by Deplorable McAllister, Lindapariscrimeblog.com:

To all of the people who tried to warn me about David Seaman… that day has come.

I now have all the proof I need that he is an opportunist, and an arrogant idiot, who doesn’t understand the nature of the Q Posts, and pumps himself up with blatant and stupid lies such as…

“I’m the one who BROKE PizzaGate.”

No you weren’t…

He wasn’t the one who “broke” PizzaGate.

Well…maybe in his HEAD he did. LOL.

People were posting  about it weeks before he started reporting on it!

LOTS of people started covering it at the same time and he knows it. Please!


I tried to unsubscribe from his newsletter (which I admit, I foolishly paid for) and was told I would have to go through my credit card company…a long and exhausting process, that I plan to do once I settle, and move into my new home in August, but simply don’t have the time to do right now…

and what do I get in my email box today?

“NewsLetter” stating that HE believes HE has TOTALLY DEBUNKED Q…

It was more than I could take.

That’s in addition to the patronizing…”scolding”…condescending “newsletters” that preceded it…all ending up in the trash.

At least he stopped WHINING like a little bitch. 

That’s not “news,” and it gets old real fast.

Just what I want! A “newsletter” telling me what to THINK and what to BELIEVE and then calling me an idiot if I don’t go along with his bullshit propaganda!


Here’s a bit of the newsletter…from the dumbass who thinks he’s “debunked Q…”


“Good morning. One of you asked me, what’s the point of a story about some VISA party, how about some research or further debunking Q.

We don’t need to further debunk Q; the President’s words and actions, every day, continue to do more than I ever could. Just as the President has not specifically “discredited” the Loch Ness Monster, yet we aren’t to take that non-address as an endorsement from the President that there’s a Loch Ness. Similarly, Trump’s lack of interest in a failed LARP does not magically prove he cares and endorses it.

FULCRUM is written for an intelligent readership on the up and up.

It’s not written for dumb, or imminently desperate, people—and the Q “movement” is most certainly in its bizarre desperation phase, where it demands constant attention from everybody because the group’s followers, rather than just temporarily losing face and moving on, plan to gaslight the rest of us into believing something that has become utterly ridiculous.”

So in reading this… I wrote back and told him he was an IDIOT…



Here’s my response…




Here’s the smarmy, fake confused,  condescending response I got..

“Why would you send me this? What’s the point?

If you’d like to unsubscribe there’s a link at the bottom of every email.

Weird behavior to be frank. Weird behavior from someone I don’t know. Blocked from what? My own newsletter? You seem like a person who has not intellectually thought things through.”


Blocked from my EMAIL you smug condescending ASS!!!

As it happens I DID click the unsubscribe…but the DAMN THINGS KEPT COMING! 

Just what I want! Some idiot (who clearly doesn’t understand the IMPORT of these proofs) and clearly doesn’t recognize something that is an unbelievably coordinated, smooth, secure operation that includes graphics, proofs, side by sides, charts, maps, a magnificent server…and a series of events that can ONLY be explained if someone near the President is involved.

The Proofs went over his head! There is NO WAY that these proofs could have been faked…no way. It’s not possible… IF you understand what they are and what it all means…you understand that it can’t be anything BUT real…

but you have to have at least one brain cell!

That’s his problem.

Just like he “broke Pizzagate”…the “I have debunked Q” is a complete fantasy, from someone who makes a lot of claims that simply don’t hold water.

My Response?


I have supported you from day one and DEFENDED you on many occasions… and now you’re trying to DIVIDE PEOPLE and insist on INSULTING people who support Q…all for the simple reason that the clues and proofs go way over your head!

Just because you don’t “get it” doesn’t mean the rest of us haven’t seen PROOF AFTER PROOF!

Why should I open my email and read your INSULTING emails to people who are just SMARTER than you are?

You really think you can insult us…and we won’t call you on it?

You sound like a FOOL and go OUT OF YOUR WAY to make all of us who supported you SEEM to be fools! Someone must be paying you some GOOD MONEY to destroy a VALID movement that is bringing us all together.

Remember this? “Pizzagate is REAL!!!”

Well choke on this…

“Q IS REAL!!!”

You think you can insult ME and many other former supporters over and over and over again and everything is going to be hunky dory?

HARDLY. Q is REAL…and you haven’t proven anything… except you’re not swift enough to see the proofs that WE ALL SEE…



May remind you that you were the one sitting in front of a green screen with NO IMAGE in it for 2 years…

I dare say you are NOT in a position to INSULT my intelligence or anyone else’s for that matter.
Q is real…

it’s YOU who turned out to be the fraud.

Just because the proofs go over your head…(just like the green-screen did)…by the way…FYI…you’re supposed to put IMAGES in the green screen. Get it? You talk about bitcoin and you have a bitcoin image in the screen…you talk about gold and images of GOLD BARS in the screen…it’s not meant to be green!

ALSO…I HAVE “unsubscribed” and I’ve ASKED to be taken off the list (as you told us early on that was ALL we had to do!) and was told I NOW have to go through my credit card company…which is probably going to cost me!

Don’t forget abut the GOLD I invested in…all the while DEFENDING YOU.

Never again will I be duped by you.



My only question is how much money did it cost them to turn you into a traitor?

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest…

>>>>>>>> The End <<<<<<<<

and he wrote me back calling me “UNHINGED”  and told me not to contact him anymore!

..of course I was only answering HIS question…

but then there’s no one, who’s more of an expert on being UNHINGED than David Seaman! He’s an expert on the subject…just watch his videos!

There’s PLENTY of videos of this idiot sitting in his apartment yelling…ranting…drinking…smoking weed…and going off the rails…


So this is where the reader gets to tell me…

“We told you so!”

How about this one…


“We TRIED to tell ya…but you WOULDN’T listen to us! YEP…we tried and tried…but ya just wouldn’t listen would ya?”

and then I say…


“YOU were RIGHT and I was WRONG…I admit it.”

then you say…

“We told you so! We TRIED tell ya!”


I stand corrected and have BLOCKED the pompous windbag from my email…all future “NewsLetters” (cough…snort…hack) go immediately into the trash.

Q IS REAL…because there is a REAL NEED FOR IT!

Q IS REAL…because this is an INFORMATION WAR and President Trump has an ARMY OF TRUTHERS at his beck and call…

Q IS REAL…because if it WASN’T real President Trump would have COME OUT and disavowed it!

Q IS REAL…because the proofs are indisputable…once you figure them out…they are amazing!

Q IS REAL…because they USE it for other things.

Q IS REAL…because people like creepy David Seaman are working SO HARD to “debunk” it!

QUESTION: WHY would they work so damn hard to debunk it if it was a LARP? Why would they CARE?

Q IS REAL…because the President has VERIFIED it and if you don’t understand that you are either a complete dumbass or a SHILL. 

Q IS REAL…Because they are giving us REAL information that the DEEP STATE DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW!


Q IS REAL…It’s the desperate, sweaty, SHILLS who are the FAKES…




Q is REAL!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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