Why Globalists Want to Contain Iran


by Chris Kanthan, Activist Post:

Forget the hullabaloo about Iran’s nuclear program—Netanyahu and the Neocons have been screaming about the imminent demise of the globe by Iran’s non-existent nukes for more than twenty years. The truth is that Iran is in the crosshairs of globalists for four main geopolitical reasons:

Oil competition

In terms of world’s proven reserves, Iran is #4 in oil and #2 in natural gas. Thus, a free Iran will endanger Saudi Arabia’s role as the leading oil producer.

To give some historical context, the only reason that Saudis are so rich now is that Iran has been virtually isolated by crippling US sanctions since 1979. For decades before that, Iran was #1 in oil production and refining, but everything changed when Saudis colluded with international financiers to create the oil-for-dollar (“petrodollar”) scheme in the 1970s during the dollar crisis. In return, globalists turned Iran into a global pariah. Thus, in 1970, Iran was producing more oil than Saudi Arabia; however, by 1980, the Saudis were producing six times more oil than the Iranians!

A resurgent Iran will also mean competition to US oil and shale companies which have been ramping up production since 2011 (when Libya was destroyed!).

Challenge to Israel

Israel wants weak Arab neighbors that it can kick around and grab oil/land from – a prime example being Golan Heights, that has huge oil reserves. There are Israelis who dream of a Greater Israel, which encompasses land from many neighboring countries. Iran is strong and independent; it helped defeat Al Qaeda and ISIS jihadists in Syria; it’s very likely helping anti-Saudi rebels in Yemen; and it arms Hezbollah who can punch Israel in the nose if the latter meddles in Lebanon.

Divide and Rule; Weapons Sales

If everyone in the Middle East got along with one another, there will be no need for US military bases, and Saudi Arabia won’t be binge-buying US/UK weapons. That would be terrible! For the military-industrial complex, the Middle East has been a cash cow for the last two decades. Perpetual wars mean enormous war-profiteering for private contractors and defense corporations.

Then there are geopolitical elites, for whom controlling nations and regions is imperative. For them, divide and rule is an essential strategy. Hence they fuel the Sunni-Shiite, Saudi-Iran, Arab-Persian conflict and keep it just short of a full-fledged war — after all, corporations don’t want their pipelines and refineries to get destroyed. In geopolitics, this playbook is called “controlled chaos.”

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