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from Neon Revolt:

I wanted to wait until after tonight’s #TrumpRally to see if anything else would develop before putting this article together. It was a very high energy rally, but notably absent was the kind of vocal #QAnon support we saw yesterday in Tampa. I have to wonder if that was intentional.

That hasn’t stopped the media from doing what it does best (read: lie to and gaslight the American public). Did you know that QAnon is for “losers?” Just as the Washington Compost:

In the 2014 book “American Conspiracy Theories,” political scientists Joseph Uscinski and Joseph Parent said that conspiracy theories appealed to the powerless as a way to explain their defeats. In a democracy that regularly gave losers a chance to gain power, however, the winning side would abandon conspiracy beliefs when they gained power. In short, Uscinski and Parent wrote: “Conspiracy theories are for losers.”

It’s funny they should lead with this, because for the past two years, I can’t think of a bigger group of losers than the #LunaticLeftists. All Trump and the #MAGA Crew keep doing is win and win and win and win some more. That alone should reveal their bias, their inherent disdain for “flyover country.”

How Donald Trump's own words have helped fuel the QAnon fire

Feeding the beast one rally, one tweet at a time.


I included this link not just to demonstrate the continued Mockingbird agenda, but to highlight an article linked within:

YouTube search results for A-list celebrities hijacked by conspiracy theorists

The video portal has been repeatedly criticized for not curtailing videos of conspiracy theories and false information on its platform.


That’s right, guys. We’re upsetting their precious algorithms now. Heavens to Betsy!

The “Beeb” had a particularly amusing take on the whole #QAnonPhenomenon:

Whitney Phillips, assistant professor of communication, culture and digital technologies at Syracuse University, says that media outlets need to be careful they are not drawing more people into conspiracy theories.

She says “if a particular conspiracy only exists within a particular community, all reporting will do is amplify that concept so that more and more people are exposed to it.”

Phillips acknowledges that “at this point, not reporting on the story (of QAnon) could be framed as being irresponsible, because it is happening and people are responding”. However, she argues that conspiracy theories “don’t occur in a vacuum” and warns that even articles debunking theories can legitimise their ideas.

“Not only do these individuals tend to follow mainstream media coverage very closely, they tend to cater their messages to maximize media exposure,” she says. “They love it when they’re in the news.”

That’s right media! Talk about it – but only in hushed, disdainful whispers! Wouldn’t want anyone to start thinking for themselves now!

Oh! And how can we forget CNN?

Anyway, I have to start with a #QAnon drop from late last night, and it’s all about #FISA:

Sun Tzu coming to a theater near you, it seems.

Q’s told us time and time again that FISA leads directly back to the corrupt deep staters we all know and despise, Hussein, HRC, and the Democratic Party. And in case it isn’t obvious, that [20] refers to the 20 pages Nunes desperately wants the public to see:

Speaking of unredacted FISA memos… Remember James Wolfe and his #Presstitutefriend, Ali Watkins?

Revisiting the Page FISA Applications & James Wolfe Indictment

On June 7, 2018, James Wolfe was arrested and charged with one count of lying to the FBI. The Wolfe Indictment was released on the same day. Note: Wolfe was only charged with lying to the FBI. Wolfe was not charged with leaking any information. For a timeline and details on Wolfe see: Wolfe’s…

themarketswork THEMARKETSWORK

According to the Wolfe Indictment, on March 17 2017 Wolfe exchanged 82 text messages with reporter Ali Watkins, and that evening engaged in a 28-minute phone call with her.

The Original Page FISA Application is 83 pages long. Including one final signatory page (h/t the Conservative Treehouse).

It seems more than plausible that Wolfe took pictures of the Original FISA Application and sent them by text to Watkins.

Perhaps even more important:

What Wolfe sent was almost certainly an unredacted version.

In the public version of the Original Page FISA Application there are 37 fully redacted pages(out of 83 total). Several other pages have redactions for all but the header. There are only two pages in the entire document that contain no redactions.

This leads to the obvious question:

Has the entire media set had unredacted copies of the first two FISA Applications in their possession – selectively mining them for stories and leaks.

If Nunes is convinced complete redaction will make the fraud obvious to all, consider what the media may have been doing this entire time.

Publishing damaging details from the FISA while having full access to the truth.

If that’s the case, and the media has had the unredacted memo this whole time… that means they’ve has been lying through their teeth to the American people from the very beginning – and Trump teams knows they’ve been lying.

Think of every time they’ve feigned being wounded at being called “#FakeNews.”

Think of Acosta trying to corner Sarah Sanders this morning (who handled it like a boss, btw)…

…Before running to his “Dear Diary,”

Jim – don’t lie. We all know who butters your biscuits.

But seriously: We all know whose side your on. We all know what diabolical interests you represent.

The simple fact is this: you’ve permanently and irreversibly lost all credibility, and its no one’s fault but your own.

Here’s the three images Q dropped, and they’re really just contextualizing the FISA drop above. We’ve been over these in the past, so we won’t spend too much time on them, however:

Gina Haspel knows where all the bodies are buried.

Rachel Brand was, in a technical legal move, put in office to run down the 210 day clock, which allows Trump to replace Rosenstein without a Senate confirmation vote.

The line here about “FISA = TIES TO MSM HEADS” makes much more sense now that we understand that they’ve probably had the full FISA docs this whole time.

You know how vitriolic and stacked by #LunaticLeftists the comments section on Trump’s tweets can be. It’s just page after page of frothing hatred, and no, that’s not organic. That’s by #TheCabal’s design. They coordinate with groups like Shareblue, get a certain proportion of the population to see their messaging, and pretty soon actual sycophantic losers are mimicking the rhetoric spewed by these “hate-bots.”

Now, just to be clear, we believe SP means “Special Purposes” but we’re not entirely sure. It could be something else, but that’s #anons’ best guess so far, and it fits with what Q is saying here.

Expect censorship to increase. Expect worse from these degenerates. They have no intention of fighting fair, because they know they’re cornered.

Q drops more Anti-Q articles. Here are all the links, because I like being thorough:

How a right-wing conspiracy theory is going mainstream

Among the attendees of President Trump’s rally in Florida were people holding up signs promoting an online right-wing conspiracy persona — who’s been targeting movie stars and the Democratic Party alike.

Political Cornflakes: Thought Pizzagate was weird? QAnon is like the triple-decker meatlovers' version of bizarre conspiracy theories.

Happy Thursday! The QAnon movement got its start last October, pivoting off a cryptic comment by President Donald Trump. Sen. Lee argues free speech in the latest gun-rights dust-up. And a new SLC Airport is taking shape amid a $3.6 billion redo.

#QAnon: The pro-Trump conspiracy theory
#QAnon: The pro-Trump conspiracy theory

A bizarre and complicated conspiracy theory has spread from the internet to President Trump’s rallies.


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The story touches on just about every part of public life, and is making its way into the mainstream

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The mysterious pro-Trump conspiracy theory known as 'QAnon' is moving from the fringes of the internet to Trump rallies

At a rally in Tampa Bay, Florida on Tuesday night, President Donald Trump was surrounded by cheering supporters, some of whom were decked out in T-shirts emblazoned with the letter “Q” and holding signs reading “We are Q.”

Chris Cuomo floats INSANE QAnon conspiracy theory, gets called out

It’s time for CNN to stop with the ‘facts first’ nonsense.

QAnon, the Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theorists, Now Believe JFK Jr. Faked His Death to Become Their Leader

Believers used to think someone close to Trump was leaving them clues to the president’s plan to defeat the deep state. Now they’ve got an even crazier idea.

Who is Q? Behind conspiracy theory erupting at Trump rallies

Amid the “Trump 2020” placards, the “Women for Trump” signs and the “CNN SUCKS” T-shirts, the most inscrutable message that came out of Donald Trump’s Tampa rally on Tuesday evening was a letter: Q.

What You Need to Know About Far-Right Conspiracy QAnon

The QAnon movement is growing in popularity.


This next article might still say “Terms of Service Violation” but it’s actually a Bloomberg link. Apparently Bloomberg doesn’t like Open Preview cards LOL:

And look at this… They even got DICTIONARY.COM to do their shilling for them.

QAnon - Pop Culture by Dictionary.com
Everything After Z by Dictionary.com EVERYTHING AFTER Z BY DICTIONARY.COM

So I guess the dictionary is comped now, too, guys.

Look, point is – we’re Mainstream now.

It’s not going to slow down. They have to fight us in the open. We’ve become too big a threat to the establishment.

I have a feeling, however, it will be too little, too late for them. If they wanted to have a chance of beating us, they needed to begin this messaging seven months ago. Now? The legal gears are already grinding, and the #TreasonousMedia is about to be exposed. They won’t have time to react and program the populace. They’ve been circumvented.

Oh yeah, #Anon stopped a potential Presidential assassination attempt today:



Get ready to be creeped out:

Quick thinking, snapping this photo, anon.

Anon also posted an image of the shirt they had made.

And here are some other things anon had to say about this incident:

Q promised VIP access tonight, so I hope it was a tremendous experience, anon!

Thanks for being quick enough to recognize a threat, and smart enough to call the right people to handle it!

You’re a #GoldStarAnon in my book.


Look at what Boyd had to say about his motivations:


Gotta have those proofs! We’re about to be bombarded with new eyeballs.

Cheers, Q. We’re ready when you are!

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