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Free speech under unprecedented attack by globalist thought police

Facebook has a moral responsibility to delete Infowars from its platform, according to CNN’s Oliver Darcy.

“Why would you poison a hundred people with false information if you’re acknowledging that it’s not good information? It’s not good enough for a large audience, so why would it be good enough for a small audience?” Darcy said on “Reliable Sources” on Monday.

“And I think that is going to be a question Facebook is going to have to answer going forward.”

Darcy lobbied Facebook to shut down Infowars last week, which was unsuccessful thanks to the First Amendment. But that didn’t stop Darcy from insisting that Infowars was “poisoning the well” of free expression.

“This is not really a case of different point of view, left or right, it’s really a matter of right and wrong, right?” Darcy continued. “And Facebook could come down and say ‘this is poisoning the well, this is bad information and we’re not going to host this kind of content on our platform,’”

“Facebook’s instead saying ‘we’re gonna be not removing content that’s false,’ kind of interesting from the company that says it’s doing a lot to fight misinformation online.”

After host Brian Stelter lamented that Infowars is present on multiple platforms, including Twitter and YouTube, Darcy suggested the tech giants have a “responsibility” to shut down opposing points of view.

“It does really beg the question: do these tech giants have a responsibility to stem misinformation online, and if it does, does it stop with Jones or does it transfer to other outlets?” Darcy responded.

Despite Facebook admitting it “demoted” Infowars’ content by as much as 80%, the tech giant still cited the “basic principles of the free speech” protected by the Constitution as the reason why Alex Jones is still allowed to use the platform.

Democrat lawmakers even pressured Facebook during a televised hearing Tuesday to answer for why they chose not to ban Infowars from its platform.

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