue, here was the “leaked audio” between the hijacker, Rich Russel, and air traffic control:

Video Player


But the audio is really… really weird.

He wanted to “do a barrel roll?”

COME ON. That’s ancient /b/tard memery.

That’s like cracking open an ancient enchiridion and reciting arcane verses to anyone who has been on the chans for any length of time:



Stolen Plane Crashes After Airline Employee Takes Off From Seattle Airport

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport said no passengers were on the 76-seat plane, which officials said was taken by an airline employee believed to be suicidal. WWW.NYTIMES.COM

I don’t like the [NEXT WEEK] part, Q. Not only am I still unsure of what the BOOMs mean, but it always seems like [NEXT WEEK] is underwhelming.

For once, I’m not going to get hyped here. I’m going to get preemptively disappointed, and if something notable really happens (instead of just these procedural baby-steps), I’ll be happy.

Anyway, dear readers, we’ll talk more about this plane stuff in a bit.

So… Q is saying here that if #TheCabal can’t demoralize us, they’re willing to start a war to distract us (and blame on Trump/the Republicans).

If we look back at the past missile attacks, I think it’s pretty clear they were headed for American targets. (I could be wrong; I’m no missile expert).

Oy, not this again.

I had an expansive dig on Iron Eagle months ago, but I… I just don’t know what it means any more.

Maybe all Q meant by it was to look at the plot of this dumb movie I’ll never watch, because I have no interest in it whatsoever, and that dig I did was useless. It’s really hard to tell sometimes:

So capture and distract… I got that much…

But this whole plane incident is so strange. #Anon attempts a quick run-down:

The first oddity that pops up is the name of the hijacker, and, well, its similarity to a supposedly scrapped submarine:

Oh, and he was also a baker:

The third odd thing was the slogan of this sub:

And some #Anons thought that related back to Q’s older drops talking about “saving the best for last.”

The plane crashed on Ketron Island – an island with 17 inhabitants, and whose name means “True Victory.”

Anons on halfchan claimed to have found images of the island… but the images were quickly deleted:

(I have no way of verifying these images, but they look kind of bunker-ish, no?)

The Naval Shipyard in the area experienced some recent happenings of its own:

Anon isn’t quite sure what he saw on the weather cams, but he definitely saw something that resembles a missile:

One anon theorizes about the sub, and possible nukes:

And then there was the flight pattern itself:

One Anon thought the whole thing was an attack by the Cabal, a signal for Q.

But that didn’t make sense to me. You take a plane from a serious Cabal member, right outside a naval base, have the guy reference memes on the air traffic control tapes, and then crash it into a remote island with 17 people, and island whose name means “true victory?”

And now I’m thinking all Q means by Iron Eagle is that there are F-15 “Eagles” in the air – even though the movie Iron Eagle actually features F-16 “Falcons.”

I posted this graphic from anon on Gab in my frustration last night:

One anon theorizes about Q’s line: “Think missile.”

I think he’s a bit far off here – but what if the Cabal was attempting to launch another missile from Ketron island?

In other words, they didn’t fire the previous one from there, but had moved operations nearby – and the plane crash was a way to take whatever installation they were setting up, out…

One Anon had a Eureka moment:

And finally… one Anon tries to tie it all together for us:

Guys, if I seem confused about this, or on the fence… it’s because this is, quite possibly, the craziest thing I’ve ever tried to cover or understand when it comes to anything Q-related. At first, this story just looks like this guy who was at the end of his rope, and did something crazy. We even have the “grieving family” covered by local media now:

Family of man who stole plane and crashed it 'stunned and heartbroken'

“This is a complete shock to us,” the family of Richard Russell, the man who took an empty plane in Seattle, said in a statement. The plane crashed. WWW.NBCNEWS.COM

Normally… I’d just take it at face value…

But for Q.

If I had to guess, with everything we’ve just reviewed in mind, Richard “Beebo” Russell isn’t a real guy. He’s a cover story for an NSA agent. (The baker backstory, and the barrel roll? COME ON!)

His family? The ones who conveniently didn’t appear on TV but who had a “friend” (who looks like a long-time military guy himself) read a statement for them, while a “concerned group” looked on? No tears being shed? Yeah, not buying it, either. Just a show for the media.

There was no way an untrained baker decided to fly as complicated a machine as that on a whim, did those kinds of maneuvers (which an untrained pilot could easily mess up, causing him to fall from the sky), and then crash land on a remote island.

More likely – Beebo was an NSA asset that had been in place for months, in an area the NSA had been monitoring for a while, due to heightened levels of Cabal activity.

Note: this next article supports my theory that the Military has been actively monitoring the whole area:

This prepared them for the previous missile launches, but these Cabal forces were still at large.

Once located, an operation began to take out the SAM site they had constructed.

Without waging open war, the NSA needed a way to destroy this SAM site.

And now “Richard Beebo Russell” disappears forever.

At least… I think that’s what really went down. It’s really hard to say, because this is a whole new level of “crazy if true.”

At any rate, Sky King, I hail you!

Video Player



Fox News is saying human remains and the flight recorder have been found at the site of the crash:

So the distinct possibility remains that this was a false-flag against the Qmovement, similar to the missile strike against AF1. They would have had to have used a MKUltra victim with multiple personalities (and apparently flight training) to pull this off.

I’m not convinced that explains all of the “coincidences” above – but its certainly the simplest answer right now.

I hope Q clarifies.

Legionary Route_17 actually did an excellent breakdown of this, and unfortunately, he was largely ignored:

Go give him some love, people. An impressive amount of work went into this:

And here are all of Q’s links, just so you can see, Route_17 ain’t playin:

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides overall direction of the Council.

Council on Foreign Relations COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS


Molinari to head Google's D.C. office

She joins as the company faces increasing scrutiny.

Former Trump attorney John Dowd called Mueller 'terrific' after quitting Trump's legal team

It seems John Dowd is speaking much more freely after retiring from Trump’s legal team.

Special counsel reveals potential witnesses in Manafort trial

The special counsel’s office for the first time Wednesday revealed some of the witnesses it may put on the stand against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, as prosecutors and Manafort’s team argued several legal questions in advance of his trial this September.


West Virginia lawmakers move to impeach entire Supreme Court

West Virginia’s House Judiciary Committee moved to impeach the state’s entire Supreme Court this week.


West Virginia’s House Judiciary Committee moved to impeach the state’s entire Supreme Court this week.

The committee filed 14 articles of impeachment against the four judges on Tuesday, and they will now go to the full House of Delegates for a vote.

The articles allege the justices – Chief Justice Margaret Workman and Justices Allen Loughry, Robin Davis and Elizabeth Walker – have engaged in corruption, incompetency, neglect of duty, maladministration and certain high crimes.

Probably the first of many states to come, to be honest. Let’s hope.

Photos Surface of 'Guardians' Director James Gunn at Pedophilia-Themed Party

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn attended a pedophilia-themed party, according to photographs surfacing on line.


So now Q is linking Bill Maher… with James Gunn… in one post:

Anon figured out why:

Sure enough, Matt Gunn is one of Maher’s longtime writers:

It’s been called an #OpenSecret for a reason. Remember, Maher was on ABC before he jumped to HBO, so he could be edgier, smoke weed, and drop F-bombs all over the place. You’re telling me ABC didn’t know anything about any of his more questionable behaviors??

ABC is Disney, remember.

The same company that ditched Roseanne.

The same company that hired James Gunn.

And you want us to believe that Warners doesn’t know anything now?

With things heating up, maybe I should do that #BlacklistAnon post I’ve been wanting to write for a while. He talked about a lot of these pieces in all this – even specifically calling out details about NBC…

And now with this happening…

NEW: Daily Beast Working on Major NBC News Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Story

The Daily Beast is working on a major story about sexual harassment and misconduct at NBC News, sources tell Mediaite. WWW.MEDIAITE.COM

It will be interesting to see if there are any parallels we can draw out.

But that all remains to be seen. And it’s not just NBC. Sure, NBC is in panic-mode right now, but it’s all the studios. It’s the culture they foster.

Bill Maher on Twitter

“For those who said I was way off comparing #MicheleBachman at debate on Wed with Planet of the Apes…”


But Q, you don’t understand.

Michele Bachman isn’t 1/976th black.

Roseanne was clearly being racist here, because Valerie Jarrett’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandpappy was 1/16th black.

That mole on Valerie Jarrett’s arm is a testament to her proud melinated heritage as a woman of color. Clearly!

Whereas Michelle Bachman… she’s white.

And everyone knows you’re free to say whatever terrible thing pops into your head about white people, whenever you want.

Like I said before, NBC is gearing up for that big report to drop at The Daily Beast, detailing the culture of abuse at NBC.

The s8n account is weird.

Q references some of the tweets that got James Gunn fired in this post:


But the s8n account is run by an English bloke in his mid-twenties:

Donald Trump Made Twitter Satan Great Again

When everyone started referring to Trump as Satan’s son, the parody account embraced it.


It looks like this guy is just an edgy memer. And Q will clarify why he posted this in a later drop – but I think overenthusiastic boomers did us a disservice towards this end by spamming this guy’s account with Q memes.

I’ll explain more in a minute.

For now, next Q:



It’s telling that they go running right to David Brock (James Alefantis ex-boyfriend. Yes, the Comet Pizza and Ping-Pong one).

The same David Brock that runs Share Blue – the guys who do all the shilling on the boards and such.

Listen to Omarosa being fired by John Kelly - CNN Video

In an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” former White House aide and “Apprentice” star Omarosa Manigault Newman releases a recording of her firing by White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.


It’s definitely Trump’s style to have his staff sign NDAs, on top of existing criminal law against leaking classified intel to unauthorized persons. People need to understand that Trump isn’t some risk-taking fly-by-night. He always takes steps to minimize risk as much as possible – even in his marriages. He’s always had prenuptial agreements. And if you read Art of the Deal, you know he’s approached business much the same ways his whole life.

Anyway, it’s worth listening to the whole interview, because it highlights some of the tactics the media is using: spreading doubts about Trump’s mental health, his “secret racism,” and how the whole administration is lying to the American people:

But did you catch it? At 13:17 in the video, Omarosa says, “You have to have your own back, because otherwise, you’ll look back and you’ll see 17 knives in your own back!”

Chuck Todd then asks her if she would approve the White House releasing whatever HR files they have, listing whatever “integrity violations” Omarosa committed. Omoarosa approves wholeheartedly, and invited the White House to do so.

Think they’ll take her up on that offer?

Getting the picture yet?

I believe Q is saying that Omarosa is a total White House plant, one who is still on-board with Team Trump and the #MAGA Agendya, and who is now using these “tapes” (which totally weren’t recorded with everyone’s knowledge) as a pretense to control a news cycle, eventually leading to some kind of significant disclosure.

Wild stuff. The #MockingbirdMedia report on this otherwise criminal violation because they feel protected by the CIA – when in fact, they’ve just been baited by the White hats.

Wild stuff.

The Gateway Pundit has always been pretty solid.

Over the last week the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN. NBC News, CBS News, Bloomberg, The New Yorker, Vox, and the Daily Beast have all written a plethora of over 20 articles on the Qanon Movement all using highly similar talking points to marginalize the movement.

Instead it’s just pushing it into the cultural mainstream– the Streisand Effect. The liberal mainstream media will never learn.

Think they read Neon Revolt? I know I have some readers at other big news outlets. But that’s a pretty specific term, and one which I used a short while ago to describe this whole situation.

I mean, it’s out there already, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t invent the term. It would just be kind of cool to know.

Yeah, we’re much bigger than they want us to think. They want us to feel isolated and crazy, so that we don’t take the risk, stand up, speak out, and come together against them.

Weakness begins in the mind. If you think you’re weak, if you think you’ll fail, you won’t even try. So it’s no surprise they attack the mind first.

Back to s8n for a moment.

Q is telling us s8n was never the target.

He’s telling us that the people RESPONDING to s8n with sockpuppet accounts were the target.

And now, because you boomers couldn’t restrain yourselves and had to bury his posts in Q memes, you made it that much harder for anons to find what they’re looking for.

This kind of thing:



…This is childish and stupid.

I wish people would show a little restraint. I know everyone is excited about seeing scumbags go down, but if anons are being instructed to look for Cabal-affiliated sockpuppet accounts, spamming Q memes (and thus, increasing the amount of noise anons have to sort through) doesn’t help our efforts in locating the actual accounts we need to be looking at.

Accounts like, well, these:


Those aren’t sockpuppet accounts, and yes, it’s kind of just a thing for s8n’s followers to call him “dad” or “daddy” so please… don’t go tracking down random people’s fathers and declaring them to be Satan across the internet.

Show a little restraint, guys. Autists are working here.

The downside to all this is that you now give bad actors a heads-up, so they start deleting their tweets and erasing evidence – meaning we can’t add it to the public parallel construction we’re building.

Here is a prime example of the kind of sockpuppet account we’re trying to find:

But this kind of post disappears when you sperg out and spam Q memes all over, because now every criminal is alerted to our presence and working to hide their tracks.

It’s not helping.

Knock it off.

I’m sorry to end on such a “downer” of a note, but really… Q’s said it himself many, many times.

This is not a game.

Consider this a loving slap on the wrist from yours truly, Neon Revolt. I get it, I really do. And I can’t fault the enthusiasm. We just have to be very smart, and very shrewd – even at a collective level.

Believe me, I want to see the whole rotten thing go down as much as you do.

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