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from Neon Revolt:

Major happenings in Tucson going on right now. And this is why you should be connected to me on Gab, because I posted the seeds of this story the other night, as they were coming out: Here’s the video from that post, if you need to get caught up.

Here’s the video from that post, if you need to get caught up.

Yes, what you are looking at here is an empty child-trafficking camp, complete with a purpose-built holding cell, near the southern border of Arizona.

The video was originally posted by former Navy Seal Craig Sawyer on Twitter, after it was discovered by Veterans on Patrol.

Sawyer runs and is doing a ton of great work to hunt down these evildoers and save these kids, so be sure to check that link out.

Gateway Pundit quickly started following the story:

Searching bridges and washes to find and aid homeless, Veterans on Patrol stumbled upon an encampment in Tucson, Arizona on Friday, but it wasn’t a typical homeless camp.

In the middle of the desert, they found trees with restraints on them at the site, children’s clothing, a baby crib and stroller, an outdoor bathroom, pornographic material, hair dye and a five feet tall underground cave that had a dresser and crates. The cave the was not big enough for an adult, but a child could easily fit inside.

Now… bear with me here, as a lot of this is unfolding in real-time – even as I write and as you read. I might jump around a bit, here and there, but just… bear with me.

#Anon gave us an update regarding what’s happening in the field in Tucson this morning:

Wow, lots to digest in there.

First, let me mention that the division of Veterans on Patrol doing most of the actual work out there, on-site, is VOP Alpha Company – Team Pulaski.

They are the ones that uncovered the site, and their primary presence online is found at:

The local media is, of course, giving the story the #Pizzagatetreatment…

Locals are saying that the police aren’t helping, and in fact, Team Pulaski just livestreamed a video of police ARRESTING VOP members for TRESPASSING (YES).

I just finished uploading a mirror of that video to my Gab channel – so if you want to see that, click this image, or the link below it:

And there are, of course, other reports of the police trying to shut this thing down across Team Pulaski’s facebook page – so if I had to put money on it, I’m willing to bet many, many cops not only knew this was happening, but are actively involved in it.

Beyond that, anon tells us that CEMEX owns the land, and more camps are being discovered in the area,  with possible burial sites included. CEMEX, is of course, a Mexican multinational that deals in building materials; primarily cement and concrete.

They are also a big Clinton Foundation donor:

Anon provides a map of all their operations in America:

Which… wow, a lot of border operations, and a lot of those dots line up with active human trafficking corridors. Remember how we were talking about Miami and Haiti the other day?

And remember the FIU bridge that collapsed in Miami back in mid March?

Yeah that, CEMEX’s concrete. Turns out they have a ton of Chinese connections, too.

And remember Q’s post about our crumbling infrastructure:

One anon pointed to CEMEX having a plant right in the middle of Hollywood. Which is… very odd… considering the real-estate around there. (And I would know).

Anon had this to add:

Another anon notes that CEMEX was hired to rebuild Haiti, in the wake of the quake:

Another anon notes that Skripal was poisoned in the car of a CEMEX employee…

And despite being among the biggest and best positioned to pour concrete for Trump’s wall, Trump notably passed CEMEX by for that contract:

One anon found a link between CEMEX, #Podesta, and the Clinton Global Initiative over at Wikileaks:

#SOROS holds an absolute TON of CEMEX stock:

Soros Fund Management LLC Top Holdings 13F Filings

A list of the top 50 holdings of Soros Fund Management LLC, derived from Soros Fund Management LLC 13F filings WWW.HOLDINGSCHANNEL.COM

So yeah – primary candidate for being a Cabal-operated company.

And of course, because CEMEX is in the cement and concrete business, it was almost immediately connected back to this Q post from back in November, where Q quotes a tweet from the Pope:

Anons noticed this at the time (and I believe I reported on this on the old facebook page before it got Zucked into oblivion), but ol’ Pontifex seems to tweet out the term “concrete.” A LOT.

If you believe Q, you see this as part of a code he’s using to communicate something evil, right out in the open:

Planefags also noticed Army Helicopters in the deployed over the area where the camp was found:

Anon had this to add:

And furthermore – it looks like anon discovered that the drainage tunnels that end near where that camp was found lead back to the Desert Diamond Hotel and Casino in Tucson.

This location has refused National Guard on their land, opposed the border wall, and 50% of all drug seizures in the NATION take place on their land.

I think you’re beginning to get an appreciation for the scale of what’s being uncovered here.

It’s important to also note that Pulaski Team is asking for support right now. Facebook keeps removing their videos, so archive what you can, but if you are physically capable and in the area – I would get out there immediately. They need backup, and the task at hand is huge.

And just to show you how insane this all is, and how this story keeps spiraling outward (I started writing this some six hours ago today), here is an anon’s quick rundown of the situation:

Oh, did I forget to mention the Rothschild mayor and the JonBenet Ramsey-related deaths?

Yeah, just a huge coincidence that a Rothschild runs the state, right?

As for the JonBenet-related murders…

Psychiatrist in JonBenét Ramsey case among 4 people killed in Arizona

The killings of three people this week in Arizona are thought to be related and authorities are investigating the death of a fourth person to see whether it is connected, Scottsdale Sgt. Ben Hoster said Saturday.


If you ask me, it looks like a total clean-up job in the wake of this camp getting exposed. Like they’re systematically taking out people who could squeal. All within 24 hours. All shot. All after this camp was uncovered.

But in good news, there’s least there’s one State Congresswoman on the case!

I’m sorry for jumping around here, guys, but this stuff is just insane. The amount of threads coming out all at once, and how they’re so disparate, and yet how they all seem to connect – it’s overwhelming. We just went from uncovering a camp, to CEMEX, to Haiti, to China, to the Vatican, to the Rothschilds, to JonBenet Ramsey… and I feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface. Like I said, I’ve literally been tracking this for hours, trying to compile and arrange as best as I could – but I will add more info if necessary, as the night goes on and new information is uncovered.

And to think, all this happening right in #NoName’s and Jeff Flake’s backyard. #NoCoincidences.

This is what the web looks like, guys. It’s all connected, and a lot of bad guys and working overtime right now to make sure they can stay hidden in darkness. Unfortunately for them, they have the attracted the attention of A LOT of really awesome good guys – guys like Craig Sawyer and the VOPs – guys who are looking to #purge this evil from this land.

And pretty soon, the attention of the world (if we play our part right).

Pray hard.

Be loud.

Share this story and others like it EVERYWHERE.

Everyone has to be made aware. I can’t stress this enough. WE are the media now. It’s OUR responsibility to help clean up our land. Don’t let the MSM gaslight you and pretend this isn’t going on. GET VERY LOUD.

Because make no mistake; this is a major offensive front against the Cabal. If this is shown to actually exist, and to actually be happening around the country – you better believe this purge will spread like wildfire.

As much as we want to pretend that someone else is going to just hand us the #MAGA promise, that’s not going to happen. We have to take authority over our own society and dive into the trenches ourselves, however we can. We actually have to take responsibility for ourselves, and stop expecting others to just gift-wrap it for us. All good things are worth fighting for, and this is what I try to do here, every day, little-by-little, fighting this information war.

You are a part of that, too. Do not underestimate the impact and power of your voice!

Oh, and one more tidbit before I go.

I posted this on the gab, but I wanted a record of it here, too.

It’s time to prepare – in all honestly, probably for the coming internet blackout (from what I’m reading).


Because if you flip Q’s post from today…

Q just posted a gun.


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