Furious Q! #QAnon’s Communication Gap. #NewQ #GreatAwakening


from Neon Revolt:

Q is mad today. And I’m mad at Q, in return.

But more on that later.

Here’s the start of today’s drops:

This photo came out a while ago, as part of a Mike Cernovich protest, but did ya catch it?

“No Pedo Bashing” – NAMBLA.

Need I say more?

It’s that attempt at normalization I’ve been telling you about… like in this article:

Barack Hussein and The Cabal’s #DancingBoys. #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

(A bit of a forewarning: I’m all over the place in this article. But hopefully, you’ll be able to follow all the threads). Maybe it was the past week. Maybe I was just tired. But I was …


The next #QAnon post requires the conversation between #Anons that took place before it, just to understand the context, so we pick up the conversation here (talking about the #Facebook and #Twitter stock plunges, as well as the broader #FANG rut that seems to be in the works), and go in response order:

And this is where Q steps in, and disabuses us of any illusions we may have had:

I’ll admit, I forgot about Melissa Hodgman being top dog at the SEC. I was hoping for an SEC investigation into #FB, but with her still in place, I don’t think we’ll get one, because she was put there specifically to protect the #DeepState and the Deep State’s interests.

Anon references an older Q post to help us dig deeper:

#Anon correlates the date with the happening of the day:

#And another anon sums it up for us:

But don’t miss that last line from Q’s post, though.

“The Circle.”

I think we’re getting a double reference here – one to the #TomHanks movie, The Circle – which is basically about a dystopian Facebook-like company, that becomes all-encompassing, and basically ends up engaging in mass surveillance and population control… you know, exactly like the real thing:

But the deeper reference, I believe, is a connection that was made some months ago, which I covered back in March.

That is the connection to Le Cercle, aka The Pinay group. At the time, anon’s speculated that [P] = Pinay, and that this was the group from whom #Soros was taking his marching orders:

#Anons Discover the Identity of [P] #QAnon
#Anons Discover the Identity of [P] #QAnon

[P] is the symbol #QAnon has used to talk about the cabal heads who 1) not only put #Soros in power, but 2) allowed him to replace the #Rockefellers and 3) give him marching orders. Anons have coll…


This is the major takeaway:

(Full size: https://www.neonrevolt.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/firefox_2018-03-03_22-42-55.png)

No, the full truth is still redacted.

If the “Important marker” Q is referring to is D5…

Golly, I don’t have a clue what Q is trying to communicate here.

D5, AFAIK, is the final chess move in that game we’ve talked about previously. Others saw it as an avalanche rating (which was stupid, if you ask me, but whatever).

Some anons thought it was a reference to the “Digital 5,” which honestly, looks like nothing more than a bunch of GNU-geeks getting together to shill FOSS software Linux and Open Office to governments, so whatever there. I think that’s off-the-mark, too.

The only other thing I can think of…

Oh jeez, Q, is it Dauair?

Are you telling us that it was Germany and Frau Merkel/Hitler telling the UK what to do with the Dossier? Is that who’s pulling the strings here?


That connection – UK Fairford… That’s an RAF base, if I’m not mistaken:

It says they shut down operations in 2006… But what if they didn’t?

Just spitballing here, because I’m drawing a blank on everything else.

If none of these are it, D5 remains completely meaningless to me.

Q references the same older Q post as Anon above, so we won’t rehash it.

Here’s where Q starts to get mad, and I, in return, get mad back:

I don’t understand why Q does this.

It reads like he’s frustrated with us, but I don’t get why he then chooses to focus on rehashed information we already know.

THIS is the stuff we already understand. This is actually the really obvious stuff, understood by pretty much all the anons who visit the boards regularly. So why the shift in tone and why waste everyone’s time (yes, waste) going over it YET AGAIN?

ALL of this is understood already, multiple times over. NO new intel is in this drop, despite the ANGRY ALL CAPS.

This isn’t the stuff we’re not getting, Q.

There’s plenty we don’t understand, but this, all of this, is already understood.


And I realize all you operators are in a lot of danger. I pray for you guys regularly. And I do what I can here to help speed up and spread awareness every day.

Honestly, I’m basically one of the only intermediate “translators” you’ve got, Q, because frankly, it takes someone with an IQ over 140+ and a ton of time, technical ability AND creative skills, to not only understand your COMPLETELY CRYPTIC AND OFTEN INDECIPHERABLE posts (let alone keep up with them), but to then turn around quickly and (attempt to) communicate their intended meaning to the normie-sphere in a way the masses can understand. (Sure, there are others. And I don’t mean to discount them and their work at all. And yes, I owe a huge debt to other anons, and yes, your reach is huge, Q, but when it comes to approachable, understandable, up-to-date Q translations – Q, I’m getting 100,000+ hits a day now, and it’s only going to keep growing. Surely you know this already. And surely you know all about me and my background – so you know everything I just said is true, and you know what I’ve already accomplished on the boards – let alone the influence this page has on the boards. Was it any coincidence, for instance, that I quoted Andrew Jackson here on the site when explaining the Fed situation in my recent article, and then that same quote appears in the notables the next day? Of course not. And that’s fine; I’m not looking for credit or anything so shallow. I just want a country free of #TheCabal. I’ve already had a decade+ stolen from me; I don’t want the next 4, 5, 6 decades+ to be the same).

(And really, why do you think so many people even call it “The Cabal” to begin with? I popularized that name. And I’m not trying to hang on this or toot my own horn here – but just trying to highlight the communication gap we have going on here).

Information will spread – but only if it’s understood. Am I better at communicating with the masses than you, even with all your military expertise and resources? I’m just one guy with a WordPress blog. Sure, you “know” everything. But that doesn’t mean you’re understood.

I’m not saying I’m not grateful, Q. I really am, and I’m doing everything in my power to help. I’m with you in this.

But if you’re reading this, we really understand all of this already. What you just wrote – none of that is a problem to our understanding.

It’s the markers, the double-meanings, the clock, the map, the keystone (god, the @#$$%@#ing map and keystone) – those are the things we don’t understand.

Saying things like we “have more than we know” over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over doesn’t help anyone. That’s like telling us there’s oil underground somewhere in the state of Texas, and that we should start drilling if we want to get to it.

(Oh, there are signs planted strategically along the way that point to where this oil reserve is… but they’re written in Klingon, so good luck).

Sure, I see your “markers.” Sometimes, I think I have an idea what they’re pointing to. But mostly I look at it and go, “Yup. That’s a big ol’ sign written in Klingon” and move on (see: the D5 section above – which, btw, is a distillation of all the major thoughts Anons have had on the subject, and an original thought by yours truly, but which is probably still wrong because there will be something you’ll say we missed).

Greeeeeeeeaat… but we still don’t know where to drill, let alone know how to build a big enough drill to tap it.

And you get frustrated with us?

If we’re not picking up what you’re putting down, it’s because you and all your military friends haven’t figured out a way to communicate competently with the masses. YOU’VE GOT SIGNAL, MEDIUM, AND RECEIVER – AND THE PROBLEM ISN’T WITH THE MEDIUM OR THE RECEIVER. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a large mass of humanity cling to someone’s words as much as they cling to yours, Q.

No, what YOU have is a COMMUNICATION GAP, Q.

I mean, you’re not even trying to communicate with normies here. You’re communicating with the Autists – and if WE’RE ALL NOT GETTING IT, the normies don’t stand a snowball’s chance of ever understanding.

And WHY is that so important?

I’ll show you why, and I’ll show you using your own words:

It’s July 28th as of this writing. I don’t think we’ve really gotten much closer to the “TRUTH,” as it were, but I’ve been sitting with these drops for hours, reflecting on the state of the “Q movement” because of these last two recent posts. And I realized something during all that reflection…

You keep making allusions to all these films, Q. Trump’s pen is the Mont Blanc Screenwriter, and you keep telling us to “enjoy the movie.”

Well I’m an actual screenwriter. I’ve been read in some of the biggest production companies in the world (though, as I’ve said before, what I wrote did not sell – a fact I used to begrudge, but now for which I’m supremely grateful given who runs the studios). And while your “story” has had MAJOR pacing and logic problems this whole time, those would be excusable.

But you violated the number one rule of storytelling, Q.

It’s not enough to introduce us to the characters, settings, problems, subtext, and themes of the story, Q.

You actually have to make the audience care.

And right now, even if the full FISA truth came out – the biggest problem you have is that the majority of the world DOES NOT CARE and WILL NOT CARE. 

No, most will just glaze over and get mad and dismissive if you try to explain it to them.

Half of my job as a “Q translator” (if I you’ll allow me the indulgence of calling myself that) has been trying to make people care. I employ a number of techniques to make that possible. Believe me, it’s not easy. (Not with what you’ve been giving me to work with, anyway).

But even if all the facts re: FISA came out tomorrow, most people would still think Hillary “won the popular vote” and that Trump colluded with the Russians.

Most people would think this was just some dirty Republican trick, and get mad, possibly violent.


Because, frankly, The Cabal is better at manipulating people’s emotions and getting them to care.

I realize some of that is down to owning pretty much every single media outlet, but your riddles; your frustration stemming from the fact that we’re not deriving the correct information from the Alphabet-soup you present us with on a daily basis, actually serves to get in the way of connecting with people’s hearts.

In a strange way, Q, you’ve actually made YOURSELF the primary obstacle to our understanding.

Honestly, I’m at a point where I wish you all would just go full-on Pinochet in this country; where you and the generals opted for Plan-B (military coup) instead of Plan-A (Trump and the bloodless coup).

Screw due process.

Screw Habeus Corpus.

We’re already under Martial Law.

Just roll out the tanks already.

I’m tired of being among the anons blamed for the communication gap we’re experiencing, and frankly, my heart – and the hearts of so many others – would be 100% behind a revolt like that.

I would literally get down in the trenches with a rifle and start racking up Cabal corpses with you, if I could.

I’m sorry if you’ve lost more good people, IRL. I know you all make great sacrifices. Again, I pray for you guys. But if you feel like you’re losing, there’s a reason for that.

You write in constant riddles, and then get mad at us?

Q, you need to grasp this if this is to have ANY hope of succeeding:



If you’re going to keep up with the riddles, we autists will still be here, TRYING to figure it out…

But if that’s your approach, don’t get mad at US when NO ONE ON THE ENTIRE INTERNET has managed to solve your riddles during the past 9 months!

So there’s oil in the ground somewhere in Texas… 


It’s inaccessible to us autists (and by proxy, everyone else on planet earth).

Might as well tell me that the core of Jupiter is made of gold, and the entire surface of the planet is populated exclusively by attractive 20-something female virgins, for all the good it does me.

I don’t care how mad you are, Q, you need to hear this:

If you can’t make people care, you will fail.

I wish I could end there, but I’ve got one more drop to address in this article:

Yet again, more rehashing. Why, Q, why? Because you don’t think we won’t recognize when the MSM levels its next salvo? Because the entire autistic hivemind of the internet is too stupid to solve your indecipherable riddles, so we’ll somehow miss the really obvious Mockingbird attacks when they happen this week?

We know it’s coming, and we’ll recognize it when it pops up. Believe me, it’s much easier than understanding your riddles.

You want us to care, Q?

You’ve got to increase our understanding.

Angrily rehashing old information in ALL CAPS doesn’t do that.

Creating new impossible riddles doesn’t do that.

There’s just no other way around it. We’re at an impasse until you decide to step down from your silicon throne and give us more understandable intel, instead of getting mad at us because no one in the world has solved your impossible, dare I say, even nonsensical riddles, yet.

I hope you have a good weekend, Q. I’ll be praying for you and the Trump team, and we’ll all still be here when you decide to drop again.

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