Unhinged Resistance: ‘Paypal Me $50 And I’ll Punch Her In The Head’ – Another Arrested For Threatening To ‘Chop Up’ Family of GOP Senator With An Axe


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

The so-called #resistance, a term seen a number of social media profiles as well as consistently pushed by the media, has quite literally become dangerous to not just Trump administration officials, but to Republicans/conservatives as a whole.

Recently a female conservative and second amendment supporter, Kaitlin Bennett, who was highlighted in the news (Wapo archive.is link)  after legally carrying a weapon on campus after graduation, went to a restaurant in Ohio, just to have another diner snap photos of her, then post them to social media, then attempt to solicit $50 dollars from her followers to “punch her in the head.”


This is not the first time liberals have threatened to do Kaitlin Bennett harm as she received a number of death threats after the image of her went viral, but it is a pattern of behavior we are noting happening with increasing frequency, all over the country.

On Monday it was reported that a man had been arrested after calling Republican Senator Rand Paul and threatening to kill him and “chop up” his family.


This is a trend that we have noted playing out more and more over the last two years. The media targets someone or a group of people, mixing truth with outright false information (such as the 2014 images of children in cages, claiming it was happening now), Democratic “resistance” politicians and liberals then carry those narratives to their supporters, which in turn encourages them to start accosting, attacking and threatening the group the media decided to target to begin with.

Make no mistake, the media is colluding on these narratives and targeted people/groups, as we recently reported on the Google Group of over 400 “left-of-center journalists, authors, academics, and wonks,” showing the similarity between this “listserv” group and the one that produced a major media scandal in 2009-2010, which was disbanded in 2010 after their collusion on narratives was exposed. Disbanded the same year this newer group was created.

More on that in my video below.

This harassment campaign has successfully targeted multiple Trump administration officials who have been accosted and harassed while out in public, with the new favorite line of attack to be to confront and verbally attack people trying to have a simple meal at a restaurant. The latest example of that is a woman posting a video of her harassing EPA chief Scott Pruitt at a restaurant. This has happened to DHS Secretary Nielsen, and Sarah Sanders, with Sanders having been asked to leave the Red Hen Lexington in Virginia.

Then protesters, after all the media incitement, targeted the homes of both DHS Secretary Nielsen and White House adviser Stephen Miller’s homes.

Now think about having a mob outside your home, where your family lives, in light of the recent arrest of the man that threatened to kill Rand Paul and chop up his family with an axe, and you can imagine how dangerous this level of escalation is.

In the midst of this very volatile atmosphere, people like Democratic Representative Maxine (Mad Max) Waters is publicly calling for people to gather “crowds” aka mobs, and to publicly confront all Trump administration officials, while the media is openly allowing all Trump supporters to be labeled racist Nazis.

Key Quotes via AZ Central:

“If you see anybody from the Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, and a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd to push back on them and you tell them they’re not welcome anymoreanywhere,” Waters said to the cheering crowd.

Waters happily encouraged the progressive mobs that had already begun chasing Trump officials out of public spaces.


Physical confrontation escalation is dangerous 

Those are hardly life-and-death issues. Nevertheless, both officials required physical protection after their support for mainstream positions.

The obvious worry about these physical confrontations is escalation. Groups of screaming protesters may just be exercising their First Amendment rights. Or, perhaps they have a James Hodgkinson among them. A nervous security detail might make the wrong assessment — as might a politician with a concealed carry permit. The slightest misstep in these situations could lead to tragic results.

A more political concern, however, is how utterly self-defeating these aggressive protests are. If blue mobs harass Republican politicians, how long until red mobs harass Democratic politicians? And if public officials are fair game, why not average citizens?

When it comes to the midterm elections, angry protests are a political loser for Democrats. The best thing going for Democratic candidates is the enthusiasm of their voters compared with indifferent Republicans. By making GOP voters feel under siege, progressive harassers are damaging their own chances in the fall.

The harassment campaigns are not the only thing harming the Democratic party as a whole.

The next target the media has converged on seems to a possible Supreme Court Justice nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, who apparently is unacceptable to Democrats because she is a Christian conservative mother of seven, with CNN publishing what has been criticized as being a sexist line of attack, with others directly attacking her religion.



Going back to when President Trump first announced his candidacy, the media not only colluded by misrepresenting his message, often using selectively edited portions of his statements without context in order to attack him and attempt to kill his campaign, but they also ran with wall-to-wall coverage with the same goal. With every attack, they elevated his message so more and more people heard it, and then watched it resonate as his poll numbers started rising.

They have learned nothing since then.

Only this time they are not only elevating his message to attack President Trump, but they are elevating some of the more radical responses on the part of the liberal resistance, which has been 1) Defending the murdering, raping, MS-13 gang members because president Trump called them “animals; 2) Pushing for open borders; 3) Highlighting the campaign to “Abolish ICE; 4) The open calls to harass Trump administration officials, and; 5) Arguing against President Trump naming a a Supreme Court Justice nominee, then attacking his potential choices.

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