The Troubled Life and Symbolic Death of XXXTentacion


from Vigilant Citizen:

The life, career, and occult symbolism of XXXTentacion and the bizarre circumstances around his death.

The first time I heard of XXXTentacion was after he had been punched in the face while performing a song onstage. After the massive blow, the rapper laid unconscious on the stage as people in the crowd filmed the grotesque scene. Shortly after, videos surfaced online and X was the subject of insults and ridicule. Little did we know, nearly exactly a year later, X would again be assaulted … this time with more permanent consequences.

On June 18, XXXTentaction was shot and killed in Florida in an apparent drive-by shooting and robbery. As his inert body slumped behind the wheel of his sports car, witnesses took out their phones and filmed the grotesque scene. When the videos leaked online, X was, once again, the subject of insults and ridicule. But this time, he was also dead.

Bad Rap

A recurring comment about X’s death is that “he deserved it”. There is no doubt that in just a few years, X had managed to anger a whole lot of people. He had a bad habit of assaulting fans who got too close to him during shows, he got into multiple “beefs” with other artists, and he released content that was deemed offensive by many.

In the video “Look At Me!”, X lynches a white kid, a scene that caused a great deal of controversy.

While these traits could describe many rappers, it is the abuse testimony given to police by his ex-girlfriend’s that have lead people to call X a “monster”. Here’s the first part of a long list of alleged abuses:

“The first incident of domestic violence occurred about two weeks later. He slapped her and broke her iPhone 6S, because she had complimented a male friend on his new jewelry. (XXXTentacion later repaired the phone.) Later that day, XXXTentacion left the room and returned with two grilling implements—a “barbecue pitchfork” and a “barbecue cleaner,” she said—and told her to pick between them, because he was going to put one of them in her vagina. She chose the fork. He told her to undress. He was lightly dragging the tool against her inner thigh when she passed out. He did not penetrate her with it.
– Pitchfork, “XXXTentacion’s Reported Victim Details Grim Pattern of Abuse in Testimony

Mugshot of X in 2016 that was later used to promote the song “Look at Me!”.

Fans of X state that his long list of felonies and his violent behavior are a result of his difficult upbringing and mental issues. Other say that he was a troubled soul and that he had demons. Usually, people mean that metaphorically. But in X’s case, the demons seem to be a little more literal.

Talking With Baphomet

X was part of a new breed of rappers that tends to creep out the old school people: Their faces are full of tattoos of bizarre words and images. They rap about Xanax, suicide, and depression. Their demeanor is reminiscent of zombies (possibly due to the pills they keep popping) and many of them are into dark, occult, satanic stuff. One commercially successful representative of this generation is Lil Uzi Vert (read my article about him here). Another one was XXXTentacion.

Behind X: Baphomet in front of a vulva, surrounded by girls and money burning. Music business.

X was rather open about his connection to Satanism. In his 2016 song I spoke to the devil in Miami, he said everything would be fine, X raps:

 “my Lord, I spoke to a Baphomet, he
Said he would save me if I gave him one thing you needed
“What is this thing?”, I pleaded; boy, it’s the key to even, yeah

And as I spoke, my fangs were shown
Taken aback, he smiles and tells me
“What you crave will soon be yours
But what I crave is already mine”
Anima vestra
Anima vestra

In this song (which eerily begins with the words “It will all be over soon”), X recalls his troubled past and asks the devil to “save him” and “to give him all he can offer”. The devil tells him: “What you crave will soon be yours. But what I crave is already mine”. X then repeats the word “Anima Vestra” which means “your soul” in Latin. Essentially, X tells the devil that he is ready to sell his soul to him.

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