Veterans On Patrol Discover “Blueprints” for a Larger Underground Complex in #Tucson. #OperationBackyardBrawl #WhereAreTheChildren


from Neon Revolt:

I received word yesterday that my articles were making rounds in various nefarious groups on Facebook.

Good. You evil scum should all be panicking. We’re taking this mainstream, and you are being #PURGED.

In the meantime, a Legionary on Gab passed this video to me. I don’t know if I missed this yesterday or what, but I can’t find the original. Thank God for archives.

But oh my god…

The Vet who has been releasing videos this whole time describes discovering blueprints for an underground rail system up the I-9 corridor, holding cells, and a “church”  as part of this trafficking site in #Tucson. They were caught in the middle of masssssively expanding their operations!

And this makes sense, considering the #CEMEX connections we covered previously, and now the #MINEX connections which #Anon first uncovered last night, and which I posted to Gab:

There’ve been a few videos posted to since yesterday, and these guys are camped out there, unarmed, but one I uploaded to Gab highlights the danger of the situation for these guys.

A Hispanic male drove up to the area VOP is surveilling, and threatened them at gunpoint. Now, VOP is smart, because they’re unarmed right now. They’re not giving police an excuse to shoot them. But for criminals? Makes them an easier target.

He laughs it off, but he danger is real. Click the image/link below to watch on Gab.

Pray for VOP and all the good guys working out there in the field. Pray for the rescue of the children who are still captive. Pray for the likes of Maddie, who scribbled her name here in marker while she was imprisoned by these vile fiends. Pray that this evil will be exposed quickly, and purged from our nation, and that Justice would fall on the heads of the perpetrators of this evil.

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