YouTube terminates SGT Report channel to silence the truth; explodes in new channels, videos


by Mike Adams, Natural News:

In the latest acceleration of the tech giants’ censorship purge to silence pro-liberty speech, YouTube has terminated the channel of SGT Report, a prominent voice in the independent media.

SGT Report told Natural News that the termination was utterly without justification and that it caused a substantial, negative economic impact on SGT Report operations.

Evil tech giants like YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter have been ramping up their censorship purge of pro-liberty voices in a blatant effort to commit massive election fraud in the 2018 mid-terms. By silencing all political opponents of Democrats, left-leaning tech companies hope they can censor their way to election victory.

In response, pro-liberty, independent news media organizations have been launching their own platforms and migrating off YouTube. SGT Report has now launched its channel on is exploding in popularity, with 150 – 200 new channels being created each day, and thousands of videos already live in the system.

As YouTube and other tech giants continue to accelerate their malicious silencing of independent media voices, the mass exodus away from globalist-controlled platforms will only accelerate, leading to the rapid growth of alternative platforms like, which is already capable of serving one billion video views per month. is also serving as a popular alternative to Google News.

Although is just getting started, in the last 7 days, it served over 600,000 video minutes to end users. See the newest videos, updated every few minutes, at this link. Request your own video channel (it’s free) at this invitation link.

Watch the following video from SGT Report for more details about the incredible censorship under way right now across the ‘net.

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