The Blatant Occult Symbolism of “Up” by Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert


from Vigilant Citizen:

“Up” by Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert is one of the most blatantly satanic music videos in the history of rap. And it is a good indicator of where urban culture is headed.

It took me about 8 seconds of watching Up to realize that I had to write an article about it. Then I scrolled down and about 70% of the YouTube comments were about the video’s satanic, Masonic and Illuminati symbolism. Here’s an example.

Indeed, even for the symbolism-illiterate, the video is blatantly satanic. And to the symbolism-literate, the video has an even darker meaning. It confirms that Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert (pronounced Lil Lucifer) are fully “owned” by the occult elite and it is another proof that our popular culture is losing its mind.

Clearly Sold to the Agenda

Last year, in my article about Lil Uzi Vert’s “XO Tour Llif3”, I looked at the satanic symbolism associated with his entire act. A few months ago, he released a song entitled “444 + 222” which equals 666. During the 2018 Wireless Festival, Uzi told his fans that it was the rapture and they were all going to hell with him. The rapper said:

“And if nobody flying up to heaven right now, obviously all y’all motherf*ckers going to hell right with me”.

He then added that the fans are stuck in hell with him.

“I’m so sorry. You can’t get out! You’re stuck, it’s over. You heard the song a million times and you didn’t even know. That’s f*cked up but I still love you anyway.”

Along with other young stars such as Young Thug, this new generation of artists is taking rap to a new, strange direction. While some people call them “weirdos”, they’re actually fully compliant to the elite’s clearly defined agenda.

In many ways, Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert are very similar. They both continually rap about popping pills (especially opioids and benzos), they’re both down with occult symbolism and, of course, they’re both confused about their gender. In short, they’re exactly what the elite wants the youth to be.

For years now, Young Thug has been confusion the hip-hop world by combining him being “gangsta” with his extra-feminine look that often includes dresses, fingernails, skintight jeans and kids-size shirts.

Young Thug wearing a dress on the cover of his mixtape Jeffrey.
Young Thug looking like a Young Thot.

While some people praise Young Thug for being daring and “carefree”, they are missing the bigger picture. There is a massive “gender blurring” movement happening all over mass media and he is part of it. He has been assigned to bring this high-level agenda to the hip-hop world.

In an advertisement for Calvin Klein, Thug proclaimed that he doesn’t believe in gender, stating that “In my world, you can be a gangsta with a dress or you can be a gangsta with baggy pants.” Fusion described him as “defying gender stereotypes and agitating the way hip-hop defines black masculinity, through his eccentric sense of style. The media has called him gender fluid and androgynous.

And he is not the only rapper doing it now. It is something that is being forced.

Jayden Smith wore women’s clothing on several occasions.
Lil B wore this on ESPN. Strange “coincidence”: Lil B is also into satanic stuff.
Of course, Lil Uzi Vert.

Young Thug’s wardrobe – and the fact that he regularly refers to his close male friends as ‘hubbie’ or ‘lover’ – lead to rumors of him being gay. While I have absolutely no idea of Young Thugs sexual orientation, he’s definitely about the feminization of men.

Young Thug posted this pic of him and Lil Uzi Vert wearing a purse, an ankle bracelet, pearl necklaces and, to top it off, drinking Alizee from a champagne glass.

Some might say: “So what if they like to wear dresses, that doesn’t mean they’re part of a sinister agenda”. Well, the video for Up confirms it. And then some.


The song Up has no elaborate theme or narrative. It is basically Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert rapping about drugs, hoes, and material things. The hook goes like this:

I take molly and go up (up)
We take coke (and what?) we go up (go up)
We got hoes (bitches) it’s ’bout to go up (ooh)
You playin’ with smoke (brrt), it can go up (it can go up)

Appropriately enough, the video of Up has no elaborate theme or narrative. It is basically Young Thug and Lil Uzi Vert bouncing around while intense occult and satanic symbolism flash on the screen. The video screams out: “We own these two dudes” as the entire set looks like a Masonic lodge.

The video begins with this: A soulless being crawling on a Masonic checkerboard floor surrounded by red drapes. To make things extra-satanic, the scene is upside down.

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