Large increase in number of German women feeling unsafe: Name refugees as essential factor


from Voice Of Europe:

Women in Germany’s Sinsheim municipality feel increasingly unsafe, an academic study says. Compared with nine years ago, two and a half times more women say they feel less secure, the Rhein Neckar Zeitung reports.

The results were presented to the local council by research leader Prof. Dieter Hermann of the University of Heidelberg.

Compared with the study from 2008, there is a clear increase in the fear of crime; At the time, six percent of respondents said they felt insecure in their respective neighbourhoods; that value is now 15 percent..

Concern about becoming a crime victim at night rose from 14% to 26%. Around 29% of those surveyed, changed their leisure time behaviour because of fear over criminal acts – more than twice as many as ten years ago.

According to the study, the main reasons for the fear of crime were the “sexualised degradation of women” at 26% of the respondents and 41% of respondents named “refugees” as an essential factor.

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