Canadian Government Moves To Block Freedom of Speech in Effort to Prop-up Justin…


from Conservative Treehouse:

Under the auspices of making moves to block election interference from outside interests the government of Justin from Canada is moving to block internet content critical of Trudeau and his policies.

Simultaneously and ironically, the same Canadian government is spending millions lobbying U.S. politicians in Washington DC to retain their one-sided NAFTA trade benefits. Funny that, eh?

CANADA […] Among other things, the government wants to do more to ensure foreign actors or money aren’t involved in elections, require more transparency for political messaging on social media and prevent political parties from setting up ostensible advocacy groups to support them and help skirt spending limits.

[…] Among the options:

  • Require the publishers of online content to identify themselves;
  • Make internet companies legally liable for the content that appears on their platforms
  • Require platforms to clearly identify “bots,” automated social media accounts used to amplify messages;
  • Reintroduce a non-criminal remedy to investigate and respond to hate speech, along the lines of the anti-hate provision of the Canadian Human Rights Act, repealed in 2013 amid concerns it muzzled free speech;
  • Require much greater transparency for political advertising on digital media;
  • Design a “meaningful” way for Canadians to consent to the collection and use of their individual data, which would also apply to databases amassed by political parties.

Those proposals go considerably further than C-76. The bill would prohibit foreign entities from spending any money to influence elections and prohibit anyone from knowingly selling election advertising space to foreign entities. (read more)

Consider this phrase carefully: “Among other things, the government wants to do more to ensure foreign actors or money aren’t involved in elections” … and now contrast that statement against this:

Huh…. Not funny, that!

This might raise an eyebrow:

Did you know it’s against Canadian law for U.S. banks to operate in Canada?  Meanwhile, the Canadian government demands their banks be permitted to operate in the U.S….

Or, did you know that NAFTA is not actually a trade bloc of the U.S., Mexico and Canada?  Instead NAFTA is merely an internal agreement of trade issues only between the three nations.  This structure allows Canada and Mexico to engage with third-party-nations as brokers for access to the U.S. market.   For the last 20+ years Canada and Mexico have exploited this agreement to benefit their own economy, exfiltrated American wealth, and done so without any regard for how damaging it is to the United States.

We are the host. They are the parasites.  I digress….

Thankfully, we now have President Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump is the first, and only, U.S. politician who not only understands the flawed structure – but has also stated quite openly he is no longer going to allow it. Hence, the massive lobbying effort, and tens of millions being spent, by Canada into the U.S. seeking like-minded allies to eliminate the threat that is POTUS Trump.

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