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from Neon Revolt:

Before I begin, I have to acknowledge the existence of those posts that #QAnondidn’t post this morning.

I can’t really talk about them – and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry – but yeah. I saw them. I don’t know if Q is just being coy, like with the “accidental” password reveal, but I’m going to take his last post before they were removed seriously, and just hold my tongue for the time being.

But I did see them, I did read the attached materials, and I’m chomping at the bit to get to it.

That said – boy oh boy, the #Mockingbirds have been working overtime today:

‘We are Q’: A deranged conspiracy cult leaps from the Internet to the crowd at Trump’s ‘MAGA’ tour

The audience at Trump’s rally Tuesday was awash with signs and T-shirts bearing the letter “Q,” which refers to the leader of an online conspiracy involving satanism, pedophilia and Jews.

What is QAnon? Explaining the bizarre rightwing conspiracy theory

The sprawling internet theory, beloved by Trump supporters, has ensnared everyone from Tom Hanks to Hillary Clinton

the Guardian THE GUARDIAN
QAnon: The alternate reality that was front and center at Trump’s rally

A look at the online conspiracy theory that reared its head at last night’s Trump rally.

Perspective | As the bizarre QAnon group emerges, Trump rallies go from nasty to dangerous

The president must discourage anti-press aggression before it’s too late. But, of course, he won’t.

As QAnon Goes Mainstream, Trump’s Rallies Are Turning Darker

Under Trump, conspiracy theories and an all out assault on the truth have created a strange new reality

Fans of bizarre 'QAnon' cult show up in droves at Trump rally

Followers of QAnon were spotted at President Trump’s rally in Tampa, indicating the online conspiracy theorists are moving from the internet to the campaign trail.

Unhinged conservative conspiracy theory goes mainstream at Trump’s Tampa rally

QAnon has arrived. Welcome to the hellscape. THINKPROGRESS.ORG


Trump's Tampa Rally Was Full of Insane Conspiracy Theorists

President Trump spoke at a rally in Tampa, FL this evening, supporting Florida Representative Ron DeSantis, who is running for governor. Trump’s speech hit many familiar talking points: he defended his increased tariffs, spoke about the need for voter ID laws, and bragged about bringing “Merry Christmas” back to department stores.

Trump rally attendee holds up sign linked to conspiracy theory

An attendee at President Trump’s rally in Florida Tuesday night held up a sign promoting the “QAnon” right-wing conspiracy theory.

YouTube under fire for allowing conspiracy theories on A-list celebrities, public figures

Videos of conspiracy theories and false information about A-list celebrities and other public figures are a growing headache for YouTube. Many of such videos are from a group call QAnon, a fast-growing right-wing internet community. The problem is raising new concerns about the massive website’s ability to keep its community safe. NBC’s Jo Ling Kent reports for TODAY. TODAY.COM
How a right-wing conspiracy is going mainstream - CNN Video

CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains how an online right-wing conspiracy theory is targeting movie stars and Trump opponents, like Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama.

MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson Holds Insane Segment on QAnon Conspiracy Theories: ‘Pizzagate on Bath Salts’

MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson used a portion of her Wednesday show to hold an informative segment about QAnon. WWW.MEDIAITE.COM

Hmmm… it’s almost like they’re colluding to set the narrative or something… 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

I’ll echo what I said on Gab this morning, though. This is a drastic shift in tactics, and it shows how the MSM and #TheCabal are up against the ropes. For the longest time they’ve been avoiding talking about #QAnon like the plague. Why? Because that level of exposure means they risk actually growing the movement, by virtue of simply exposing more people to the core ideas. It’s called the #StreisandEffect, and yes, it takes its name from that time Barbara Streisand tried to sue to a photographer to take down a photo of her Malibu home, and ended up making the picture go viral because 1) people are naturally curious, and 2) the circumstances were so ridiculous. It’s basically the law of unintended consequences applied to information and memetics.

It’s like that photo of Beyonce that spread everywhere a few years back and got turned into all kinds of glorious memes:

Now, understand me. I’m not putting the Q movement on the same level as this kind of memery.

It’s just that the more they kick against the movement, the more awareness they will inevitably spread, and the more momentum the #GreatAwakening will gain.

Can’t stop us now! Critical Mass!

Wow, those are some fantastic numbers!

I hope nobody missed that Common Sense reference, though.

Still, when Q says, “think email,” I had to stop and wonder, “What e-mail?”

Anons had an answer:


Q came back with some more drops after I posted this article, so I’m adding them here, now:

What Is QAnon: Explaining the Internet Conspiracy Theory That Showed Up at a Trump Rally

Do you remember Pizzagate? It’s a little like that: a web of baseless conspiracy theories. And its supporters were highly visible at an event for the president in Florida. WWW.NYTIMES.COM
QAnon: The conspiracy theory explained, after Q posters spotted at Trump's Florida rally

“Q” is a reference to QAnon, a group of people attempting to decode vague, anonymous comments posted on dark web message boards such as 4chan, 8chan.

WATCH: Sarah Sanders Asked About QAnon at Press Briefing

Sarah Sanders was asked a question about QAnon and other conspiracy theory signs that were held by Trump supporters at a Tampa rally as they chanted “CNN sucks” at Jim Acosta. HEAVY.COM
Go deeper: The wildest right-wing conspiracy theory showed up at a Trump rally

QAnon followers believe Trump will purge the government of criminals and deep state operatives.


You guys don’t need me to explain this. Q’s just going through showing the panicked Mockingbird reaction.

I love the reassurance, though; the hint that Qteam was ready and prepared for this (and all other eventualities).

Really makes me excited to see what happens next.

Fox was the first to broadcast the Q cutout, last night. The media had been avoiding it (Fox, I suspect, under specific Trumpian orders), but yeah… they let it feature prominently last night and just scroll on by the screen for all to see.

You know, I can’t find it now, but #CDAN had a Blind about this a while back (I’m talking possibly even late last year). He wasn’t positive about it (I think he called them something like “presidential lapdogs” or something along those times), but the gist was that Fox was the only news organization that was going to toe the MAGA agenda.

Reddit (and their CEO, their “Cannibal Executive Officer” Steve Huffman) are not your friends. From the unprecedented censorship of subs like /r/The_Donald, and the constant promotion of Left Wing degeneracy, it’s clear they have not been interested in free and open discussion for a long time.

This is how you doxx a multitude. By saying it was an “accident.”

Oh, if it happens to me, you’ll see some interesting patterns for sure. Some interesting history. It’ll probably be a boon, tbh, because you’ll see how long I’ve been in this, and how my thought process has evolved over the years.

It’s sad to say, but Reddit died with Aaron Schwartz.

Now it’s just another Cabal content funnel, funneling pureed $#*% into the feeders’ mouths.

I’m glad Q says “Fear not.” There was that old Q post that gave me great comfort a while back (and honestly, helped empower my efforts here). Q said:

He’s actually said things like this a number of times, but when I saw those posts, I said to myself, “Okay. I’m going to push this as hard and as consistently as I can, until the whole world wakes up!” It was really as simple as that. I decided to trust what Q says, to take him at his word, and act accordingly.

I’m convinced we’re still safe.

So a big THANQ to Q and all the Operators out there, keeping us safe. We’re very grateful.

Careful Juan… You’re starting to glow in the dark.

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