World Health Organization Needs Its Head Examined Regarding Vaccine Adverse Events


by Catherine Frompovich, Activist Post:

If ever there were an absolutely and remarkably unbelievable health advisory that is totally off the wall, it’s the new guidelines the World Health Organization (WHO) proposes regarding vaccines adverse events occurring during post-marketing as “coincidental” with the only ‘real’ AEs and reportable ones to be those that occurred during vaccine trials!

Doesn’t everyone know how inferior vaccine trials are, while deliberately very limited in time, too?  A perfect inferior example is the Merck & Company ongoing qui tam lawsuit [1] in Philadelphia, PA federal court for Merck’s fudging the Mumps efficacy rate in its MMR vaccine for ten years. Plus, let’s not forget to add vaccine makers write those trial results. Sham medical journals add to the ever-expanding research hijinks.

The above WHO proposal is so outlandishly ridiculous that one has to wonder what the heck the WHO medical advisers are thinking.  Are they influenced by Big Pharma’s and vaccine makers’ consensus science?

Two leading pediatricians in India have taken on the WHO’s new guidelines.

They have accused WHO’s new AEFI classification scheme stating, “the new guidelines put children’s life at risk.”

Pediatricians “Puliyel and Naik note that the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety has documented many deaths in children with pre-existing heart disease after they were administered the pentavalent vaccine (combined diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, Hib, and hepatitis-B vaccine). “Under WHO’s new definition of causal association, these deaths would not be acknowledged as related to vaccination.” [2] [CJF emphasis]

“Both Sri Lanka and Vietnam governments withdrew the pentavalent vaccine following the deaths of five children in Sri Lanka and 12 in Vietnam soon after vaccination. But WHO investigating teams declared that the deaths were ‘unlikely’ to be related to vaccination, the report says.” [2]

Furthermore, “Under WHO’s revised manual on AEFI, only those adverse reactions observed during clinical trials of a vaccine, should be classified as vaccine related.  All new serious adverse reactions including deaths seen during post-marketing of the vaccine should be considered as ‘coincidental’ or ‘unclassifiable’, and the vaccine should not be blamed.” [2]

Personally, I have to question if most people now are losing their ability to think correctly due to all the electromagnetic wave lengths affecting them from iPhones, computers, Wi-Fi, AMI Smart Meters and other high technologies they either depend on or are addicted to.

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