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You’ve been chomping at the bit for it, so here it is – the lastest #NewQarticle!

Some of you will have seen bits and pieces of this scattered across various Gab posts, but stay tuned, because I think there are still some real incredible finds in here for everyone.

But I want to start out here by saying that I was accused of just dismissing the FISA stuff in my old article, where I pushed back on Q.

Not so.

I was surprised by how many people just… totally took what I wrote out of context, and even completely manufactured entire quotes and just misrepresented what I wrote.

After all, what are you supposed to say when someone accuses you of saying something you didn’t say?

Take that intellectual homunculus 0hour, for instance. He did a whole attempted take-down on me, but the thing is… he’s just completely manufacturing quotes I never said.

And then he tries to position himself as some compassionate hero, when he says things like “I feel bad for [Neon].”

Evidently not bad enough to stop lying about what I said.

Let me set the record straight. I absolutely still believe and trust QAnon. My article was never about that. The whole point of that rant was me expressing some frustration with some of the cryptic markers Q was using, and questioning whether Normies would care about FISA at all.

It was never about whether I believed Q or not. I was very clear in the article that I did and I was still on-board.

At the time of that writing, my gut instinct was telling me “no, the normies would not care,” but in truth, I’ve warmed up to the idea recently. Maybe it’s just because my understanding has expanded somewhat, but now I’m thinking this might really flip the national narrative. I’m really starting to see the way this could work, and getting excited for it.

But there’s got to be a very public hell to pay for the perps who attempted this cover-up. They need to be given perp walks or something. People need to know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this was all a massive lie.

In other words – I’m not so much concerned that the truth isn’t effective. It is.

I’m afraid the media will just memory-hole it before it even gets off the ground. We can’t give them that option.

Which is why I guess Q has built all this up, first. We’re the ones who are really going to have to boost the signal here.

And let me address one more thing:

Yes, I have a very hyperbolic style of writing. I don’t believe in wasting my readers’ time with extraneous prose, or beating around the bush to make myself look smart or special in any way.

I want to present the info as clearly, as succinctly, and as engagingly as possible.

It’s why I don’t even use proper paragraphs when I write here.

Sure, I could make these all long, boring essays, and make your eyes drift and lose their place while you’re trying to read. I could dress it up in flowery prose and make you think “Oh what a tremendous writer.” But that’s not the point of why I write.

(And to be fair, Q’s posts did get a bit easier to understand after I went on my rant, IMHO. So there’s that 😛😛😛).

Understand, I just want this message to go as far and wide as possible, as fast as possible, and I don’t want to get in the way of that. So without any further delay, let’s talk about FISA!

Starting with #QAnon drop 1816:

We talked previously (I think it was on Gab) about the [20] being the 20 pages of the FISA memo Devin Nunes wants declassified:

Nunes: Americans Will Be ‘Shocked’ By Other Carter Page FISA Info

Claims ‘the Left and the media’ want docs to remain secret

dailycaller.com DAILYCALLER.COM

But Paul Sperry is telling us to get ready for a looooot more:

And I’m so happy to see this today (and I posted this earlier on Gab), but it looks like /u/DontR3cordMeBrother actually, finally figured out of the meaning of #D5.


That makes a LOT of sense to me. Here’s the FBI link itself:

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if you saw those 20 pages declassified this week. We’re on a timetable here, when you consider midterms.

Lots still has to happen before then, and the ball gets rolling when #POTUSstarts declassifying.

Be smart out there, folks. #Anons have been following a number of really strange incidents around the globe, including a number of aircraft crashing into the ground over the past few days. It’s been really bizarre to watch that happen.

5 killed in plane crash in Santa Ana shopping complex parking lot

A small, twin-engine Cessna bound for John Wayne Airport in Orange County crashed into the parking lot of a Staples office supply store on Sunday, killing all five people aboard, Orange County fire officials said.

Heat wave could be behind Swiss crash of vintage plane that killed 20 in the Alps

All 20 people aboard an old-time propeller plane were killed when the aircraft crashed into a mountainside in the Alps in southeast Switzerland.

Five people from Kansas die in Oklahoma plane crash

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says all five people on board were killed when a small passenger airplane crashed in northern Oklahoma on Saturday. FOX25 reports that the victims were three adults and two children from Independence, Kan., they haven’t been identified yet. The cause of the crash was not immediately known, said Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Lynn Lunsford.

Restaurant: Owner on plane that skidded at Greenville airport, uninjured after incident

Crews from the Greenville City Fire Department are responding to reports of a small plane crash at the Greenville Downtown Airport, according to a spokesman for the department.

Aeromexico Plane Crashes In Mexico, All 101 People Onboard Survive

101 people managed to walk free from a dramatic plane crash in Mexico After a dramatic plane incident in Mexico, all 101 people on board were lucky to escape with their lives when the Aeromexico …

Plane Carrying 2 Crashes in River Near N. Hampshire, Vermont

A small plane has crashed in the Connecticut River between New Hampshire and Vermont, injuring two people.

www.nytimes.com WWW.NYTIMES.COM


Plane crashes at Purdue Airport; pilot OK

The pilot of a Cessna 172 walked away from a crash landing at the Purdue Airport Thursday evening.

Journal & Courier JOURNAL & COURIER
Baldwin County plane crash victims identified

Officials with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s office have released the names of the two men who were killed in a plane crash near Foley.


And this is just a sampling from the past week or so.

To be clear, this is not normal.

An animal is most desperate and dangerous when it’s cornered, and we’ve definitely got #TheCabal cornered. There’s no telling what they’ll try, so be smart, be aware, and don’t be afraid to speak out if you see something suspicious.


Well, we anons definitely tried to.

This was my first attempt at trying to figure it out. We talk about the “Democrat plantation,” and to a certain extent, you can expand the metaphor:

(Warning: Violent)

Now obviously, I’m not suggesting that Lebron is killing other men in one v one fights. No, I’m talking about him being a money-maker for his politically-connected bosses due to his superior size, strength, and skill on the court.

But then I saw Anon’s video:

And to be honest, while I knew he had a foundation, I wasn’t aware of the size or scope of its activities until this came to pass.

#Anon then introduced some heavy speculation:

Nearly 20,000 Ohio children went missing in 2016

Nearly 20,000 Ohio children went missing in 2016.


Thats… quite a bit.

And that got me digging along these lines (and yes, when you see the “(You)” in brackets, that’s how you know it was my post and that I took the screenshot myself).

See, I’m not just shirking my duty to write these articles. I’m actually in the trenches on a daily basis, trying to dig with the rest of the anons. Amazing how you never know who you might be talking to on the chans!

The link I included was to the Ohio Attorney General’s database of missing kids in Akron. And there are a LOT.

Right now, I have no way of seeing if any of them were involved with any of the programs funded by the LeBron James Family Foundation, but I would not be surprised to see overlap between the two.

Another Anon then came back with this:

And here’s a reformatted screenshot of that list:

So, yeah. Looking pretty Cabal-Affiliated to me. I think you get what Q is implying, and it’s not good in the least. It’s actually incredibly awful.

If these suspicions prove to be true, let’s pray justice is swift.

Q then updates his tripcode, which he has to do from time-to-time. Standard operating procedure, especially as we move into this next phase:

And finally, he comes back with this:

And, oh! I just discovered I can embed these PDFs directly now, thanks to a new plugin. That’s really helpful and I’m really impressed right now, because that saves me a lot of screenshot bandwidth and storage!


Read these. It’s less than four pages. It’s worth your time. I especially like the bit about Schiff at the end. Nunes is putting him squarely in the [killbox] with that section at the end.

But I want to focus on this dig I had with some anons earlier today, because, frankly, anons are amazing.

I start out with a question: Help me find these media companies:

The media loves to paint this as “just Yahoo!” when really, all these firms knew about and were complicit in the ongoing FISA scandal cover-up.

Trump isn’t lying when he calls the media the enemy of the people. They committed literal treason.

No surprise they’ve been going all in against Q.

Their lives depend on it.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the angry guy with the breathing tube – that’s Hector Salamanca, from the TV show Breaking Bad. He can’t talk any more, and only has his little bell to talk with. He’s often posted whenever anons find something, well…

(Warning: Violent. And spoilers. Definitely spoilers).

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