The New World Order vs. The New World Populism-Who Will Win?


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

We are now living in a world that can be characterized as the Irresistible force vs the immovable object. Who will win the conflict vs the New World Order or the New World Populism?

I have asked many of my radio show guests, who are often experts in their field, one question in which the answer  has always been uniform:

Question: What will the Globalists do to try and maintain control?

Answer: There is nothing they will not do!

The Philosophy of the New World Order

We should be aware that we must look at the New World Order as a corporate entity that has one goal.

Corporations are largely amoral organizations, they only care about one thing, the next quarter’s profits. They never care about morality, unless the public perception demands otherwise because it might impact quarterly profits. The New World Order is the same, it is a satanically inspired business entity. The establishment of the New World Order is a business deal with satanic underpinnings that will become markedly more visible over time.

This article is an essay, based on what I have learned in my years of covering our struggle against the New World Order. This article will specifically examine the nature of the New World Order, what they want, and will also provide a glimpse into the type of planet that they want to force the people to live in.

We hear a lot of talk about the Deep State. People get confused. The Deep State is not the New World Order, they work for the New World Order, who in turn, serves Satan.

The Mission of the New World Order: The establishment of a one-world government and economic system controlled by a small oligarchy where there are no national boundaries, no civil liberties (ie the international term would be human rights), no property rights, shortened life spans for the great unwashed and dumbed down masses of the planet and the enforcement agent, the new global authority (eg United Nations with different name) will exercise fascist and total dictatorial control. The new global authority will be decidedly satanic and Christianity will be outlawed. There will be continual purges of the “deplorables” (Yes, Hillary is one of them) until all resistance is exterminated. The global elite’s published cap and trade climate change policies, which will seriously curtail the use of energy on an individual level, suggests the masses will be living a life-style similar to America in the 1870’s Under this new global authority. Fabian Socialism will be the dominant theme of the new global ruling authority. If one’s output for societal use does not out-produce one’s personal intake of societal resources, they will be eliminated according to the philosophy that will underlie the power structure of the New World Order. Once the New World Order is established, our leaders will be decidedly Transhumanists. This is why you will want to make plans to attend the Legends Conference in Branson, Missouri, from September 14-16th. See the banner ad at Steve Quayle’s site or The Common Sense Show.

The Undermining of the Family

Famed sociologist, Amatai Etzioni, once said that “the family can exist without the state, but the state cannot exist without family”. The architects of the New World Order understand this principle. This is why their policies seek to undermine the family. This is why we have the child-snatching, child-sex-trafficking promoting Child Protective Services (CPS) as it undermines parental authority as the sovereign power over a family.

The one-child policy that once dominated China was also beta test for control over the family. One of the primary control mechanisms for imposing state authority over the family is limit reproduction based on pseudoscience principles of an overcrowded planet. Every study I have ever read, that did not come from a global think tank, says the carrying capacity of the planet, with existing technology, can support at least 9 billion people. Overcrowded? Every person on the planet could fit in the state of Texas with a living space of 1000 square feet which is the American national average.

The people of the earth don’t have a resource shortage, we have a hording problem perpetuated by the same globalist liars that say we have a shortage of resources to justify a lower standard of living for the masses, but most of all, this is the grand excuse for the intrusion into the sovereignty of every family on the planet.

Abortion is another control mechanism of the New World Order. Abortion, which is now terrorizing its third generation of Americans. This heinous practice teaches disrespect for human life. The state protects the medical genocide practice of killing 60 million babies. If the state can kill babies, they can kill you. This underlying and not so subtle philosophy has driven me to study the pattern of genocides and subsequently the ultimate use of FEMA camps to that end which is why I am writing a book on the topic.

The late Jim Marrs used to say on my radio show, “If we could just wake up the people, we could defeat the New World Order because there are more of us than there are of them.” Jim was correct, however, the low information citizen has been hard to arouse. Abortion, world war and the various slow kill methods are all designed to lower the population of the planet to a more manageable number of 500 million people instead of the existing 7 billion. Abortion establishes the right and the precedent of the state to exterminate 90% of humanity in one form or another. This is why the left is going crazy over Trump’s upcoming SCOTUS appointments. With Trump as President, abortion is in trouble. He could have 5 SCOTUS appointees in his two terms. When my wife looked at these facts a couple of days ago, she said “Trump is going to be assassinated”. I agree that he is a marked man.

Trump is blocking the move toward a one-world-economy through the use of tariffs and economic sanctions that are not approved by the United Nations. Trump has awakened nationalism, not just in America, but all across the planet (eg Italy, Hungary, Germany, France, etc.), where the people are up in arms against the dehumanizing policies of the New World Order, including uncontrolled immigration and all the problems associated with the practice. The people of the planet have had enough and the genesis of the global rise of populism is decidedly American. The New World Order is desperate. They cannot deal with 7 billion pissed off people. A change must come and that change must start with America (ie the destruction of America).

The Deep State As a Subsidiary of the New World Order

This nation experienced 20 years of rule by globalist-serving Presidents, from George H. W. Bush to Bill Clinton to George W. Bush to Barack (whoever his real name is) Obama. We almost had 8 years of Hillary Clinton. She was to be the knockout punch for freedom-loving Americans. The election of Donald Trump bought America at least 4 more years. However, the unexpected has happened. The rest of the world is waking up as evidenced by the fact that the UK quit the EU and more are prepared to follow (eg Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, for starters).

The American brand of populism must be stopped from a globalist perspective. This topic, global populism, dominated the Bilderberg meetings in June. The key to killing the snake, is to cut its head off. America is the head of the populism snake. And that task has fallen to the Deep State.

The Deep State is run by the Lieutenants of the New World Order (eg Kissinger, Rockefeller, the Bush family, the Clintons et al). There mission is the eradication of the Constitution and the destruction of American family values. How many times have you said in response to a Deep State action (eg CALEXIT), “they can’t do that”. All of these subversive actions are designed to break apart the Constitution (eg no borders, no ICE, not national security). Every philosophical underpinning of the Deep State is designed to destroy the family (eg LGBT having more rights than anyone else). No reasonable person wants to see persecution of anyone for their lifestyle. That is between them and God. However, the undermining of Christian values related to the family are being obliterated (eg Hollywood perversion on the screen). Christianity must be destroyed because it promotes the free will that God has bestowed upon us. Freedom and the philosophical underpinnings of the New World Order are bipolar opposites.

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