Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb KSA


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

So….. Saudi Arabia, in response to Canada making comments it doesn’t like demanding that it stop jailing people for what they considered reasonable and free speech, expelled their ambassador and recalled their own.


But then they apparently did this:

This came from a verified account which has since been shut down and they claim to have “apologized” — but it was previously described as an official government account.

Was it?

I think we need an official answer — now.

Because if it was, in any way, shape or form then **** them for that bull**** — with a chainsaw.

Never mind that this looks like an admission of official involvement in 9/11 here — not “supposed” or believed anymore, but now, it would appear, admitted in public.

Well that’s just fine.

You know all those aircraft and other systems you have of ours KSA?  **** you on parts and service assistance too.  Let’s see how well they work for you when all their electronics are jammed from the air and you can’t get parts.

Even better — you ought to park ’em out in the desert somewhere and then get away from them.

Well away, so we can blow ’em to bits.

You think you’re such hot **** that you can not only threaten another nation with terrorism for speaking out about your jackbooted imprisonment of people for mere speech but in addition you think you can mock the United States in such a fashion and take credit as a government for murdering 3,000 Americans?

I think Trump ought to contemplate nuking Mecca, the birthplace of the crap that gave rise to 9/11 AND Riyadh.

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