U.S. And China Must Cooperate To Solve Ibero-American Migrant Crisis


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

The international media has recently been filled with heart-breaking stories and images of thousands of desperate immigrant children from Mexico and Central America separated from their parents after they illegally entered the United States. Leaving aside the outrageous fabrications by much of the media — and the fact that the whole issue has been promoted to try to stop President Trump’s successful approach to the Korean crisis — there is a very real immigration crisis in the Americas that has accelerated over recent years.

But taking a lesson from Socrates: If you want to come up with an answer, first ask the right question.

As of 2015, some 11.5 million first-generation Mexicans (i.e., people born in Mexico), nearly 10% of the population, had emigrated to the United States; over 20% of El Salvador’s 6.3 million people had done the same. If you consider 1st-3rd generations (including the children and grandchildren of those who emigrated to the United States), a shocking 28% of the Mexican population and 35% of the Salvadoran population fled their countries. The situation for Guatemala and Honduras is similar.

Why is this happening?

Because the potential relative population density (PRPD) of the economies of the region has been deliberately driven down to far below their actual populations. As Lyndon LaRouche has explained in his science of physical economy, when the PRPD — or the power of an economy to maintain a growing population at an improving living standard — falls below its actual population for any period of time, that population either dies off or flees. That is exactly what has occurred throughout this region as the intended result of British depopulation policies: Looting the population through City of London and Wall Street debts; unleashing deadly wars; and the takeover of those countries by London’s “Dope, Inc.” and narco-terrorist gangs. Exemplary is the fact that the satanic MS-13 gang terrorizing El Salvador and other parts of Central America was actually created in the Los Angeles ghettoes decades ago, under the eye of George H.W. Bush’s Contra-crack cocaine policy.

The only way to actually solve this problem, is to reverse its cause. The collapsing PRPD of Mexico, Central America, and the broader Ibero-American and Caribbean region has to be dramatically reversed, by fully integrating these countries into the Belt and Road Initiative. Coordinated action by China and the United States can readily bring this about.

A first key project would be a high-speed rail corridor running north from South America, bridging the Darién Gap on the border of Panama and Colombia, through all of Central America into Mexico, and from there up across North America and the proposed Bering Strait tunnel into the Eurasian Land-Bridge.

China and Panama are already jointly building the first leg of such a high-speed rail line from Panama City to the border with Costa Rica — whose government has made it clear that it wants in on the extension of the project — which will be the first high-speed rail line in the entire Western Hemisphere.

A second set of projects involves the extension of the Maritime Silk Road into the Caribbean Basin, with the construction of deep-water ports and associated industrial parks in Ponce, Puerto Rico (part of the United States) and Mariel, Cuba. These would in turn serve as central hubs for shipping to the U.S. Gulf and Atlantic coasts, as well as ports throughout the Caribbean Basin and South America, which would be integrated with the recently expanded Panama Canal as well as the proposed Nicaraguan Grand Interoceanic Canal. It is estimated that the construction of the Nicaraguan Canal will require tens of thousands of skilled jobs, and its downstream impact would create productive employment for hundreds of thousands across Central America.

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