Traveling to Your Safe Haven During a WROL Event- Part 1


by E.P., Survival Blog:

This article will provide general guidance and a few specific examples on getting your team to your safe haven destination during a “Without Rule of Law” (WROL) event in one piece. I am an engineer and a lawyer by trade. In my 20+ years of prepping, I have come across few fellow preppers with a well thought out plan for traveling to their bug out location during a WROL event.

I have an important note at the outset. With respect to all of the comments below, it is assumed a WROL event has occurred. Most of us are well on their way to acquiring enough ammunition, firearms, food, water, medical supplies, et cetera for facing a WROL event. On the other hand, preparing the group for moving to the safe location seems to be one of the last issues addressed.

Anything That Attempts to Interfere With Mission Should Be Considered Hostile
Why is this assumption important? It’s important because some of the suggestions will force you and your team to think outside the box and challenge how you perceive and interact with authority figures and governmental entities when all hell breaks loose. Simply put, during a WROL event anyone or anything that attempts to interfere with your mission, making it to the safe haven, should be considered hostile. Only you and your group can decide how best to respond to hostile intent in a WROL condition.

Issue 1: How Do You Know a WROL Has Occurred?
You and your group will only set out to your WROL-safe location when a WROL event takes place. Should a WROL event occur, don’t expect the local or national news services to provide a “WROL alert”. It won’t happen. As such, your group must decide what constitutes a WROL event well before the same occurs.

Identify WROL Event, Put Together a Plan
Events such as severe regional weather disasters, wide spread civil unrest, economic collapse, and firearm confiscations are reasonable examples of a possible WROL situation. Your group leadership should identify the events that will trigger a move to the safe location well in advance of any actual travel. Put together a communication plan that provides each member with a notification that a group-defined WROL event has occurred and that all members are expected to move to the safe location within a designated number of days. I will discuss travel-related communications and strategy in more detail below.

Governmental Emergency and Disaster Declarations
Pay particular attention to news reports of potential governmental emergency and/or disaster declarations. Why? Because at each level– local, state and federal– any existing government, whether fully functional or not, will have, and may exert, statute-based draconian authority to restrict travel, take private property, and jail citizens once such a declaration has been made. If you attempt to travel to the safe location after such a declaration, you run a higher risk of the facing the use of force against your team along your planned route(s).

Summary of Issue 1
A summary of Issue 1 actions for your group follows:

Agree to what constitutes a WROL event,
Pay attention to the type of actions that lead to such events (news discussions related to emergency declarations, for example),
Have a WROL event notification plan in place,
Communicate the WROL event designation to your team, and
Get on the road early.

Issue 2: Switching Mindsets, Accomplish the Mission and Rules of Engagement

Once a WROL event takes place, the normal rules governing societal conduct change. Prior to taking to the road, you and your group should have already discussed in detail the types of situations you are likely to face during a WROL event.

How will your group respond? Are all members in agreement as to the current mission (traveling to the safe-location) and the group’s rules of engagement should you face the use of force by an opposing group or individuals?

Your group’s travel-related mission might be to get all members to the safe-location within the allotted time period. Make sure everyone understands this simple idea and acknowledges the same.

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