Well Dylan, You Did Better Than A Lib


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

But not by much.

12% is about double what a Libertarian candidate can get around here, from my experience, in a very friendly district — in fact, our county is the most-Libertarian voting in the state.  Try it in other areas and it’s more like 3%.

12% sounds decent, but it really isn’t.  It makes no impact.  It makes no statement.  It results in no change.

And while you’re always going to put forward some sort of “look to the future” speech when you lose (heh, that’s expected) it also won’t really mean anything either — it never does.

You want to know why you didn’t do better?

“The Democratic Party right now is lost in a quagmire of resistance to something that only makes it stronger,” Ratigan said. “I think the only way you win this district as a challenger … is to shift away from the energy of resistance, which I think is a big mistake, and toward the energy of creation.”

Ratigan said the primary result was an example of the “broken political system” he talks about. He ran on a platform of government and campaign reform and pushed for open primaries, ranked voting and changes in campaign finances.

That’s why.

You went from being outraged about banks screwing people to….. shutting up while medical providers and the Democrat Party in Congress screwed people.  Repeatedly.  Blindly.  Violently, even.

Risky to take that on politically?  Sure.  But you need 90% issues when you’re the underdog if you intend to win.

90% issues are the ones where 90% of the people will support it and you cannot get to that point with anything that infringes people’s actual rights or you cannot pay for.

All the typical “talking point” type things are things that were either ethereal or you couldn’t fund — and you know it.  They’re losers; they’re intellectually and financially bankrupt.  “Get the money out of politics” sounds like a great buzz-phrase but it’s a loser both fiscally and intellectually.  Money can’t vote; only people can.

Yes, bigger speakers and louder amplifiers make one’s voice louder.

It also makes it more-shrill.

If you want to take on someone with more firepower you have to offer something they can’t or won’t, and it cannot contain any element of a scam.  It can’t promise to steal from other people.  It can’t promise to write checks on the overdraft credit line either.

I have suggestions in that area which I believe are at least 80% issues.  Why not 90%?  Because the other 20% work in the industry that’s ****ing every American blind, so of course they’ll oppose it, maybe vehemently so.

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