All Conservative American Politicians Are In Danger-A New Age of Terrorism Has Arrived


by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

There are some basic truisms that must be established before presenting the case that American society is about to be overrun by a combination of the same terrorist forces and paramilitary groups that have overrun Mexico. These forces would be the end result of the marriage between the cartels and the most infamous terrorists in the world. Mix in the Russians and American Deep State support and one has the makings of a quite an army, a Red Dawn Army.

In previous articles during the course of April 2018, available through the search engine at the Common Sense Show (ie search term-Red Dawn), I established the fact that a two phase invasion of America, was coming out of Central American paramilitary base camps and it was going to engulf America.

As previously cited, phase one of this invasion force will consists of massive terrorism and its forces will be well-trained MS-13 and ISIS allies which have been merged together by the Sanchez-Peredes drug cartel out of Peru, the largest in the world. There is Russian money and influence as well Deep State and George Soros influence and resources associated with these groups.

Phase two of the Red Dawn invasion is designed to attack America after the country has engaged the bulk of its military in conflicts on foreign soil, thus leaving America less protected.

As I begin to build this case, we can clearly see that Mexico is the clear victim of phase one violence. The cartels and their MS-13 allies control the entire Mexican political system. America is next.


As you read this article, keep in mind that as Syria is the way into Iran, Mexico is the way to topple the United States. The plot to conquer America is multi-faceted. This article will deal with the newest form of terrorism coming to America, political violence, especially directed at conservative elected officials.

Mexico Is a Symptom of What Is Coming to America

Mexico has recorded its highest homicide rate in decades, with the Mexican  government reporting there were 29,168 murders in 2017.  This even exceeds the murder rate recorded in 2011 at the peak of Mexico’s drug cartel wars.

The death toll is Mexico’s highest ever recorded  since the government began keeping records  in 1997. Mexico’s homicide rate this past year equated with 20.5 murders per 100,000 residents; in 2011, that figure was 19.4.

This progressive revelations of this article will reveal that this is America’s future. Do you doubt it? If you do, you need to stop burying your head in the sand and come up for air.

Mexican Politicians Are Being Murdered in Record Numbers-American Politicians Are Next

Most of us, north of the border will choose to views these deaths as tragic and attribute them to the narco-terrorist state that characterizes the Mexican people as it continues to terrorize the citizens of the country. However, this conclusion would be short-sighted and would leave Americans ignorant to the fact that the same exact forces that victimize Mexico are being put into play north of the border as well. the progressive nature of this article will reveal the fact that American politicians already know that this is coming. This article will also reveal that the same controlling mechanisms behind the political violence in Mexico are at work in America as well.

Mexican Drug Cartel Violence Is Targeting Their Politicians

Mexico is elected a new president on July 1, 2018.  As a result, a record wave of politicians were being targeted on both the national, but mostly the local level.

Without question, the wave of political violence can be solely be attributed to the Mexican drug cartels as they are battling for influence and have been targeting politicians that may not support the establishment of their narco-terrorist empires.

Reutersin a shocking report, is claiming that at least 82 candidates and officeholder have been assassinated since the electoral season began in September 2017.

But wait, that number between April, the date of the Reuters report and the election of AMLO as Mexican President has witnessed over 300 murders of politicians are various levels of government.

The political assassinations do not target one specific party or ideology. The cartels are targeting anyone, from across the political spectrum, that may stand in their way.  It should be noted that most of the assassinated politicians were running for local offices  The perpetrators of this unprecedented wave of political violence, the Drug lords, are hoping to install lawmakers they know and can control to ensure that their lucrative drugs, sex trafficking, organ harvesting and gun running enterprises are allowed to continue.

The rates of violence escalated to unimaginable levels.  In this past Mexican election cycle, there were 3,400 available political positions, and over 300 were assassinated. That means that when one runs for office in Mexico, they have about 10% chance of being assassinated.

It is known that most of the assassins have ties to the infamous Central American street gang, MS-13. As has been reported numerous times by The Common Sense Show, MS-13 was admitted into the United States in record numbers beginning in earnest in 2014 at the height of the so-called Central American immigration invasion of the United States.

Please allow me to posit a stark warning at this point. Mexico is lost as far a civilized law-abiding nation. Mexico is this hemisphere’s version of Somalia, only it has pretend elections to give the appearance of law and order.

As the cartels get their confederates into office, local government offers a source of well-paid contracts and bribes. Unquestionably, this means that local police forces can even be forced into working for and protecting the cartels. This is America’s future. The second part of this article, will focus on the emerging threat and how some key Congressional members of the GOP are already aware of what is coming and are acting accordingly.

America’s Chest Pains Before the Collapse

Violence has already come to the American political landscape. I want the readers to contemplate the following scenario. President Trump is re-elected. He repudiates the nation debt, the credit swap derivatives debt as well as the debt to the unfunded mandated liabilities of medicare, medicaid and social security. His trade policies continue to be successful and American manufacturing returns to being number one in the world. America’s days of prosperity return and the Deep Sate resistance, as manifested by the Democratic Party, collapses. Who would be Trump’s likely successor after his successful second term in office? It will not be Mike Pence. It would be Rand Paul. Rand Paul is not a carbon copy of Donald Trump, but he is a similar facsimile.

Take a break from this line of reasoning for a moment and ask yourself if the contents of the aforementioned paragraph, have not been serious discussed in both the smoky backrooms of the Deep State as well as in the leadership meetings of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Of course this scenario has been discussed. The DNC knows that they have no chance to win in either 2020 and 2024.

If Rand Paul follows Donald Trump into the White House, the New World Order, that desperately needs America to fall before their one-world government and economy can be installed, could take a fatal hit. By this time, George Soros, Henry Kissinger et al, will be dead. America, the previous sleeping giant, will be awakened.

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