This Is the Moment for Change


by Harley Schlanger, LaRouche PAC:

Two events of the day point the way for how the New Silk Road paradigm is the means to overcome what is currently being whipped up in the Trans-Atlantic as inevitable, insoluble strife: the migrant crisis and trade war.

In the Americas, Bolivian President Evo Morales met in Beijing today with President Xi Jinping, and signed commitments for Belt and Road collaboration between Bolivia and China. Morales said it will mean economic development and peace throughout the continent. Also in China, is a delegation from the Dominican Republic, conferring on economic projects and business in the Caribbean. Generalized across Ibero-America, this activity–along with defeating the narco-criminals–can end the poverty and danger driving millions to flee their homelands. At present, 200 million out of the 650 million-plus people in Ibero-America and the Caribbean live in poverty, which can all be changed.

Secondly, the Japanese government is now working on specifics for first-ever cooperation with China on joint ventures in third countries, under the Belt and Road framework. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe this week spoke of how Japan’s “infrastructure exports” can be done on a collaborative basis. A task force is at work on selecting priority projects. This is a powerhouse arrangement.

Forcing a shift in the United States and Europe to this New Silk Road perspective is not a utopian dream. Change is possible. Now is the moment. The Singapore summit is the model–real, not hypothetical–for breaking with the past, and determining the future.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, reviewing the situation today, stressed that we have the biggest potential for change since the fall of the Berlin Wall. A new system is on the march in Asia, Africa and the beginnings in Ibero-America. We have to crack the situation in the Trans-Atlantic. The world urgently needs the new model of national relations.

Zepp-LaRouche stated that in Europe there is growing recognition that the Western neo-liberal system has utterly failed. Look at what is offered as “solutions” to the migrant crisis, e.g., build internment camps in North Africa, says European Council President Donald Tusk. The German government, in particular, remains in crisis over this, as Chancellor Angela Merkel has a two-week deadline to come up with some answers, but she and others of the elites, are unwilling to accept that a change in principle is necessary. This is a moral crisis.

In the U.S. today, the same immoral attitude was on display, when Democrat partisans staged an outburst action in the name of concern for migrants, to disrupt the Congressional hearing, at which testimony was coming out from the Inspector General of the Justice Department, on how the corrupt FBI acted wrongfully against President Donald Trump. See the new statement on this from LaRouchePAC June 19, “Child Abuse Hypocrites! What Evil, Genocidal Twaddle,” which, among other concepts, points out that these same Democrats back the drug legalization/narco scourge that is killing people.

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