Tommy Robinson’s Appeal CANCELLED


by Laura Cat, Voice Of Europe:

His sentencing was swift and journalistic bans put up within a few hours on the day of his arrest, yet now the court ‘needs more time to prepare’ for his appeal with a judge who has already decided he is guilty.

The prosecution lawyers are seeking more time saying they are not ready so Tommy is due to spend yet more time in a dangerous prison, while his family are not even being allowed to visit or speak with him.

The marches on Whitehall and at 10 Downing have seemingly fallen on deaf ears as the government is still infringing upon Tommy’s civil rights.

This is more than just infringing upon Tommy’s rights, members of the public recognise this as the hushing of Islamic crimes against women and children in the UK and are fighting back.

Another march, scheduled for 14 July (the same day there is a pro Trump march also in London) will again welcome Dutch Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders. Last month he spoke to the estimated 30,000 who marched to #FreeTommy.

It is important to recognise just how stacked against Mr. Robinson (we choose to not use his real name for the protection and safety of his family) this case is.

Lord Brian Leveson is the judge that was set to hear the appeal by Tommy on 10 July. He was on BBC 4s Law in Action program on 24 June where he discussed Tommy’s case, declaring him GUILTY before seeing any evidence or allowing him a fair trial.

It would appear that Lord Leveson is unable to give a fair and impartial trial and if that is the case, should not be allowed to preside over it.

It would appear they are preparing to continue to silence Tommy Robinson. Will you let them?

If you would like to march in the #FreeTommy march on 14 July, where Geert will again be speaking, your presence is needed.

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