​The MSM Wants War With Russia? A Dangerous Narrative is Born – Nathan McDonald (19/07/2018)


by Nathan McDonald, Sprott Money:

Make love not war.

This used to be the slogan of the left, and for many, who still consider themselves classical liberals, traditional liberals, this is still the case.

However the times they are changing and as I have pointed out in numerous recent articles, not for the better, but for the worse.

Insanity has taken hold of the West, as a percentage of the population continues to descend further and further into madness, madness that is being rammed down our throats by the MSM, of which throughout the course of this article, you will see is clearly the case.

The hub this week that has the far left and parts of the right, up in arms is his recent, first time meetingwith the Russian President Vladimir Putin, in Helsinki Finland.

Trump made a number of critical and crucial errors in the way he spoke, that inflamed both sides of the political isle, in which he contradicted assessments from his own intelligence community.

This shocked many, as it appeared that he was turning against his own agencies and siding with the Russian President. Although ill placed and honestly moronic in timing, his statements weren’t entirely false, nor incorrect. As, to this day, it is still unknown as to what extent the Russian government interfered in the 2016 elections.

What has been disclosed by the Intelligence community, is that Russia did purchase 3,500 Facebook ads, which were designed in nature to promote Donald Trump.

However, what we also learned during their assessment, is that they were also promoting Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein during their primary campaign against Hillary Clinton.

Or how about the fact that the DNC was actively working against Bernie Sanders themselves, supplanting him and manipulating the results to see Hillary win the primary? Of which is a much more blatant and clear example of manipulation.

This Russian interference, in reality is a drop in the bucket, and for anyone who has ever run a Facebook ad campaign, which includes myself, you will know that this is absolutely nothing and does not have the ability to swing a Nationwide election in anyway, shape or form.

Another fact that needs to be taken into consideration is that Russia is not the only one who engages in these actions. To think for a moment that the United States does not also attempt to swing foreign elections in their favor, or promote key candidates over others is ludicrous. In fact, I would be stunned if this was not common practice.

What is shocking however, is the over reaction from the left, to Trumps blunder of a meeting President Putin.

Taking to the airwaves and social media, key, high ranking members of the MSM began to push the narrative that Trumps statements were “treason” and Russia’s actions were an “act of war”.

This “act of war” narrative was quickly pushed ahead by various outlets, as they began to quickly compare it to a modern day “Pearl Harbor” event. A truly stunning and disgusting statement, and an insult to the 2,403 Americans who lost their lives on that day.

CBS News Senior National Security Analyst Frances Townsend sent out the following tweet ;

“Russia Putin’s Attack on the U.S. Is Our Pearl Harbor. It was an Act of War and we should recognize it as such.”

While Politico had the following to say;

“Members of the House and Senate have been briefed, but remain deadlocked in partisan bickering. Some in the House have spent more time investigating the investigators than they have in trying to hold Russia accountable. Trump’s suggestion to accept Russian investigators into this process adds a new layer to the sideshow. When right of the boom feels like left of the boom, it’s easy to miss the fact that what the Kremlin did—is doing—was, and is, an act of war.”

This kind of talk is irrational, delusional and frankly, dangerous.

The MSM have completely lost all sense of personal responsibility in their pursuit of pushing their personal agenda and getting the next click bait story out into the airwaves.

Sensible people are taking notice, they are seeing this dangerous talk for what it is, and they are getting fed up with the actions of the MSM and their ilk, which is exactly why more and more people are tuning out and turning off their television sets, seeking alternative news sources.

Beginning a war with Russia, the second largest military power in the world, whom possesses a vast array of nuclear weapons, would be disastrous and catastrophic to say the least. Going to war with said power, over 3,500 Facebook ads, would be stupidity incarnate.

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