Another Nation Snaps: Marines Headed To Haiti To Protect US Embassy As Riots Turn Into Total Chaos


from Silver Doctors:

Westerners take note: Weaker nations around the world have been bending, and now they’re snapping, and there’s blood and chaos in the streets…

There’s chaos everywhere around the globe.

There’s financial chaos, political chaos, and social chaos.

It’s all around us, and right in our own back yards.

In recent days, while most people have been focused either on Brexit, or the trade wars, or the World Cup, or Stormy Daniels, nations at the periphery are collapsing at alarming rates.

And by “collapsing” I mean they are divulging into total anarchy.

The latest is Haiti, where there have been riots in the streets for months, which have been intensifying for days.

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The latest increase in rioting was blamed on increases in fuel prices, but some say that it’s not just about fuel prices.

It’s systemic.

As in Haiti has reached its breaking point.

Here’s more from Barbados Today (bold for emphasis):

Having had over ten deployments to Haiti following the earthquake in 2010, including during their elections, I do not think that the increase in fuel prices is the root cause of this crisis.

They know that sacrifices have to be made to improve their economy, and they have made them in the past.  However, after suffering for so long, the Haitian people hate being tricked.

Their political candidates promised to address mismanagement and corruption if they were elected.  The people expected improvements in government efficiency, and arrests of those accused of corruption, before being targeted for austerity.

However, to have austerity forced on them, without the promised efficiency and arrests, appeared to be too much for the people to bear from a government that promised to be different.

As we canvassed during the recent elections, people wanted to know what Solutions Barbados would do about the gross corruption in which both established political parties have repeatedly accused the other of engaging.  We promised the most effective policy to address corruption.

Both payers and receivers of bribes would have to pay a fine of ten times the value of the bribe, and whistle-blowers would be rewarded with the full value of the bribe.

Surprisingly, most people were not satisfied with this response.  They wanted the guilty politicians imprisoned.


We promised to effectively address corruption in the most effective manner possible because we could.

However, the people wanted ‘blood’, and those skilled in political public relations gave them exactly what they were accustomed to receiving from politicians – empty promises.

The embassy has set up an alert hotline for Americans who need help:

In fact, the embassy is having employees shelter-in-place.

Here’s from the embassy’s website (bold for emphasis):

Event: Embassy employees’ movements are restricted within Port-au-Prince and elsewhere in Haiti at this time. Embassy personnel are prohibited from traveling in their personal vehiclesAll Embassy staff movements must be approved by the security office in advance.

The ex-US Army Soldier in me tells me that only the top dogs in the embassy will be able to go anywhere.

Here’s some coverage of what has been going on, for the visual learners out there, from RT (notice the blame is placed on fuel prices):

Since the RT video was produced, the situation worsened.

The US Embassy has asked for additional security from the US Marines.

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