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Rally crowd chants, ‘Lock her up!’

President Trump took his former Democrat presidential opponent to the woodshed Monday at a rally for Gov. Henry McMaster in South Carolina.

Touting his recent summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the president discussed how Hillary Clinton would not have been able to produce a similar meeting with the hermit kingdom.

“I will say this, at the beginning they couldn’t believe it was happening,” Trump said about the historic meeting while pointing at the media.

“Two days later they were saying, ‘Hillary Clinton could have done that.’ I don’t think so. I don’t think so.”

[Crowd chants, “Lock her up!”]

“Boy, did you ever see anybody so protected in their life? Did you ever see that?”

“Point after point after point,” Trump told the crowd, presumably referencing the recent FBI Inspector General report that detailed tremendous anti-Trump bias at the agency.

“And I did nothing and it just never ends,” Trump said, referring to the FBI Special Counsel probe into Russian collusion. “Never ends!”

“No collusion, no nothing.”

“And you know, after the election I said, ‘OK, let’s go, come on, who cares? We’ve got to make America great again,’” he continued.

“And then she writes a book and she does a tour. How many reasons did she give for losing the election? Like, every week it was a different reason.”

“She blamed everybody for losing the election except for one person – herself!”

Trump later added that other Republican contenders, such as Lindsey Graham, admitted Trump was the only one that could have beat Clinton.

“I mean honestly she was a tough candidate, she wasn’t a bad candidate,” Trump added. “But they refuse to say I was a good candidate.”

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