FOUL! Google and Others Get Red Carded Over FIFA 2018


by Phil Butler, New Eastern Outlook:

The saddest thing under the eyes of God is the sight, sound, and the smell of sore losers hell-bent on poor sportsmanship no matter what. This is the downside of FIFA 2018, and a sparkling World Cup soccer moment in Russia. With nothing but excellence and the spirit of true competition emanating from Moscow and other towns in the world’s biggest country, the same dastardly Russophobes cannot even acknowledge defeat. Reading Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post and other tabloid news headlines today, I cannot help but recall a saying from The Greatest – Muhammad Ali:

“I never thought about losing, but now that it’s happened, the only thing is to do it right.”

Now, with this noble truth in mind let me say this to the George Soros, Jeff Bezos, and bitter little bankers bent on Russia’s destruction – “Give it up, Putin and Russia have beaten your asses at every turn.” The world is coming to know the truth of the matter, you see. What I’m talking about the truth is that right is prevailing, and that excellence is winning out over small-minded pettiness and greed. And FIFA 2018 looks like the final round from a media analyst’s point of view. Read the headlines this morning. There’s no unanimous Russophobia booing. That’s been replaced by genuine objectivity from many of Britain’s and Europe’s media and even a few American outlets.

At the Globe & Mail, the Trump-Putin summit is just reported, like other media ripping out straight news in place of the fake stuff. However, as fair and level as the changing media landscape may be for Putin and Russia, the losers over at The Guardian still blend applause with bitter propaganda with headlines like “World Cup plaudits cheer Putin as Russia revels in spotlight,” and an attempt to suggest FIFA 2018 is nothing more than another geostrategic toy for the dastardly Putin. Fans watch live and on TV a truly marvelous sports jamboree, and the moronic hegemony whines and moans the same pitiful tune – Putin, Putin, we must beat Putin! Well guess what fanatical libtards, it’s game over, you lost. Let’s recap.

Early in the first half of the “take over the world cup” Russia invited the world to a stunning Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014. In response to the invitation, the United States and western allies launched simultaneously, a coup d’état in Ukraine and a mudslinging onslaught against Russia’s Olympic sporting spectacle. The end result of this power play by the US hegemony was to alienate people like me and to polarize the world. In short, the shot on the Russian goal changed the momentum of world power structures. Putin and Russia on the defensive in a cold economic and PR war was a stupid move because Russia has never lost on defense. Advantage Putin.

Next, frustrated by Putin’s and Russia’s resilience and the twist of fates, the western hegemony turned to cheat – all the game and the news was rigged against the Russians. Putin poisoned this one. Putin fixed that one. Putin was overthrown, he was on his deathbed, and he probably killed Elvis – the media went nuts. War became peace, and peace became war. America invaded Syria, took over Ukraine, spied on us all, and blamed Russia’s center man calling “foul!” But when Putin blasted ISIS to hell, and when the Russian’s could not be convicted of causing any of the world’s ills – the first half went to the boy from Leningrad. Putin’s legend grew and grew, his popularity soared, and Russia got down, dirty, and tougher because of sanctions and other American nonsense.

The second half of the game for all the world’s marbles began when shoe-in Hillary Clinton was sent (kicking and screaming) to the retirement home (the bench). American technocrats and oligarchs summoned armies of crazies to stew the notion it was Putin at the ballot box stuffing votes with Trump, Trump, Trump written in in Cyrillic. Clinton and her henchmen rigged the Democratic nomination, but Russia’s leader usurped the democratic process! In the background the world heard the droning moaning of zombified Americans marching with arms outstretched to the sellout media’s tune. Congress wheeled and dealt, mad women from Schenectady marched with vaginas on their heads, and the banksters planned their next moves to tarnish Putin. Rothschild money put a minion in power in France, and Britain’s Queen Mother waved a mighty hand at MI6 to concoct another dirty deed allegation against Russia’s boss. But the world began to doubt. Somehow reality began to sink in. Why would the world’s mightiest supervillain need to use a deadly nerve agent to kill a nobody double agent? The Brits must have watched too many episodes of Benny Hill, for they surely went over the hill on the Sergei Skripal case. The liberal world order failed to score. Vladimir Putin went into the last three minutes ahead 3-0.

Russia’s opponents in this FIFA World Domination contest are showing the fatigue real losers exhibit when a sporting contest is all but lost. At the end of such games the gnawing reality sets in, the finality that the crowd will soon know who the better team was. Legs get heavy, chests heaving, and all the hollow bragging turns to sniveling. George Soros seems to have aged another 100 years. Jacob Rothschild has recoiled into the shadows. Merkel and the German fascists watched their FIFA hopes go up in smoke against a banana republic. And Donald Trump is headed to Helsinki, probably to shake hands after the final whistle blows for the real World Cup soccer festival in Russia. Putin has won. The New World Order had best tuck tail and ran for the exits, or man up and shake hands with the champion of geopolitics. The alternative is utter destruction in the court of public opinion and among media consumers. The New York Times and the Washington Post, BBC and The Guardian, and even Google are not only looking like spoiled sports but idiots as well.

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