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from Neon Revolt:

Q’s back! And I’m happy to say the archive at worked just fine, updating with the posts and all. It’s a little slow – but hey, it works in a pinch!

Gotta cover an older Qdrop first before I get into #NewQ though, because I held off on covering it before. Don’t worry, we’ll move quickly:

All of you should have seen this by now, and we went over this in the last Q article (because… frankly, this should have been pretty obvious to anyone who read the PDFs Q posted) – but yeah, that Center for Information Analysis gets million upon millions of dollars to prop up #FakeNews.

How’s it feel to know your tax dollars are financing the efforts of those who want to destroy you?

But yeah, Dems are desperate. They’re pulling out all the stops and trying to use all their dirty tricks to win whatever seats in the Congress they can.

Primarily… voter fraud.

Kobach holds 121-vote lead over Colyer in Kansas Republican gubernatorial primary, officials say

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s lead over Gov. Jeff Colyer in the state’s Republican gubernatorial primary is now just 121 votes, after two counties reported discrepancies in their initial tallies, officials revealed Thursday.


How convenient. They “discovered” more votes.

Expect to see more of this.

Moving on:

Don’t worry. I’m not posting all those links. I think you get the point. #MockingbirdMedia is leveling an all-out assault on Nunes.

The precision line at the end is… strange, though. It seems unconnected to the major thrust of the drop.

#Anon dug up this:

But, I don’t think Q is literally talking about that. That article is from back in February, and it’s… just not on topic.

No, I think this has to do with, well… this:

I got a message from a Legionary on Tuesday. After I saw it, I took it to the boards almost immediately:

Nothing came of it at the time. Plaefags weren’t able to spot any 757s on the flight records.

But this came out the next day:

And lookie here at who liked this post (highlighted in green, in case it isn’t obvious).


(EDIT: I don’t use Twitter that much… because it’s a cesspool, and also I’m banned. Apparently those are tags, not likes. Oh well).

But to put it all together for you kind folks playing along at home:

Full Size:

I think he’s saying what’s about to drop – between things like this, the 20 FISA warrant pages, declassifying, well… what we’re about to see in a moment – these are like waves of precision strikes that will destroy the enemies of the United States.

One can only hope.

I nearly lost it when I read this post (in a good way). I read it with this in mind:

And that was dropped on the 1st. It’s now the 10th. That’s day 9 out of 10.

Think POTUS is going to confirm #QAnon today?

I mean, okay, he has to confirm at some point. The question is when? I took the [less than 10] to mean less than 10 days before Trump would confirm Q as real. I have to temper that suggestion with the very unfortunate truth that I could be wrong. This could be something to do with a marker on the clock, or perhaps something else entirely but…


YASSSSSS!!! I got so excited when I saw this.

So excited, in fact, that I made an infographic decoding it all.

But before I show you – just let me explain my logic.

Q was basically creating a flowchart here, showing the origins of the Russian Collusion story, and tracking them all throughout the deep state. He even used arrows to show the flow of information and causation. And he did it in reverse order.

With that in mind, I basically filled in all the initials and abbreviations, flipped it from top to bottom, and created an “expanded” flowchart, readable in plain text.

(Now, one note: I did miss one PS (who may be Peter Strzok – but the initials being listed under the DOJ threw me. We all know thet Strzok is FBI. So I’m thinking PS is someone else, but I couldn’t find anyone. Still, one out of all these ain’t bad. And I left it as PS in the decode. If I find the right name at a later date, I’ll fill it in).

Full Size:


Let me know in the comments below if I missed any, or am otherwise off-base.

The #FakeNews won’t cover it, though, because, if he Citizen Trump had multiple deep state spies actively sabotaging his campaign, it lends credence to the idea that “Russian Collusion” isn’t real and he was being framed. And we can’t have the public thinking that now, can we?

As for BM…



Good ole’ whitehat Bob enters the picture once again. You know, “Bob” Mueller! We’re on a first-name-basis again – like we were waaaaaaay back in the first drops.

And here, Q drops that Nellie Ohr is actually CIA, too (which helps explain her proficiency with Ham radio).

And now here’s the kicker:

That’s not the phone number for the Clinton Foundation.

That’s the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

I know, because I called it myself to check (from a burner).

(Come on. I’m not gonna call a strange number from my regular phone).

Anyway, it was a nice jab at Chelsea, don’t you think?

These people are SICK!

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