German school fines parents for refusing to allow their son to visit a mosque


from Voice Of Europe:

The parents of a boy, who saw an educational mosque visit as indoctrination and refused to let him go, have been fined, Der Spiegel reports.

For a geography course, the Kronwerk Gymnasium in Rendsburg wanted to visit a mosque, but the 13-year-old boy’s parents refused because they saw the visit as indoctrination and religious education.

The non-religious parents now have to pay a 50 euros fine because they banned their son from the attending the school’s obligatory mosque visit.

The school regarded the action of the parents as a violation of compulsory education and the case, which is now two years old, landed in court.

Now the District Court ruled that the short visit should not be regarded as religious education and there was no indoctrination and no advertising for Islam.

The lawyer of the parents, Düsseldorf family lawyer Alexander Heumann, may now appeal the court’s decision.

He is a member of the association “Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa“, which warns of the “Islamisation” of society.

He sees the Rendsburg mosque as an “architectural stain” and characterises the parents’ opinion as “one cannot force anyone against their free will to enter a sacred building.”

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