The Promise of the Trump-Putin Summit, and the Role of the Schiller Institute


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

President Donald Trump is actively on his way to becoming the greatest “peace president” in the nation’s history. Two of the primary cockpits for war, carefully nurtured by the British Empire and its assets in the United States to remain “frozen conflicts,” supposedly beyond any possibility of resolution — as conflicts intended to force all nations on Earth to “choose sides” — are now on their way to being resolved. Korea, and all of Asia, have been united behind Trump’s courageous summit with Kim Jong-un, and, on July 16, Presidents Trump and Putin will sit down together with the intention (among other things) of ending the Syrian war, central to the “permanent warfare” process in Southwest Asia unleashed by Presidents Bush and Obama, on behalf of the British Empire’s divide-and-conquer geopolitical policy.

There are many ironies involved. Across the U.S., the liberal left — historically considered to be the “peace” faction in the U.S. — are slavishly following the British-directed hysteria against Trump, demanding his ouster, calling him a “fascist” and a “racist,” demanding that those who work for him or support him should be harassed day and night, their children targetted at their schools. Perhaps some of these misguided fools believe that this has something to do with Trump’s immigration policy, which is all they want to talk about. But the British themselves do not hide the truth — they are terrified that President Trump is committed to breaking for good the “Special Relationship,” the euphemism for U.S. subservience to the City of London and the imperial Lords of the Empire: adopting Adam Smith’s deadly “free trade” dogma against which America fought a revolution, and serving as the “dumb giant” in London’s colonial warfare, a process which began with the British assassination of John F. Kennedy and the driving of the U.S. into the colonial, genocidal war in Indochina. That war policy has been continuing today with the Bush-Obama wars in Southwest Asia. As Trump prepares to attend the NATO Summit and to visit the U.K. before meeting Putin in Helsinki, the Lords of London are terrified that Trump will not accept the mobilization for war with Russia demanded by the NATO dinosaurs, just as he rejected the old paradigm of free trade dictates at the G7 meeting in June.

Trump, working hand in hand with China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin, has declared an end to the insanity of “regime change” and permanent warfare. He has expressed openly his desire to get the U.S. troops out of Korea, out of Syria, and out of Europe, to end America’s role as the policeman of the British Empire. And, as Lyndon LaRouche has insisted since the 2008 financial crash, the only possible basis upon which to prevent the disastrous collapse of the Western monetary system is for the U.S. to work with Russia, China, and India — what he labeled the Four Powers — to create an entirely new financial system for a new era of relations among nations. The seed crystal for that new paradigm already exists in the New Silk Road, and the multiple investment banks associated with the New Silk Road, which address the real development needs of the world’s nations, without “conditionalities” regarding their sovereign political systems.

While the American people are fed a steady diet of anti-Trump, anti-Russia, and anti-China lies by the mainstream media, the Schiller Institute this weekend sponsored an international conference in Frankfurt, Germany, on the theme: “The Urgent Need for a New Paradigm in International Relations — A Peace Order Based on the Development of Nations.” The two-day conference, keynoted by Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche, featured leading figures from government and social institutions from: the United States; several Eastern and Western European nations; several African and Southwest Asian nations; Russia; and China. The ideas launched by Lyndon LaRouche over the past 50 years are now being implemented, bringing together people of good will, with the courage to be truthful about the danger to civilization itself under the imperial old order, but inspired to fight for the vision of a human race dedicated to the uplifting of all nations and all peoples to a life proper to the dignity of Mankind. The transcripts for this historic conference will be published in the next two issues of EIR online.

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