Chicago, Gun Violence, and Trump


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

Whaaaaa Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mommy mommy I won’t take any risks myself you go do it mommy!

Gun violence in Chicago has reached such horrific proportions – and city officials have proven so unable to deal with this crisis – that drastic action is called for.

It’s my fervent hope that President Trump – who has frequently commented about the terrible violence plaguing the city – will intervene soon and provide federal law enforcement officers and funding to save lives of innocent men, women and children being gunned down every day in my hometown of Chicago.

Two words: **** you.

This isn’t a new problem.  I lived in Chicago for 13 years and ran a company there.  I left specifically because I saw the writing on the wall and all I heard in response was ****ing whining little children like you demanding someone else do something about it.

Cut the ****, eh?  Most of these murders are black people killing black people. Nearly all of the rest are illegal invaders.  Why?  Drugs and gangs, along with an effectively-disarmed citizenry and a corrupt, criminally so, City Hall and police force.

Rahm, your current mayor, specifically stated in the past that one should never “let a crisis go to waste.”  If that’s not an implication that he would intentionally let this sort of violence spin out of control for political purposes then would you please tell me what is?

Yet you, yes you Mr. *******, sat back and let that ********** win that office.  Now you sit there on a daily basis and let him keep it.  The people of the city, if they gave a flying **** about all the death could show up and make him quit.

Yes, I said make him quit.

All government exists only with the consent of the people.  Always and everywhere.  It always has been thus and it always will be.

You may not like the cost of doing something about it, and that cost might be rather extreme.  It might involve very severe and pointed economic actions against the businesses in the city, such as pickets, boycotts and driving conventions out.  It might involve very severe and pointed political actions like shutting down the entire ****ing Loop (including but certainly not limited to City Hall) with protests so large (and no ******n permits either) that nothing can function.  While the latter is definitely illegal and some people would go to jail it’s not violent, while murder most-certainly is.

But no!  You demand someone else take risk, come in and clean out the trash barrel.

Well, **** you.

I left that area for precisely this reason — those who were being impacted even then did nothing other than bitch.  The last real effort I saw at citizen activism when it came to the people having had enough of the City’s **** was when they tried to arrest Bessie Jones — that was in 1993.

Since then?  Oh it’s all pink pussy hats and chasing political candidates away from giving speeches by attacking ordinary citizen vehicles who are coming to attempt to attend said speech.  Free speech, in short, is worth vandalism and felony assault, but murder is worth…..

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