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from Neon Revolt:

Okay, I have to first apologize for all the site issues of late. If you’ve been encountering errors and such – yes – I found out the site has been under attack.

If you follow me on Gab, you’ve seen all the status updates, but in short, it looked like a renegade plugin was wrecking things at first, and when that turned out to not be the case, it was determined that a team of bots was attacking the site.

I installed and upgraded countermeasures today, so we’ll see how that all goes, but it was like trying to wrangle a wild beast. It would twist, and I would pull back. It would thrash, and I would rein it in. It would snarl and bite, and I would grit my teeth and hang on.

So hopefully, hopefully the issue is solved.

In the meantime, let’s get into the latest #Qanon drops, starting with where I got cut off last night.

But Neon! Didn’t you post this drop in your last article?

Why yes, dear reader. I did.

I just wanted to laugh at @EyeTheSpy again.


But it brings up a valid issue:

The basic gist of this is that while Q congratulates #Anon on his ability to deduce a date from his old password, Q indicates that there’s something else here, hidden in the (23) reveal.

This point held me up considerably, trying to figure it out, until it smacked me right in the head. DUH!

Think Military.

I believe what Q is referencing is a modern version of this; whatever the Ghost Army became after WWII.

These guys were the best, engaging in all kinds of wartime deception.

So what I believe Q is cluing us in on is that some kind of massive military deception operation was underway, and by the time it was revealed publicly – 5/19 – it had already accomplished its purpose; whatever it was – be it positioning the enemy where we wanted them, holding attacks at bay, or whatever.  I really hope we get a much clearer picture of what this deception involved, because this is a hilarious tactic to use against an enemy. Especially because once they knew they had been deceived, there was nothing they could do about it!

Imagine how demoralizing, how devastating that had to have been for The Cabal.

The mental warfare going on here is just as important as the actual warfare.

(Of course, I reserve the right to be profoundly wrong on this front, and adjust at a future date. And just for clarity, I’m not saying Q is having troops use inflatable tanks somewhere. I’m saying they’re engaging in deceptive practices out in the field. But if 23 turns out to be something else, you will of course be informed, first.).

What recent news? This recent news:

Twitter Receives Subpoena For Info on Several Right-Leaning Accounts

The defamation lawsuit filed in March by Aaron Rich, the brother of murdered former Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, appears to have ramped up significantly with the subpoena of several Twitter accounts including private messages sent over for the timespan of Jan. 1, 2015 to the present.

lawandcrime.com LAWANDCRIME.COM

The details of the June subpoena shows that Aaron Rich’s legal team at Boies Schiller Flexner LLP is trying to get its hands on a lot of communications sent over various accounts. Attorney Michael Gottlieb listed “primary accounts” for the defendants named above, plus Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, Roger StoneKim Dotcom, the website Gateway Pundit and its current employee Cassandra Fairbanks.

The subpoena asked for communications (“tweets, re-tweets, likes or replies on Twitter”), direct messages, documents (including but not limited to video/audio recordings, email attachments, notes, calendars, diaries, etc.) and related metadata about the following “Topics” sent by or to the “primary accounts” mentioned above:

The subpoena also asked for communications, directs messages and documents about topics mentioned sent by or to “secondary accounts” from Jan. 1, 2015 to present. A secondary account was one defined as “any Account that communicated with the Primary Account.”

When it comes out that Seth Rich and Julian Assange were actually in contact with each other regarding the DNC leaks, forget it. It’s over. Hillary, Wasserman-Schultz, and others are now co-conspirators in a murder case.

Seth Rich saw wrongdoing happening in his country, and he tried to do something about it. He’ll be remembered as a hero by everyone, soon.

This is the video Trump showed Kim Jong-Un.

Scott Adams said, of this video:

“It might be the best thing that anybody ever did in a negotiation; period. It might be, in the history of the world, the best thing anybody had ever did. It hits every note perfectly.”

Scott Adams on Twitter

“Scott Adams talks about the video President Trump shared with Chairman Kim. Wow! Bring coffee. https://t.co/j1Yuj0krQy”


But Q really spells it out for us here by pointing out the “Dark to light” reference at 1:07.

So, a definite case of future-proves-past.  Add it to the list of #QConfirmations!


Now this is brilliant. If you remember the older Qdrops, you’ll remember Q calling out, very early on, that Obama had actually been to North Korea last year.  You’ll recall all the work the Cabal had put into that place, between Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk, and so many others.

(Actually, while we’re on the subject – on the very old Facebook page I ran – the one that got deleted – I posted an infographic showing how North Korea’s missiles were identical to SpaceX’s designs. I had it on an external HD that has begun to act up, but I’d really like to get another copy of it. If anyone has that infographic still, I’d appreciate you uploading it to kek.gg, and posting a link the comments below. Thank you!)

I like to sit back and imagine Obama sweating as he picks up the phone, heart pounding as he fumbles along the dial, anxiously leaning forward as the line starts to ring until –

“죄송 합니다만 지금은 통화를 완료 할 수 없습니다.

No! A pre-recorded operator!

And then the receiver slips from out between his hand, down to the floor, cracking on the tile as it finally dawns on him how well and truly screwed he is.

And it just goes to show how much attention to detail these white hats have. “Don’t forget to change his phone number, Larry.” And Larry goes to North Korean Telecom (or whoever), and gets it done.

Well, they were in the [killbox], soooo….

Anon is 100% correct. This is hilarious.

But – quick refresher for those who may just be joining us on this Q-journey.

ES is Eric Schmidt.

Eric Schmidt ran Google/Alphabet for years, as one of its founders.

Google itself is one big deep-state operation.

Eric Schmidt went to NK in 2013 to install a computer network there. You can find the photos with a simple search.

The computer network was built for the express purpose of giving the Obama White House, and the Deep State/Cabal control over NK’s nuclear arsenal…

Which they had had since 2004.

So yeah, he knows we know, and he knows he can’t hide much longer. He’s a traitor and his “nuclear treason” is about to be exposed to the world.

No wonder he can’t sleep.

But on a serious note, you should be sitting up and paying attention to Senator Jeff Flake (Arizona), because he recently went with Eric Schmidt down to Cuba, and frankly, the whole affair just reeks of Cabal.

U.S. Senator Flake, former Google CEO meet with new Cuban president

U.S. Senator Jeff Flake, former Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt and the Trump administration’s top diplomat in Cuba met on Monday with new Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel, the highest-level U.S. delegation to do so since he took office.

U.S. U.S.

And judging by some of the Leftist messaging I’ve seen on various social media platforms against Flake (who is no good guy; don’t get me wrong) I think they’re threatening not just him, but his family as well.

Ahhhh, okay. The four booms correlate to the actual documents signed by Trump and Kim Jong-Un.

Can’t wait for more #booms!

Misspellings are always intentional; we’ve learned that by now. Looks like Q is drawing our attention to a very specific misspelling from one of yesterday’s Trump tweet, where there is a missing “i” and a missing “p.”

One anon had this idea for the meaning:

But I completely disagree with this idea.

I think the missing I is the same as before – Iridium. There’s no reason to change that comm:

And I think the missing P is exactly as it was before. P = Pope.

So this post is really telling the Cabal – we’ve cut your communication lines and your leaders are falling.

Plus… I believe this fits in with the larger narrative Q is trying to paint here.

But more on that in a moment!

(I know, I know, you hate it when I do that).

But hey, if you want to disagree with me on this, that’s fine. That’s why I included anon’s post above. It wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong, and his interpretation is certainly plausible.

I can’t wait for this to happen. The IG report lands at noon on Thursday, so that’s definitely going to kick-off this dramatic shift in the national narrative, especially once Grand Inquisitor Huber gets unleashed.

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. ”

-Napoleon Bonaparte

Now this is an interesting drop. A lot of anons just assumed it was a picture of AF1, but, well:

So what is this a picture of?

Anon helps sort us out:

And then anon connects it to this:

Did Q really just give us #HAARP confirmation??


I mean… the thought had crossed my mind during that original drop, but I dismissed it as, frankly, too far into Alex-Jonesian territory.

I don’t know if everyone knows what that means, but basically, well… I’ll try to break it down for people who may not be familiar with the concept.

Around the earth, shielding it from cosmic rays is something called the ionosphere. It’s just this electrically charged layer that protects us from getting blasted to death by the sun’s radiation, among other things, and it also has an effect on the weather. Basing their designs on some of Tesla’s ideas, DARPA build that HAARP facility you see before you in the screenshot. It was theorized that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program – could manipulate the weather by charging the ionosphere – triggering all kinds of atmospheric phenomenon… like, for instance, the two legendary floods we saw during Trump’s first year in office.

Trump had the official HAARP facility taken over during his first months in office, so I don’t think Q is saying this is where the potential weather attacks are originating from…


HAARP schedules first experiments since UAF takeover

Experiments are scheduled through the end of the month at the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program or HAARP facility. It’s the first time science is being conducted at the ionospheric research station in Gakona since the University of Alaska Fairbanks took it over from the Air Force in 2015. Listen now


…But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other HAARP facilities around the world.

And that’s not even the most notable part of all this.

Anon drops this, and things become really interesting:

You know my theory, that Q+ posts are actually messages from Trump.

Needless to say, someone’s about to do something dangerous.

A Legionary on Gab referred me to this article, before I embarked on writing this post:

Let's Talk About That Mysterious 'Rocket Launch Over Whidbey Island' Photo

We investigated this bizarre photograph, reaching out to the photographer, the Navy, and the FAA, and came to one conclusion.


A notable line from the article:

The closest thing to something like that would be the Ohio class nuclear ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs) based not too far away at Bangor Trident Base/Naval Submarine Base Bangor, but those apocalyptic machines don’tlaunch missiles in the Puget Sound even for testing.

This also brings new meaning to the term “D5.”

Trident II D5 Fleet Ballistic Missile

The Trident II D5 is the latest generation of the U.S. Navy’s submarine-launched fleet ballistic missiles, following the highly successful Polaris, Poseidon, and Trident I C4 programs.


(Although… I’ll mention this in passing, even though I haven’t seen any sort of confirmation regarding it. Some anons dispute that this is a missile at all. They cite the lack of exhaust fumes, and the long light trail. Personally, I think it looks like a missile captured on a camera with a long exposure. But some anons contest that it’s actually something more akin to a hyperkinetic railgun sabot round… I don’t think so, but I thought I’d mention the theory here, anyway).

But who fired it?



And how do we know this?

Because Q has used this code three times before. Observe!

Each “suppose” represents a moment where the D’s – the Democrats – were supposeD to win.

So… I’m beginning to think both myself, and the other anon were wrong about what I P meant:

A reverse image search brings us… here.

Chinese hackers steal sensitive Navy program data

Cyberattacks sponsored by the Chinese government infiltrated a U.S. Navy contractor’s computers, allowing digital thieves to access sensitive data related to secret Navy projects on a submarine anti-ship missile.


Anon puts together the pieces:

So some hot-shot Top Gun just saved the world by shooting down a missile with a possible nuclear payload.

Kenny Loggins would be proud:

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