RANT: SGT Report DELETED!! Data Mining/Mind Control Though Education Technology


from FaceLikeTheSun:

When YouTube decides to censor and delete channels that have over 300,000 subscribers for simply reporting the truth, it becomes apparent that many of us on this platform are probably not too far behind. For many of us who have been exposing the nefarious activities of the elite, there will come a cross roads when we will either have to comply to their brand of useless mind manipulating content, or be cut off. The enforcement won’t necessarily have to come through some sort of violent uprising. Rather, it will come from the education system itself, programming the minds of an entire generation with the cloud of data and recorded experiences to “learn” from. The elimination of such individualism will result in the loss of identity, in exchange for something else…just like losing the image of God in exchange for the image of the beast.

SGT Report Back up Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/SGTreport