Chiraq? It Has Been 1221 Days Since Chicago Had A Shooting/Homicide-Free Day


from ZeroHedge:

Did ‘the purge’ already begin?

When will Trump ‘send in The Feds’ to fix Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s failures?

It was just over a year ago that Trump opined…

In a statement released by the police department last June following President Trump’s tweet, police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said,

“If you have a magic bullet to stop the violence anywhere, not just in Chicago but in America, then please, share it with us…”

“More than just a new strategy or tactic, we are foundationally changing the way we fight crime in Chicago. This new strike force will significantly help our police officers stem the flow of illegal guns and create a culture of accountability for the small subset of individuals and gangs who disproportionately drive violence in our city.”

The numbers have only got worse since then.

Courtesy of, here are Chicago’s deadliest ‘hoods…

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