Make Border Security Great Again – Privatize It!


by Kerry Lutz, Financial Survival Network:

The media continually informs us that there’s a crisis at the US southern border. However, little is being done about it. President Trump has his ideas and the Congress appears completely unwilling to act. Parts of the Wall are being built, but it can’t happen soon enough to quickly staunch the flow of illegals. Therefore, it’s time to take an approach that always works when it’s tried. Unleash the power of capitalism to solve this intractable problem. It’s time to privatize border enforcement.

In the country’s early history law enforcement was largely a private affair. Bounty Hunters and Bail Enforcement Agents were a private solution to a public problem. Nearly 200 years of experience with Bounty Hunters and Bail Enforcement Agents (BEA’s) has shown them to be an extremely effective solution in apprehending a broad spectrum of criminals around the country. When an alleged criminal jumps bail or fails to appear for a court hearing, modern day BEA’s, working at the behest of Bail Bondsmen, apprehend large numbers of criminals and insure that justice is served. Today, most states as witnessed by Dog the Bounty Hunter, still rely upon private individuals to insure the swift apprehension of bail jumpers.

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