Trump Will Meet with Putin Despite the Immigration Furor Meant To Stop Him


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

It is increasingly likely that President Donald Trump will have the “impossible summit” for the second time in a month, meeting Russian President Putin on July 15 in Vienna. There are already signs of what the potential may be, toward ending many years of war and terrorism in Syria and Afghanistan. Trump’s determination to advance great-power cooperation with Russia, China (despite mistakes and trade tensions), India, and Japan continues to advance, and has the support of the American people. “Russiagate” is becoming a curse-word.

There should be no doubt that the current hysteria over immigrants, unleashed by a few liberal officeholders and a lot of national and international media, is a last-ditch attempt to grasp at Trump’s impeachment — perhaps even set him up for physical attempts — before he and leaders like Putin and Xi Jinping completely demolish the British geopolitical “world order”. That world order, of sole superpower and no limits on regime-change war, is slowly giving way toward peace. With it comes the opportunity for productivity and economic growth to be unleashed around the world, as through China’s Belt and Road of great infrastructure projects — even if the Administration has not shown an understanding of this yet.

London, still the world’s dominant financial center, cannot stand for this. Only two months ago the UK was driving for total isolation of Russia with the Skripal poisoning case — which Theresa May’s government would now like forgotten. It was drawing Trump into a British-French missile attack on Syria, pushing hard for permanent U.S. occupation and large military forces in that country. Then there was London financial publication The Economist‘s sardonic headline, “Kim Jong Won”: too cute by half, false, and showing too clearly London’s hatred for the historic change being accomplished around the Trump-Kim summit.

That’s why, when the Trump Administration does exactly what the Obama Administration did with illegally immigrating families, the President is called a fascist by the Democratic faction trying to impeach him. In fact, Obama never mentioned the human trafficking operation bringing Central American children to the U.S. border; President Trump has denounced it, for reaping $500 million/year — probably an extremely conservative estimate — by trafficking in lives.

Leading “impeacher” Rep. Al Green of Texas is going to be put out of office himself by the independent LaRouche candidate, Kesha Rogers, in Houston’s 9th C.D. That is how this phony impeaching campaign has to be dealt with.

But the only fundamental attack on these trafficking operations from economically prostrate countries, is development which provides productive employment and productivity breakthroughs, in the United States and in those countries. China’s Belt and Road Initiative is doing that for China and for many developing countries, including in Ibero-America. If Trump’s America joins in that great infrastructure initiative, it will also have the basis for settling the trade disputes. The United States must issue national credit for infrastructure building and productivity breakthroughs, in order to do it. And it has to break up the Wall Street banks before they trigger another speculative financial crash instead.

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